AIBU to be disappointed in this cake…

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Notwhatiimagined Fri 15-Oct-21 14:54:32

I picked up dds cake today and it was not what I expected.

Would you be happy with this cake? I’ve attached two pics below, one was the pic I sent to the cake maker of what I wanted (a family dog) and the other picture is of the cake.

Also his head is made of Rice Krispies as apparently heads are hard to do. I wasn’t aware that it wouldn’t be all sponge.

It’s from a proper cake shop, not someone who does it as a hobby.

What do you all think?

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LaurieFairyCake Fri 15-Oct-21 14:55:16

It's lovely smile

mollibu Fri 15-Oct-21 14:56:31

I think it's pretty good... not sure what you was expecting? Unless you asked for a real life sculpture cake.

Soyouthought Fri 15-Oct-21 14:56:39

It’s lovely. It’s a cake not a sculpture.

TreeLawney Fri 15-Oct-21 14:56:49

It’s a cute cake.

Lulu2021 Fri 15-Oct-21 14:56:59

Very cute

Tirediam Fri 15-Oct-21 14:57:42

I think it’s great


ShaunaTheSheep Fri 15-Oct-21 14:57:54

It's lovely

FionnulaTheCooler Fri 15-Oct-21 14:57:56

Looks good to me.

Silverdorkinghen Fri 15-Oct-21 14:57:59

Looks great to me.

Rolypolybabies Fri 15-Oct-21 14:58:11

How much was it?

DaxtheDestroyer Fri 15-Oct-21 14:58:31

The head out of Rice Krispies is standard for modelled cakes.

I think it's very cute! It's clearly not a realistic style, rather more cartoony, but it looks a good job and is recognisable as your dog.
The only thing I'd have a problem with is if you were missold. So do they have photos of realistic style cakes that you were expecting?

GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Fri 15-Oct-21 14:58:32

It's a great cake!

Eyesofdisarray Fri 15-Oct-21 14:58:45

Aww that's cute! 🐶

chocopuffs Fri 15-Oct-21 14:58:45

Looks good to me, as PP said I'm not sure what else you would have expected? I think I'd maybe be a bit annoyed about the Rice Krispies rather than sponge for the head though if it wasn't agreed in advance.

AllTheCakes Fri 15-Oct-21 14:58:50

The cake looks great.

SalsaLove Fri 15-Oct-21 14:58:52

Aw it’s adorable 🥰

Oblomov21 Fri 15-Oct-21 14:59:10

Looks good to me.

Notwhatiimagined Fri 15-Oct-21 14:59:13

I think I was expecting it to look more like the dog.

It was £110, north west area

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MaybeAMoaner Fri 15-Oct-21 14:59:14

I think it’s cool. Looks ace.
Maybe the tongue is a bit odd. I’d maybe take that off.

Aquamarine1029 Fri 15-Oct-21 14:59:17

It's adorable. What on earth did you want? A cake that looks like a taxidermied dog?

CiaoForDiNiaoSaur Fri 15-Oct-21 14:59:19

I think it's lovely.

NotPersephone Fri 15-Oct-21 14:59:37

Best possible job with an impossible brief I’d say.

It’s a dog made of cake, not the V&A.

DeathWinsAGolfish Fri 15-Oct-21 14:59:45

You could improve it a little by removing the tongue and re positioning the eyes to further down the face a spacing them. I'm sure it will be loved by the recipient. smile

PinkWaferBiscuit Fri 15-Oct-21 14:59:46

Looks great to me and I'd be very impressed if that was my cake for my 9th birthday.

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