I’ve stolen someone’s shopping. Do I own up?!

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RachyRoo1 Sun 26-Sep-21 22:26:00

I’ve name changed for this. I feel absolutely awful….

My shopping was delivered tonight.
As I was putting the bags in the house, the delivery driver told me that my “meat” bag was on the top of the tray of bags.

I wasn’t really paying much attention to what was in the bag, but I do remember thinking that it was heavy that I didn’t remember ordering that much meat…. I then briefly thought DH must’ve added it on.
I did think to myself, I wonder if this is even ours, but brushed it off as me just over thinking.

Once the driver had gone and I was unpacking the bags, I was checking off my items against the delivery sheet and realised the items infact weren’t on the list.

I checked with DH and he hadn’t ordered them, so we have been given a bag of meats by mistake.

We have….
2 x pack of chicken breasts
1 x pack of diced chicken
2 x pack of sirloin steak
2 x pack 20% fat beef mince
1 x pack 5% fat beef mince
1 x pack pork meat balls

I feel really awful about it now. I should’ve spoken up at the time.
I was rushing and just trying to get my bags in the house as quickly as I could.
DH has often added things to our shop last minute and I did just think he’d most likely done the same this week.

So what do I do now. Do I contact the supermarket and take the items back?
What if these items belong to someone old / vulnerable and they were reliant on them…

I’ve stolen someone’s shopping and I feel shit about it now.

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Osrie Sun 26-Sep-21 22:28:13

With that amount I would definitely phone and tell them what has happened. They can then sort out their mistake somehow. You haven’t stolen anyone’s shopping of course.

Star81 Sun 26-Sep-21 22:28:15

Just phone and explain you didn’t check the bags until thus left. Similar happened to us and they just came and collected it

Futurecatmum2 Sun 26-Sep-21 22:28:30

I’d personally call the supermarket and let them know - they’ll probably just tell you to keep it but it might ease your conscience! No need to feel guilty though - it was an innocent mistake.

Bloodybridget Sun 26-Sep-21 22:28:40

Contact the supermarket. They'll probably tell you to keep them, but can hopefully arrange redelivery to the person who ordered them

thisplaceisweird Sun 26-Sep-21 22:28:52

I wouldn't do anything. The supermarket will replace the meat for the other customer. Owning up won't help anyone at this stage, save yourself or the driver the effort.

3scape Sun 26-Sep-21 22:29:09

Contact the supermarket. To be honest they won't be able to 're sell or give them to the right person because of time/ food storage rules. They'll probably tell you to keep them. They will just have to dispose of them.


seaandsandcastles Sun 26-Sep-21 22:29:32

You need to call them and let them know.

sleeplessbunny Sun 26-Sep-21 22:29:57

You haven't stolen it, it was delivered to you in error.
I would ring the supermarket to let them know, but it's highly unlikely they will want it back as they cannot be sure of how it has been stored, so they would have to chuck it anyway.

bluebunnyblue Sun 26-Sep-21 22:30:21

Don't feel bad it's not your fault! You didn't steal it at all. It was the delivery driver's mistake!

Insidelaurashead Sun 26-Sep-21 22:30:48

You've not stolen anything but ring them and let them know so they can hopefully sort it quicker for the person who needs it. As an aside, we can't get meat in a lot of shops round here so get that lot in your freezer grin

StepAwayFromGoogling Sun 26-Sep-21 22:31:56

Call the supermarket, OP.

mrselizabethdarcy Sun 26-Sep-21 22:32:13

I had this - got an extra 2 bags of someone else's shopping. I phoned the store who said they weren't allowed to come back for it (health and safety) and so I could keep it. The other person who would be missing the items would.be refunded when they phoned up.

SpiesRUs Sun 26-Sep-21 22:32:31

I had this before with a bottle of gin, a bottle of Martini and a small bottle of vodka. I called and they told me to keep it and said that they would replace the other customers missing items.

Not your fault, don't feel bad, from what they said it happens frequently.

OnTheBoardwalk Sun 26-Sep-21 22:33:19

I’d phone and tell them. I’ve done it with Gousto when I’ve been sent extra stuff -they said keep it

I’ve also done it with Ocado when I had a free can which was bundled up as 12 cans in one bag. Again told to keep them

Really don’t think you’ll be asked to return but will help the customer who didn’t get their shopping and help make sure it doesn’t happen again

safariboot Sun 26-Sep-21 22:33:31

You should tell the supermarket. If they are competent it will at least back up the other customer when they say their stuff is missing.

Like others said, they won't be able to recover and redeliver it since there's no knowing what you did with it. And they probably can't fix the other customer's delivery either.

Shirleyphallus Sun 26-Sep-21 22:33:44


Just phone and explain you didn’t check the bags until thus left. Similar happened to us and they just came and collected it

I can’t believe they came and collected it! It would have been more effort to do that than to just tell you to keep it

NotExactlyHappyToHelp Sun 26-Sep-21 22:34:11

You’ve not stolen anything. The supermarket has cocked up. Happens all the time. Ring and tell them but they’ll tell you to keep the meat. They can’t have it back and give it to the right person as they can’t be certain you’ve kept it at the right temperature and also you might’ve breathed COVID all over it.

They’ll make it right with the person who ordered it and the only loss will be to the supermarket which is fair as it was their mistake. Happens in our store a fair bit.

BobGalaxy Sun 26-Sep-21 22:34:25

Definitely keep it! It will only go to waste otherwise

Mamatoabeauty Sun 26-Sep-21 22:34:50

They definitely wouldn’t redeliver it so you don’t need to feel bad. Whoever’s missing the meat I’m sure will complain!

Gardenlass Sun 26-Sep-21 22:35:04

Well, technically, you didn't actually steal it, it was a delivery mistake.
You could contact the supermarket and tell them, but if the intended recipient also contacts them and says the meat box wasn't there, they will probably be refunded.
I am not sure if the delivery driver will come back and collect it, you would need to ask and see what they say.

RachyRoo1 Sun 26-Sep-21 22:35:41

So do I call the local supermarket or a main contact center?

What if they ask me why I didn’t check before taking it in? 😩

I was just in such a rush trying to get my bags in the house, I did think it was a lot of meat, but it’s not uncommon for DH to add on stuff.

I don’t even know how a full bag of meat can be given to someone by mistake.

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Mosaic123 Sun 26-Sep-21 22:35:42

I had similar but it was stuff we don't eat like meat. I gave it to neighbours.

EmeraldShamrock Sun 26-Sep-21 22:35:49

Phone the store they'll more than likely tell you to keep it for h&s reasons, at least when the customer queries their order the stores will replace it.

They're insured for mistakes too.

icedcoffees Sun 26-Sep-21 22:36:29

It's happened to us several times.

We've always been told to keep it. We've had smoked salmon, chicken breasts and various bits for free!

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