To think this guy leaving me money is so strange?

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brooksandvicki Mon 27-Sep-21 17:32:30

Was out last night and met a guy, brought him home and had a one night stand. Had a good night and he left this morning, I then went to work. When I got home I noticed there is a twenty pound note on the side he was 'sleeping'. He obviously does not think I'm a prostitute but why in the hell would he leave that?

AIBU to think this is very very strange?

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QueenoftheKarens Mon 27-Sep-21 17:33:15

He definitely thinks your a prostitute, sorry.

GiraffeClimber Mon 27-Sep-21 17:34:55

Could be a mistake. Took it out of his trouser pocket and forgot about it.

Blossomtoes Mon 27-Sep-21 17:36:28

He obviously does not think I'm a prostitute

I think he might …

Cocomarine Mon 27-Sep-21 17:36:40

Maybe he knows you’re not a prostitute but gets off on the idea of using one so did it as part of his own kick?

I presume nothing obvious like you’d paid for a taxi back last night?

Shoxfordian Mon 27-Sep-21 17:36:46

Not a very expensive one either

LtDansLegs Mon 27-Sep-21 17:36:47

Did you get a taxi / food at all? Was he perhaps paying you back?

If not, just assume it was so mind blowing he thought he'd leave a tip. Or he thinks morning after pills are £20?


DressedinStars Mon 27-Sep-21 17:37:26

Well he either thinks you are a, cheaply priced prostitute.

Or he found it on the floor and assumed it was yours, picked it up and put it on the side.

Or left it by accident.

Holly60 Mon 27-Sep-21 17:37:48

Just left it by mistake?

DamnUserName21 Mon 27-Sep-21 17:37:54

Cheapskate!!! Him, not you.

icedcoffees Mon 27-Sep-21 17:38:24

Uh, are you sure he doesn't think you're a prostitute?

MeridasMum Mon 27-Sep-21 17:39:01

He's vile. He knows you're not a prostitute but is insulting you by leaving what he thinks you would be worth if you were. Disgusting piece of shit.
So you know him? I'd shame him to everyone I know for that behaviour

EmmalineC Mon 27-Sep-21 17:39:09

I'd be insulted - twenty quid for a shag? I'd be phoning him up and asking where the rest of the money was. If you're going to be mistaken for a sex worker, you may as well be mistaken for a high class one.

OlympicProcrastinator Mon 27-Sep-21 17:39:30

It’s a thing some men do. They get off on it. It’s a deliberate insult. Sorry OP.

Dillydollydingdong Mon 27-Sep-21 17:40:37

He was having a laugh!

brooksandvicki Mon 27-Sep-21 17:41:46

No he knows I'm not a prostitute, I was speaking about my job last night and there's just no way. It was a one night stand there was no insinuation that I was a prostitute. And exactly, even if I was, £20 for the full night!! No he got an Uber through his account and bought a few drinks, didn't owe me a thing. Definitely not my £20.

I have his number, I'm tempted to message him and ask 🤣

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Cocomarine Mon 27-Sep-21 17:43:12

I really wouldn’t message him. I’m with @OlympicProcrastinator - it’s a pretty shitty insult. Not just the money = prostitute, but the insinuation that you’re only worth £20.

DressedinStars Mon 27-Sep-21 17:43:38


It’s a thing some men do. They get off on it. It’s a deliberate insult. Sorry OP.

Just asked dp because I didn't believe this. But he said he has heard of it before but not for a long time though.

Can't believe someone would do that. Fucking awful

Sparklfairy Mon 27-Sep-21 17:43:39

Is this like an uber rating? The higher the amount left, the better the night?

Sorry OP grin

brooksandvicki Mon 27-Sep-21 17:43:56

It was really good sex as well 😱

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burritofan Mon 27-Sep-21 17:45:07

Yeah, he’s done it to be a dick. Donate it to a women’s charity or get a takeaway.

Westfacing Mon 27-Sep-21 17:45:16

You must ask him!

househuntinginthesouth Mon 27-Sep-21 17:45:20

Could he have left it on purpose so you contact him?

Hoppinggreen Mon 27-Sep-21 17:45:22

I think it’s his shitty way of telling you that last night was not the start of a beautiful relationship

Egghead68 Mon 27-Sep-21 17:45:55

He’s a shit. Stay clear.

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