Would you keep the baby in this situation

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springturnips Fri 15-Oct-21 17:54:16

An acquaintance who I speak to has occasionally was telling me a fiends daughter is pregnant after a one night stand at uni. I know it's none of my business but it got me wondering if you were in that position would you continue with the pregnancy or not. When we were discussing it we both said we personally wouldn't but there's no right or wrong answer and it's up to the woman to decide what's best for her.

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springturnips Fri 15-Oct-21 17:55:24

That should say friends sorry

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BeardieWeirdie Fri 15-Oct-21 17:55:51

If I found out early enough, I wouldn’t in that situation.

Onlinedilema Fri 15-Oct-21 17:56:38

No I wouldn't but it's up to the individual.

Waxonwaxoff0 Fri 15-Oct-21 17:56:41

Personally, no way.

TheresALotofKarens Fri 15-Oct-21 17:58:17

No I wouldn't but each to their own. I think she's very brave. grin

Merryoldgoat Fri 15-Oct-21 17:59:35

No. I’d think anyone was mad to you be honest.


scammedmum29 Fri 15-Oct-21 18:00:25

Surely it depends on an individuals circumstances and views on it? Not really a question you can ask to an open forum, everyone is different

MrsBungle Fri 15-Oct-21 18:00:40

No way.

Standrewsschool Fri 15-Oct-21 18:01:13

I would.

mbosnz Fri 15-Oct-21 18:01:23

I didn't.

GreyhoundG1rl Fri 15-Oct-21 18:02:01


cpjoli Fri 15-Oct-21 18:03:01

I did. He's 17 and the best thing I ever did

romdowa Fri 15-Oct-21 18:03:02

I would have. I'm pro choice and would never judge anyone for having an abortion. I just don't think I could do it personally, it would affect me far too much

ABCeasyasdohrayme Fri 15-Oct-21 18:03:37

I was pregnant in a similar situation and kept the baby.

I have had friends in a similar situation who had an abortion.

I was a lot older and more 'settled' and had an abortion.

I've had friends who were older and more settled and kept their babies.

Each unto their own.

Antiqueanniesmagiclanternshow Fri 15-Oct-21 18:03:50


HippeePrincess Fri 15-Oct-21 18:04:22

I would but then I’ve always known abortion isn’t something I’d do unless life threatening situation.

LivingNextDoorToNorma Fri 15-Oct-21 18:05:02

Personally I think I would probably keep the baby. That’s not to say that I think keeping the baby would actually be the right decision for myself, but I do think it’s the one I’d most likely make.

Siriisatwat Fri 15-Oct-21 18:06:42

I would. But I wouldn’t have had an abortion, I felt that strongly even when I was young.
That’s just me though, I don’t have an opinion on what others do..

TheGoogleMum Fri 15-Oct-21 18:07:13

This sortof happened to a friend of mine in our uni days (not exactly a one night stand but not a serious relationship either) she went for the abortion. I wasn't against it but felt a touch conflicted, but now a good decade wiser it seems clear to me she made a sensible choice. She knew keeping it would mean dropping out, ruin her future career etc.

lljkk Fri 15-Oct-21 18:11:25

Back when I was about 30, I had a ~22yo housemate with steady boyfriend who found herself pg. She dropped into casual conversation that she was about to get a termination. She was obviously trying to figure out how to talk about it.

I understood her situation. Too soon, not part of the plan. Nice boyfriend but not ready to make THAT commitment.

SylvanasWindrunner Fri 15-Oct-21 18:13:35

Not a chance.

tillytoodles1 Fri 15-Oct-21 18:15:26

I'm a Catholic, so very pro-life. I'd have it, but give it up for adoption. I know a few people who've adopted and the child has brought them so much joy.

NorthSouthcatlady Fri 15-Oct-21 18:18:01

Zero chance. Sounds like a nightmare

AnneLovesGilbert Fri 15-Oct-21 18:20:16

Depends. Is she 16 and at school or 45, single and desperate for a baby?

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