To think he is taking the piss?

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DoggyDaycarer Wed 13-Oct-21 22:29:21

I’ve been with my boyfriend for 6 months and for the most part, he’s been wonderful. He started a doggy daycare business during the pandemic alongside his full time job and sometimes asks me to help out, which I don’t mind.

He mostly works from home, but sometimes he gets called into the office. Today he was called into the office, so asked if I’d mind taking care of the dogs he has staying at daycare. I said I didn’t mind, but was meeting a friend for lunch so would have to fit it around that. I managed to fit it all in, but was stressed all day about the dogs potentially causing damage / urinating / defecating. Luckily the dogs were okay as I managed to only leave them for a few hours. BF was meant to be back at 6pm, which meant the dogs would only be left a couple of hours between me leaving and him returning from his office. I work until 8pm so made it clear I couldn’t look after the dogs. I get a text at 5.30 saying he won’t be back at 6pm and could I please go over and see the dogs. He said he’d be back by 10pm. I agreed but I told him I wouldn’t get to his until 9pm. By the time I got to his, they’d pooed on the floor and ripped flooring and furniture. I cleaned all that up, let them out, fed them etc. Then I get a phone call at 10pm saying he is still at the office and won’t be back for another hour and a half at least! He’d been out drinking with colleagues, so it’s not that he’s been caught up with work. I’d planned to stay tonight anyway, but that’s not the point. I feel like my kindness has been taken advantage of and doesn’t bode well for the future.

AIBU to think this is taking the piss out of me?

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BlowDryRat Wed 13-Oct-21 22:36:21

YANBU. His business sounds incompatible with his job and you certainly shouldn't be jeopardising yours by running out to look after his charges. I'm not a dog owner but I'd be really annoyed if I'd paid for my dogs to be looked after, only for them to be left for hours on end to the point that they started destroying things and doing their business inside.

SoItWas Wed 13-Oct-21 22:38:09

Yanbu, he's taking the piss out of you, and massively taking the piss out of his clients! Would he have just left the dogs alone all day, if you hadn't been able to help..?

laalaaland Wed 13-Oct-21 22:38:44

He's being totally out of order, with both you and his clients. Why on earth would someone be paying money to have their dog left alone in someone else's house for hours?

pumpkinpie01 Wed 13-Oct-21 22:40:10

He is completely out of order on both counts - to you and his customers

Pinkchocolate Wed 13-Oct-21 22:40:19

He’s taking the piss going for drinks and expecting you to do his work! I’d be telling him I’m on my way home and he’ll have to sort them out himself. I’m a dog owner and would resent doing this, it’s long and time consuming and disgusting.

WTF475878237NC Wed 13-Oct-21 22:40:49

Personally I only took my dogs to a council registered day care with someone who had a qualification in animal welfare and behaviour, precisely to avoid some charlatans like your boyfriend!

Yes he's taking the piss out of you and the clients.


minou123 Wed 13-Oct-21 22:41:06

Trust your instincts.

He is not very responsible, is he?
If he can't run his doggy daycare business properly, then he shouldn't be doing it.
Or, he pays someone to cover for him.

Pinkchocolate Wed 13-Oct-21 22:41:39

It’s really really bad practice too. People pay for doggy daycare often because they work and don’t want their dogs alone, he’s taking the piss all round.

YoureAllABunchOfBastards Wed 13-Oct-21 22:43:11

Fuck that. Do the people who leave their dogs with him know that he is leaving them alone?

Morechocolatethanbarbara Wed 13-Oct-21 22:47:08

Most definitely taking the piss.

Obviously this is a man to NEVER have children with, because if this is how he treats animals who are supposedly his sole responsibility AND his paid employment to look after, how would he treat kids who were 50% somebody else's responsibility and you get £0 to look after?!?

I feel so sorry for the dogs (& the owners who are paying for him to "look after" them)

IsEveryUserNameBloodyTaken Wed 13-Oct-21 22:52:41

He is leaving dogs alone.
Christ what happens if they fight and one ends up injured or worse.
I would find some way to report this.
Too many are getting involved with dog walking,dog day care as they think it is money for old rope.

YoungGiftedPlump Wed 13-Oct-21 22:54:00

Is the doggy day care registered and insured?
9pm isn't doggy day care it is overnight. This is highly regulated and licensed by the council.
People have paid for doggy daycare. You cant piss off and leave the dogs alone!

RedCarsGoFaster Wed 13-Oct-21 22:55:51

I'd be fucking raging as a client. Those poor dogs. There's a reason they are in day care - separation anxiety is a likely one.

He needs to stop this business now.

nanny2012nanny Wed 13-Oct-21 22:56:08

Is he registered with the council???
Is he insured????
Wide berth

MrsRobbieHart Wed 13-Oct-21 22:59:10


I’d be gutted to find my dog had been left like this at doggy day care!! He isn’t fit to run this business. He literally cannot do the job.

BoxOfDreams Wed 13-Oct-21 23:04:15

People pay for doggy day care so that their dogs aren't left alone all day, and your partner is taking their money and leaving the dogs alone all day. He's a shit and should be closed down.

Fifthtimelucky Wed 13-Oct-21 23:04:33

It sounds like the dogs have been left alone for most of the day - 'a few hours' while you had lunch, and then another 5 hours from 4 until 9.

That's completely unacceptable and he is taking the piss out of you and more importantly his customers.

Winniemarysarah Wed 13-Oct-21 23:05:46

This is so out of order I’m doubting if it’s real. Have you had your home reclassified as a business, is he registered and insured to take care of peoples dogs? Have you been inspected by the council? And are you also contracted to take care of them (with the owners permission) with the relevant insurance etc? Or is it a business on the side where he’s scamming people out of money, leaving peoples pets shut in rooms for days where they have to piss and shit on the floor, and no doubt not declaring his income?

MrsTulipTattsyrup Wed 13-Oct-21 23:08:13


Is he registered with the council???
Is he insured????
Wide berth

Yep. This. I’m sure the council would be interested in this story.

You, meanwhile, dear OP, need to decide if you want to be linked to someone who is so irresponsible. Imagine the kind of father he’d be!

TattySlippers Wed 13-Oct-21 23:09:23

I would be raging if I paid for overnight care for my dog only to find out the person I trusted wasn’t around.

YANBU. Your DH is irresponsible

WhatAShilohPitt Wed 13-Oct-21 23:11:17

He’s absolutely disgraceful and irresponsible. Those poor dogs are in daycare for a reason and he’s being paid to look after them. Do the owners know they are being left alone for ANY period of time? Selfish man.

Offmyfence Wed 13-Oct-21 23:11:22

Why are the clients paying for doggy daycare for them to be left! Totally unacceptable.

StarryNightSparkles Wed 13-Oct-21 23:11:38

Your boyfriend is in my opinion abusing dogs and your question is all about you. Are you for real?

Those poor poor dogs. Stuck in all day not knowing what's going on or going to happen. Your boyfriend doesn't have a business he's a con man treating dogs like a bit dirt.

Absolutely disgusting!

Offmyfence Wed 13-Oct-21 23:12:20

Did no one want to pick their dog up before 9pm?

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