To think my mate is overreacting to this text?

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Happpppyen Sun 26-Sep-21 15:22:12

She’s arguing with my boyfriend over text and he said

“Okay, I know where the door is”

She replied

“I’m done with this”

Did his reply already mean he had ended their relationship? Because she’s driving me mad talking about it non stop.

He text it about an hour ago and she’s just taking it literally like he’s finished it confused

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Happpppyen Sun 26-Sep-21 15:22:43

Her boyfriend lol not mine

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Ughmaybenot Sun 26-Sep-21 15:24:22

Fuck knows. Either of their texts could be taken as ending the relationship, but it all sounds very.. overblown and so it makes me wonder how this is the first time she’s come across miscommunications when arguing over text.
Why doesn’t she call him?

CharlotteRose90 Sun 26-Sep-21 15:28:21

In my eyes I wouldn’t take his text as them being over but I would take hers as meaning that. She needs to relax and call him ,

Happpppyen Sun 26-Sep-21 15:29:13

I told her to call him but she’s adamant he’s ended the relationship.

I took it as him saying basically I know you’re ending it so I’ll walk away. If he wanted to say he’s ended it surely he’d say “you know where the door is”

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Hellocatshome Sun 26-Sep-21 15:29:46

I think they both need to grow up and have a conversation by actually talking to each other.

Ughmaybenot Sun 26-Sep-21 15:30:15

Oh right, well let her get on with it then. Can’t help those who want to revel in the drama.
I agree with your assumption btw. She shouldn’t say things she doesn’t mean 🤷🏼‍♀️


mrstea301 Sun 26-Sep-21 15:30:38

This is a bit pathetic, are they 14? Does it matter who ended it?

Fluffypastelslippers Sun 26-Sep-21 15:31:28

Is your friend actually your DD? This isn't the maturest situation

QueenoftheKarens Sun 26-Sep-21 15:31:30

Why doesn't she talk to him... like an adult? confusedhmm

Happpppyen Sun 26-Sep-21 15:31:38

@ CharlotteRose90 my thoughts exactly, hers sounds very “we’re over”

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Happpppyen Sun 26-Sep-21 15:31:59

@ mrstea301 she’s 22, he’s 27

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BlueberrySugar Sun 26-Sep-21 15:32:09

How are you supposed to know?!
Hopefully he has ended it.

gamerchick Sun 26-Sep-21 15:33:13

Your friend needs to grow up I think.

thefirstmrsrochester Sun 26-Sep-21 15:35:41

Incredibly childish, if she wants to know if the relationship is over she should phone like an adult and not coerce you into second guessing the meaning of a text message.

girlmom21 Sun 26-Sep-21 15:37:26

I wouldn't take that as someone ending the relationship to be honest.

ShaneTheThird Sun 26-Sep-21 15:37:44

Is 22 a typo for 14 because what a child

LadyMonicaBaddingham Sun 26-Sep-21 15:38:06

Sounds like they've BOTH had a lucky escape. How juvenile.

2miz Sun 26-Sep-21 15:39:51

From just the snippet and no backstory this sounds immature. She needs to ring him and talk, in your shoes I wouldn't be drawn into this at all, just tell her she needs to speak to him.

Hapoydayz Sun 26-Sep-21 15:41:39

Sounds like he has ended it

FlorenceWintle Sun 26-Sep-21 15:44:39

Her text is the one that sounds like she’s ending it, not his.

KrisAkabusi Sun 26-Sep-21 15:53:26

Sounds like she ended it rather than him. But it's pathetic that they're doing this by text.

TillyTopper Sun 26-Sep-21 15:59:55

Why are you involved? If she's bombarding you with messages then I'd find something else to do pronto. You can't work out what he means if she can't. They both sound about 14 tbh!

VickyEadieofThigh Sun 26-Sep-21 16:03:00

Why are they texting rather than talking?

ShaneTheThird Sun 26-Sep-21 16:04:01

Why does it matter anyway? She's ended it by deciding not to call him and talk like adults.

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