To be glad it’s cold and wet?

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PartyPotato Tue 28-Sep-21 21:07:56

I have been waiting for the whole of September for it to finally feel like autumn! I was getting so fed up of being hot and sweaty- it’s September, I want to be in jumpers and scarves and boots! I feel so cosy when it’s grey and wet outside. Obviously I don’t want it to piss it down all the time, but I don’t mind the odd bit of rain. And I definitely prefer the cold and the dark (great, I’ve made myself sound like some sort of sewer creature).

I love the calmness of autumn & winter. I find summer too intense- not just the heat but the fact that there’s so much going on all the time, it gets too much for me. I work in an industry that changes noticeably with the seasons. There’s less going on in the colder months, less stuff to go wrong, so less stress for me.

I have genuinely noticed how much better a mood I’ve been in the last couple of days since it’s gone cooler.

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SylvanasWindrunner Tue 28-Sep-21 21:10:52

I went out to bring the bin in after putting DD to bed tonight and I just took in a breath and realised that the air smelled like autumn. It was colder and just had that scent to it. I love autumn so this has made me happy!

ImNotDancing Tue 28-Sep-21 21:12:09

Not at all, I’ve had the best day all warm and cosy rather than hot and bothered!!

blissfulllife Tue 28-Sep-21 21:12:11

I loveeee autumn. I went out for a walk in the rain and wind today (very carefully as I've recently been diagnosed with ms) and it was heaven!. I hate the heat, always makes me feel disoriented and miserable

ThroughThickAndThin01 Tue 28-Sep-21 21:12:30

Well I don’t love it, but one benefit is getting rid of the millions of daddy long legs which have been floating into our house.

FuckingFabulous Tue 28-Sep-21 21:13:55

Am extremely pleased that the hammering rain is dashing all the horrible crane flies to bits.

georgarina Tue 28-Sep-21 21:14:24

I like the clothes and the coziness but HATE the rain. Give me freezing cold over rain any day.


PartyPotato Tue 28-Sep-21 21:14:35

Lots of autumn lovers here, welcome! Glad it’s not just me grin

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PartyPotato Tue 28-Sep-21 21:15:26

@georgarina oh yes I’d rather it was just dry and cold but the occasional heavy rainfall makes me feel at peace with the world

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Sandsnake Tue 28-Sep-21 21:16:00

You are wrong

Flufferty Tue 28-Sep-21 21:16:02

I like the cold weather. A pair of jeans, a warm juniper and some boots are heaven

SylvanasWindrunner Tue 28-Sep-21 21:16:11

I don't much like rain during the day, but in the evenings and overnight I really like hearing it on the windows while I'm warm inside.

Hotpinkangel19 Tue 28-Sep-21 21:16:20

Yes!!!! I love this time of year!

TurnUpTurnip Tue 28-Sep-21 21:16:24

Yes me too, I love the autumn/ winter, I can’t stand summer, when we had that hot weather I was literally thinking it’s too late now! 😒 I don’t want a heat wave in September

Qwaffee Tue 28-Sep-21 21:16:37

I love love love the autumn! Cosy jumpers, scarves, boots, snuggly coats, beautiful colours on walks, conkers, acorns, candles ..... the list goes on!

genericuserneeded Tue 28-Sep-21 21:16:38

I feel so cosy when it’s grey and wet outside.

Well I work full time in the office so cosy isn’t the wordgrin I look and feel like a drowned rat

TheSpottedZebra Tue 28-Sep-21 21:16:42

Arf at 'sewer creature' grin
And yay to no more daddy long-legs!

I don't mind the cooler wweather but not this bit where you can smell the decay in the air.

Flev Tue 28-Sep-21 21:17:00

Unfortunately I've noticed my Seasonal Affective Disorder starting to kick in today - roll on spring!

PartyPotato Tue 28-Sep-21 21:17:06

@TurnUpTurnip I’ve been so angry it’s been hot in September I’ve wanted to complain to the weather manager grin

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ChrissyPlummer Tue 28-Sep-21 21:18:14

I hate rain and I unfortunately live in what feels like the worlds rainiest place. I’m glad it’s not so humid now. I just hate rain and cold. I don’t mind proper, crisp frosty days but here it’s just damp, gloomy and miserable until next year. It’s a depressing thought TBH.

SensiMuck Tue 28-Sep-21 21:18:52


PartyPotato Tue 28-Sep-21 21:19:06

@Flev oh I’m sorry, that’s why I wondered if it was unreasonable to be happy about the ‘‘miserable weather’’, as I know it can really affect people.

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PlanetTeaTime Tue 28-Sep-21 21:19:44

I love autumn too

It's definitely transitioning atm

Zotter Tue 28-Sep-21 21:20:15

I am now counting months down to spring, hate short, wet, grey dismal days of autumn and winter.

PartyPotato Tue 28-Sep-21 21:21:25

I’m still sleeping with the bedroom window open, as I like to be extra cold at night. And then I wonder why I’ve got a cold and a bad chest.

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