To ask cleaners what you want from clients

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moofolk Thu 14-Oct-21 10:13:02

This is for cleaners, NOT people who employ cleaners.

I am working class and have always felt weird about the idea of having a cleaner. Being honest, I've probably been judgy of MC people who pay cleaners, IDK.

Anyway I have a decent job now, and am a single mum of three, I struggle to keep up with housework, and have had a cleaner round a few times and I love it.

She's brilliant and the house gets so clean!!

But I feel awkward having someone do jobs for me. I know I shouldn't. I don't feel guilty about plumbers doing their job, so I know it's on me. Class guilt? Mum guilt? Social awkwardness? Or a thrilling cocktail of all three.

There have been a few threads on here which show some people who employ cleaners being disrespectful, and also cleaners complaining about clients getting in the way etc.


What do you want? My instinct when somebody is cleaning my house is that I should be helping, chatting, making them cups of tea etc but that is also probably disruptive and getting in the way.

Do you prefer a bit of a natter and then out of the way? Do you like clients to be really specific about what they want? Do you prefer a set time or a set amount of tasks / rooms?

Obviously it's not one size fits all and different people will have different preferences.

FWIW I have been a cleaner myself, but the only domestic job I've had was with an older lady who really just wanted her floors doing and someone to talk to, so very different to my needs.

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peardropsonarainyday Thu 14-Oct-21 14:23:02

Hi op I'm a full time cleaner . 3 jobs . 2 of them employed by cleaning companies and I am also self employed. My clients and myself have become so close and when I arrive at a house it's always nice to have a chat and be polite but that's it then ha ha . I like them out of my way until I have finished . Cleaners are always rushing . We have a time slot we have to keep too . I have been working 14 hour days for a while now so obviously if I get held up talking that's making me later for my next clean . Also with the cups of tea I would just say help your self and leave it at that . So my advice would be to either do what you have to do like shopping , seeing family ect when the cleaner comes or just go sit in a bedroom and when they finish down then switch

EmeraldShamrock Thu 14-Oct-21 14:26:00

I'm wc I've had a cleaner at ad hoc times.
Be specific about what you need.

Brollywasntneededafterall Thu 14-Oct-21 14:28:19

Been self employed cleaning since Jan 2013...
Show me the kettle and any off limit rooms /it's and let me loose!!
Any preferences to cleaning products /supply a few is also good...
Tell me your dpet's names so I can chat and make them comfortable around me...

Treacletreacle Thu 14-Oct-21 14:32:33

Definitely prefer my clients to be out the way. I don't mind them being in the house and working around then but if they follow me around talking I almost feel like they are checking what I'm doing. Nice quick chats how was your week sort of thing is enough.
I do set times and will discuss with any new clients how long a clean will take. Like you say everyone is different so one job I change bed sheets another client wouldn't dream of me doing this. So it's good to have a chat from the start so you both know what is expected.

HarrietsChariot Thu 14-Oct-21 14:37:41

When something goes missing, don't assume the cleaner has stolen it unless you have proof.

Make sure you're out of the home when the cleaner is there.

If you have CCTV or Amazon Echo type devices, make sure the cleaner knows where they are so does unknowingly get recorded.

Allow the cleaner use of your facilities, fridge/TV etc.

If something is grim enough for you not to clean, don't expect a cleaner to clean it as part of their job.

Never criticise their cleaning, constructively or otherwise.

moofolk Thu 14-Oct-21 15:00:45

Thanks for the replies, it looks like I'm not doing too badly then!

It's just my own awkwardness at having someone come in and clean for me lol.

Re stuff going missing, I would always assume that cleaners would never steal things. Not just through blind trust, but I don't think I have anything to pinch that would be worth a cleaner losing work and reputation over! I imagine that anyone who goes into other people's homes for a living must pride themselves in being trustworthy.

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moofolk Thu 14-Oct-21 15:01:32

And as for recording people without their knowledge.

Do people do that?!

I suppose they must.

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zurala Thu 14-Oct-21 15:04:46

I was a cleaner for a while.

Don't chat to me!

Tidy up, I do not want to pick your husband's dirty pants up off the floor, I'm here to clean.

Provide decent products and equipment.

Be clear about what you want and be realistic about what can be achieved in the time.

Chocolateflapjack01 Thu 14-Oct-21 15:09:15

@HarrietsChariot, why would they need access to the tv/ fridge, do you mean to clean? Or to watch/ eat out of? I used to clean, I wouldn’t have dreamt of watching TV/ eating customer’s food, I was there to work, it wasn’t a jolly.

And re no criticism, I only ever had one client who ‘critiqued’ a couple of things that I did, it did get annoying and it turned out she was very high maintenance with unrealistic expectations on how much I could get done in her (massive) home in 2 hours so I gave her notice, but ultimately, after the first clean I always asked for feedback so we both knew what to expect going forward.

OP, I used to prefer it if my customer’s were either out or at least out of the way. If they were nice people then it was lovely to say a hello and have a quick 5 min natter but I really didn’t have time for any more than that and I wouldn’t have had time for hot drinks etc.

kerkyra Thu 14-Oct-21 15:21:07

I'm a self employed cleaner with nine houses on my weekly list.
Everyone stays out of my way as it puts me on edge and all offer me a hot drink,if I would like another I just help myself.
I know exactly how long each room will take and allocate my time but sometimes a client will ask for an extra,ie today someone said can I have a quick hoover of his caravan,when I have half an hour left and that is not helpful! Please ask at the beginning.

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