Why are women with husbands so jealous and hurtful towards other single women?

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beigebrownblue Sun 26-Sep-21 19:57:44

Ok. I'm divorced.

I have absolutely ZILCH desire to hook up with a man.

None. Nil. Nichts. Nada.

I have been taking myself out once a week to eat at a local restaurant. Not cheap, but it is the only break I get.

I have noticed that the woman who is mangeress of the restaurant is really off with me and does not seem to be able to accept my presence.

I dress down. For a long time I've not wanted to be noticed by anyone actually. Often I read a book.

Her other half cooks in the kitchen.

Why is it that she insists on being territorial with me, on this one?

Are women so threatened nowadays?

Yes, perhaps her other half has history, but why blame a customer?

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WindowsSmindows Sun 26-Sep-21 19:58:52

She's just one woman.
She's not all of us, she's not even two.
Just one.

Eralos Sun 26-Sep-21 19:59:26

I’ve not come across this beige, I’d just assume she’s moody, not that she thinks I’m going to steal her man… some people are just moody.

GettingUntrapped Sun 26-Sep-21 19:59:37

Maybe you are overthinking it. Hope you enjoy your dinner.

Eralos Sun 26-Sep-21 19:59:39

This before*

multiplemum3 Sun 26-Sep-21 19:59:48


PeterPomegranate Sun 26-Sep-21 19:59:55

You may be reading something into this situation that isn’t there. Maybe.


NerrSnerr Sun 26-Sep-21 20:00:33

Is this all women with husbands or just this one woman?

How do you know she thinks you're after her husband? Maybe she's just grumpy with everyone?

SomebodysMum Sun 26-Sep-21 20:00:49

Maybe it’s nothing to do with being threatened.

Maybe it’s just because you’re regularly taking up a table which could be used by 2 people (could be couple, friends, siblings, whatever) so she’s making less money from the table than she would if there were 2 x meals and drinks to charge for?

StripeyBadger Sun 26-Sep-21 20:00:55

Perhaps there is something specifically about you she dislikes or perhaps you are misunderstanding her feelings. I’d be surprised if many women care whether you have a partner or not, regardless of whether they have one or not.

daisypond Sun 26-Sep-21 20:01:09

You can’t generalise or make any assumptions based on what you’ve said. It’s a very bizarre conclusion to have arrived at. Maybe find a nicer restaurant where you feel more comfortable?

Batshittery Sun 26-Sep-21 20:01:32

Why do you think she's jealous or that it's got anything to do with her husband? confused

malificent7 Sun 26-Sep-21 20:02:00

Does she know you are single? You aee reading too much.

PanicStationsAhh Sun 26-Sep-21 20:03:27

Eh? Surely she wouldn't even know you were single? Weird assumptions you're making there.

kweeble Sun 26-Sep-21 20:04:17

You don’t know what she’s thinking! If you feel she’s unfriendly and it upsets you could try somewhere else for a change?

RogueV Sun 26-Sep-21 20:04:39

So one woman then? confused

MyPatronusIsACat Sun 26-Sep-21 20:06:08

WOW. You're a bit full of yourself eh @beigebrownblue

'Married woman is jealous of me, an obviously-super-attractive single woman, coz I may ensnare her man, (and I could have him if I wanted, so there!')

have this >>> biscuit

SuddenArborealStop Sun 26-Sep-21 20:06:19

One woman who's mind you seem to have read

bbgxd Sun 26-Sep-21 20:06:42

Sorry but you're reaching. I thought this would be about something your friend said, like stay away from her husband

What makes you think this woman is jealous? She doesn't even know that you're single

MajorCarolDanvers Sun 26-Sep-21 20:06:59

Yes this one married woman is a true representation of all married women in the land.

gobbynorthernbird Sun 26-Sep-21 20:07:16

I'm single and eat or drink out by myself a lot. I've never had this. In fact, quite the opposite.

IWantT0BreakFree Sun 26-Sep-21 20:07:30

How do you know she considers you a threat to her marriage? That's a wild leap based on the "evidence" in your OP.

Bluntness100 Sun 26-Sep-21 20:07:41

Why do you think it’s to do with her partner in the kitchen? Do you even know him or see him?


Littleants Sun 26-Sep-21 20:07:44

Go somewhere else to eat 🤷🏽‍♀️

Some women have a problem wit other women having the freedoms they don’t, some frogs can’t stand other frogs sitting on their logs…

SmileyClare Sun 26-Sep-21 20:07:48

My mum found this when she divorced. Lots of her married friends were very cool with her and stopped inviting her to dinner parties etc as a single woman. You can generalise but yes some women are like this.

I would go elsewhere.

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