AIBU - clothes are either clean or dirty

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legofootcasualty Fri 15-Oct-21 20:55:48

DP is currently decorating a chair with multiple items of clothing.

He says they're airing out and are neither fit to hang up or be washed again.

IMO clothes are either clean enough to hang up and wear or need to be washed. Where is the grey area??

He says I'm being ridiculous and it's totally normal.


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Haveyoubrushedyourteethtoday Fri 15-Oct-21 20:56:33

Mine does the same. It’s a thing, apparently. Drives me mad.

GiantCheeseMonster Fri 15-Oct-21 20:57:11

I don’t like putting worn clothes back in the wardrobe. But I don’t know where to put them either!

OddsNSodsBitsNBobs Fri 15-Oct-21 20:57:38

Yes I'm with you. Laundry basket or cupboard, choose...

Haveyoubrushedyourteethtoday Fri 15-Oct-21 20:58:05


I don’t like putting worn clothes back in the wardrobe. But I don’t know where to put them either!

But whhyyyyyyyyyy???

RaininSummer Fri 15-Oct-21 20:58:32

I think clothes can be worn more than once quite often but I don't want to put them back with really clean ones. It is a messy pain though sometimes.

HarrisMcCoo Fri 15-Oct-21 20:58:55

I do this. Not just a man thing 😂


Twillow Fri 15-Oct-21 20:59:47

It's a thing. Clean enough to be worn again in the near future. Not clean enough to go in the wardrobe.

HairyFanjoBanjo Fri 15-Oct-21 21:00:05

Doesn't everyone has a clothes chair?grin

TumtumTree Fri 15-Oct-21 21:00:06


TheGriffle Fri 15-Oct-21 21:00:27

Ours get draped on the bannister. They are not clean enough to go back in with the clean clothes but they are not dirty enough to go in the wash so on the bannister they live.

AnneLovesGilbert Fri 15-Oct-21 21:01:53

We should all be washing stuff much less often. Putting stuff away that’s lost a bit of its shape but isn’t sweaty of have grub on it is weird and it makes complete sense to wear it again.

I’ve got a toddler and the mud season is hitting so I have stuff that’s fine for mooching round the house of popping to the shop but that I wouldn’t wear to meet someone or go anywhere nice.

Leave him and his worn but wearable clothes alone! smile

LastStarfighter Fri 15-Oct-21 21:02:06

If you put worn clothes back in the wardrobe they can attract moths, but often clothes can be worn more than once after airing. Sounds perfectly normal to me.

FatJan Fri 15-Oct-21 21:02:39

I put clothes I've worn once back in the wardrobe, but I don't like it. They're clean enough to wear again (several times) but they're also still not 'fresh' and I think make these wardrobe smell less fresh.

I'd love to wash everything after one wear, but a) I don't have enough clothes; b) I'm not doing that much washing and c) even if I did that much washing, I'm not prepared to make the inevitable deterioration of the fabric that comes after many washes occur any sooner than it absolutely has to.

TwoMuchTwoYoung Fri 15-Oct-21 21:03:14

You can’t put worn clothes back in the wardrobe so dh is correct.

dementedpixie Fri 15-Oct-21 21:05:29

I put jeans and my bra on the storage box at the end of my bed so I can reuse them. And as I only wear pj's for a short while each day (sleep naked) they get reused too

chipsandpeas Fri 15-Oct-21 21:06:28


It's a thing. Clean enough to be worn again in the near future. Not clean enough to go in the wardrobe.


MorganSeventh Fri 15-Oct-21 21:06:49

YABU. It's not actually good for clothes to be washed, it contributes to wear. Why damage something if it doesn't need to be damaged?

shakehandswithdanger Fri 15-Oct-21 21:07:43

I agree with him. A clothes chair is perfectly normal. If it bothers you, maybe you can find something you find less annoying. Some pegs and a shelf? One of those wooden valet stand things? (It's a hanger with legs, essentially.)

InTheLabyrinth Fri 15-Oct-21 21:10:59

#Team DH.
Things dont usually need washing after one wear, but putting stuff that has been worn (and so isnt properly clean, even though not dirty) in the wardrobe isnt, imo, right.
So, half dirty clothes need to air somewhere for a couple of days until reworn.

legofootcasualty Fri 15-Oct-21 21:13:47

OK so this might be a thing...

But then there should be a proper place for the in-between clothes to go, not just creating a permanent mess!

A separate hanging rail or something

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Sciurus83 Fri 15-Oct-21 21:14:39


HarrisMcCoo Fri 15-Oct-21 21:14:41

I often wear jeans for three or four days, then they get washed. I haven't been working down a pit. They can be reused several times before washing.

MintJulia Fri 15-Oct-21 21:14:59

Ds gets in from school and changes into a t shirt he might wear for 5 hours. That goes back in the drawer to be worn another 5 hours before going in the wash. Jeans and sweaters are good for at least three days before they get washed (no direct skin contact).

trumpisagit Fri 15-Oct-21 21:16:25

I call mine my Chairdrobe
I recommend it.
Where do you put clothes you have worn, but don't need washing and you are planning to wear soon?

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