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ThingDDUR Mon 18-Oct-21 20:31:12

In the context I have no issue with it but ExH does so wondered if I’m UR?

Parents evening, chatting away and the teacher says “But generally (DDs name) is such a funny little thing, we’re always laughing when she’s in the room” then starts smiling and laughing while telling us some funny stories about DD (nothing naughty or bad, more pulling her jumper on after PE and shouting “Oh look here I am again” with a massive grin on her face or asking the headteacher if she’s old or very very old now on her birthday)

ExH wants me to complain to the headteacher tomorrow about the use of the word thing. I think it’s absolutely fine as she wasn’t calling DD “thing” in a derogatory way and it was just a clumsy choice of word.

So who is UR? Me or ExH?

DD is 7, just started Year 3 if it helps. The teacher also referred to DD a lot by her preferred name (a short version of her name) and this was the only time she said thing in reference to DD, otherwise it was always her full name, her short name or her full name (say her names Elizabeth Smith, teacher called her Elizabeth Smith, Elizabeth or Lizzie apart from when saying about her being a "funny little thing"). DD is also smaller in height than her friends so that might be where little comes from as I have heard her classmates call her Little Lizzie and similar as there is another Elizabeth/Lizzie in her class (obviously not her actual name thats just for example)

YANBU - You're right the teacher was fine to use "thing"
YABU - ExH is right report to HT

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MsTSwift Wed 20-Oct-21 08:47:13

Cecilie we used to host students learning English the very advanced Scandinavians wanted to learn phases like “on the pill” which native speakers know and others wouldn’t do that woman a total fool.

rrhuth Wed 20-Oct-21 09:32:45

If he's your ex, and you live in different households, he can make his own (ridiculous) complaints.

You need to mentally separate from him a bit.

Do you think he maybe doesn't like your DD being happy?

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