I just tried to do what I thought was a good deed and feeling gutted

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Redrosyposy Sun 26-Sep-21 15:17:27

So I’m struggling financially, me and my family are struggling financially.
Today I was at the laundrette and spotted a £10 note on the floor. I felt that I should just pocket it, but realised that would be immoral (stupid right!) it was neat to the washing machine which a lady had just been using, she’d popped out for a minute or two.
When she came back in about 5 minutes later, I stupidly said “is this your £10 I found on the floor next to the washing machine you’re using?” By the look on her face, I immediately knew it wasn’t hers sad she said “oh yes” and pocketed it immediately, then proceeded to go next door to buy a pack of fags and a sandwich from the corner shop.
I went off to the supermarket, came back and the same woman was sitting there, chatting to an elderly lady, it’s a tight area anyway, but I politely moved myself through to my machine and the woman I’d given the £10 to said in a very confrontational and rude tone “Excuse me, can you watch where you’re walking, you nearly knocked her over” giving me a filthy look and pointing to the elderly woman, who smiled at me and said “don’t be silly, it’s a small space, it’s fine”.

I could have really done with that £10 today and I’ve just given it to a horrible excuse for a human being.

Really wishing I didn’t have a moral conscience. What an idiot.

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Peggytheredhen Sun 26-Sep-21 15:19:35

You are the bigger person here though OP. Sorry you are having a tough time flowers

Kittykat93 Sun 26-Sep-21 15:19:46

What a cunt she was. Try to put it out your mind op, you tried to do the right thing.

TiddleTaddleTat Sun 26-Sep-21 15:24:24

Ugh. That would get to me too. What a dick she was.

thefirstmrsrochester Sun 26-Sep-21 15:26:37

She’s probably trying to make herself feel better about taking a tenner which was not hers to take by being needlessly nasty to you and most likely embarrassing the other lady into the bargain. Move on with your day knowing that you are an honest and polite person.

Limejuiceandrum Sun 26-Sep-21 15:34:22

Well realistically you should have given it to the owner of the laundrette! Then your conscience would be eased!

But remember there are always cunts in the world, and if you know you aren’t one, you’ve won half the battle of life!

Redrosyposy Sun 26-Sep-21 15:52:31

Thanks for the replies, I just feel really idiotic.

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Ileflottante Sun 26-Sep-21 15:55:17

Wow, what a miserable and vicious woman she must be to act like that to someone from whom she essentially stole £10. She’s a cunt, OP. You’re not. She’ll never be happy with an attitude like that.

Mosaic123 Sun 26-Sep-21 15:55:34

You should feel RIGHT. Well done. Maybe something wonderful will happen to you soon in return for your good deed.

Redrosyposy Sun 26-Sep-21 16:11:21

@Mosaic123 I always think like that too, but I’ve come to realise it’s not reality and people trample on others to get what they want in the end.

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CheesusWept Sun 26-Sep-21 16:13:43

I thought you were going to tell us that after handing over the money you actually realised it had fallen out of your pocket!
At least that didn’t happen.

ManifestingJoy Sun 26-Sep-21 16:16:34

That's shit but imagine how crappy you'd feel if she'd popped her head back in, glanced around and said nothing and left. You'd have been thinking to yourself, she was wondering if there was any chance her tenner was there, and I held it back.

What you're feeling now is a better feeling than that.


Vates Sun 26-Sep-21 16:20:50

For the last ten years I just don't bother with anything 'lost', especially money if I find it. Karma gave me a bite in the bottom; basically found £20 and claimed it as my own (selfishly I didn't even try to find the correct owner, felt a shit but was desperate for money) and a week later I lost a £20.

I have seen small change like a few pound coins in the local shop, a book of first class stamps and a £10 note stuck on the corner of a paving slab outside a Boots store. I just ignore it. I don't want bad or even good karma, I just want to be left alone.

minatrina Sun 26-Sep-21 16:24:47

Aw, I'm sorry OP. You absolutely did the right thing, and you're not an idiot. It's just that, unfortunately, there are nasty people about. That doesn't make your good deed any less good.

All you can do is carry on being a good person and doing the right thing. Don't let the dickheads drag down your conscience and morals! thanks

Clearlynotmyname Sun 26-Sep-21 16:32:46

She's a dick. Don't let her live in your head rent-free! Easier said than done I know...

I had my own regretted good deed yesterday. Queuing to get in a restaurant, woman behind me waltzed past the closed sign at the end and joined the queue anyway, then when the (older, female) owner politely told her there wouldn't be time to serve her, this woman started arguing with her really nastily. I stuck up for the owner at which point this woman turned on me and started shouting at me and my daughter for interfering. The owner let her in anyway, and I was annoyed with myself for bothering angry

ufucoffee Sun 26-Sep-21 16:44:24

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girlmom21 Sun 26-Sep-21 16:48:05

You'd feel worse if you'd kept the money and someone came in asking about it when you returned

VeganVeal Sun 26-Sep-21 16:56:02

No good deed goes unpunished.

It was a tenner, not the crown jewels

antoniawhite Sun 26-Sep-21 16:58:18

You did the right thing. It’s not your fault she didn’t.
My kids still take the piss out of me for handing over money to scammers in Paris. But in the moment I believed they were hungry and homeless and on balance would rather be scammed occasionally than be the sort of person who won’t help if they can.

deeni Sun 26-Sep-21 17:04:03

Sure OP, but imagine living in her head. Thank goodness you don't have to.

I hope things pick up for you financially soon thanks

Beautiful3 Sun 26-Sep-21 17:06:13

Next time keep it. Lesson learnt. Keep going my lovely, tomorrow will be a much better day x

Hoppinggreen Sun 26-Sep-21 17:11:43

You shouldn’t decide on whether to do what’s right based on other people.
The idea that you think this woman didn’t deserve this money due to her personality is totally wrong. If it had indeed been her money (who actually knows) then you should have given it back to her and her being a Saint or an absolute cow should have no bearing on that.
If it wasn’t her money then she didn’t deserve it, again her personality doesn’t come into it.

Pumpkinseedpesto Sun 26-Sep-21 17:19:53

You sound like a lovely person op. She’s the one who should be feeling bad but people like her never do.

ssd Sun 26-Sep-21 17:20:56

Well i don't believe in karma and i dont believe the better person here came out on top. Lets just hope she walked in front of a bus @Redrosyposy.

Just kidding

not really

Cam2020 Sun 26-Sep-21 17:24:19

You're a good person.

She'll be a twat to the wrong person one day, just a shame you probably won't be there to witness it!

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