If you keep panic buying fuel you'll be homeschooling again!😆

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FishesWithWishes Sun 26-Sep-21 13:42:43

Teachers need to teach in schools don't they? wink

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FishesWithWishes Sun 26-Sep-21 13:44:00

Obviously a light hearted thread

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Aroundtheworldin80moves Sun 26-Sep-21 13:45:35

Dont they sleep at the school?

You aren't suggesting... that teachers have a life outside of school? shock

Outrageous! wink

FishesWithWishes Sun 26-Sep-21 13:52:10

Oh unfortunately @Aroundtheworldin80moves I am!
You wouldn't have thought it though. However I think the male primary school teacher at ours sleeps at the school, the amount of after school clubs he does, and breakfast club, I honestly can't see why he'd bother to drive home!?

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FishesWithWishes Sun 26-Sep-21 17:30:22

Who on earth is voting IABU? It is what it is panic buyers... Your kids will be sent home for a lack of teachers, surely MN's worst nightmare based on last year just gone?!

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Beebopawhop Sun 26-Sep-21 17:44:32

Haha I know right. Idiots. I genuinely need diesel for work and school. But the thing is surely you waste more petrol/diesel queuing and secondly you can't overfill your tank right surely there can't be infinite cars in the area getting ALL OF THE FUEL? The mind boggles

Patapouf Sun 26-Sep-21 17:46:13

confused lots of teachers also live within walking distance of school and have access to public transport.

I'm not sure another kind of panic mongering is helpful? I think the worst of the petrol queuing non-sense is probably over by now.


Porfre Sun 26-Sep-21 17:48:07

Theres absolutely no queues or problems where I am

Comedycook Sun 26-Sep-21 17:50:30

I've never ever had a job that I've been able to drive to. I've always got public transport to work. I'm sure they can do the same... unless they live very rurally

Awalkintime Sun 26-Sep-21 17:50:38

I work in one of the most remote schools in the country. I can not walk to school nor get public transport. Most do not live close to their schools as shown by snow days.

Macncheeseballs Sun 26-Sep-21 17:51:23

There are other ways to get to schook

Macncheeseballs Sun 26-Sep-21 17:51:35

School even

trilbydoll Sun 26-Sep-21 17:51:36

Teachers are entirely 2D characters who fold themselves up into their desk drawers overnight. Then they spring out like Flat Stanley grin

I need fuel and I can't face going out to see if anywhere has had a delivery. Hoping that everyone else will have a full tank tomorrow and I can just go and buy petrol like a normal person after work.

lemonpolish Sun 26-Sep-21 17:51:48

Have to admit I’m not sure the head at my school would accept ‘no fuel’ as a reason not to come in.

Iggly Sun 26-Sep-21 17:51:58


I've never ever had a job that I've been able to drive to. I've always got public transport to work. I'm sure they can do the same... unless they live very rurally

We aren’t rural but public transport is so so shit around here, most if not all teachers drive.

User5827372728 Sun 26-Sep-21 17:53:07

I can walk to my school, I imagine soon I’ll have the whole year group in my classes 😂😅🤣😭

Bufferingkisses Sun 26-Sep-21 17:55:53

We had to drive dd to uni today, 300+ miles in each direction. Of course we got shit when we went to get petrol. We could have put her on the train but that costs twice as much and she wouldn't have been able to take all the course materials she needed nevermind clothes.

We got some, made it there and back, now we have none left for getting to work so we'll cycle until people see sense. Yet get treated the same as if we'd turned up.with Jerry cans hmm 🤯

Strictly1 Sun 26-Sep-21 17:56:24

No fuel here and I work 25 miles from school with no viable public transport. A real reality for many teachers in this area.

MrsRobbieHart Sun 26-Sep-21 17:58:10


Dont they sleep at the school?

You aren't suggesting... that teachers have a life outside of school? shock

Outrageous! wink


number87inthequeue Sun 26-Sep-21 17:59:02

I know you said lighthearted OP, but I know that heads/staff in our local schools are having serious discussions about what to do if/when teachers can't get in (DH is directly involved in these discussions, so not gossip). The public transport in our area is very poor and most teachers live in other nearby towns. On Friday, all of the petrol stations in the area were open and had fuel (but queues) but now all of them have at least one or 2 pumps closed and a couple have closed early today.

I'm pretty sure that the men I saw filling multiple cans on Friday will be the first to complain when their DC are back to zoom lessons

JesusInTheCabbageVan Sun 26-Sep-21 18:00:59

I will personally carry all the teachers to school piggyback rather than go back to the hell of homeschooling.

Choice4567 Sun 26-Sep-21 18:01:09

@Comedycook I was just looking at that. My 20 minute drive becomes an hour and a half by bus. I can’t get there and back with dropping off and picking up my children. Unless work would be happy for me to work 4 hours instead of 7!

shouldistop Sun 26-Sep-21 18:02:42

I've never worked anywhere that would accept me saying I had no fuel as a reason to not come to work.

AmericanTie Sun 26-Sep-21 18:03:06

I agree. All those cunts getting fuel are stopping other cunts like me from getting fuel. It's not on because they all need it less than I do.

Teachers need it more though. How on earth do you expect them to get around the classroom with no diesel? Madness!

I tell you what though, the good thing about these selfish stupid cunts with their selfish stupid cars for their non essential frivolous journeys to and from work is that I've now completely forgotten that we're short of tanker drivers thanks to our government being quite possibly the worst in living memory and ballsing up every fucking damn thing it goes near whether petrol, food or gas. So I can quite happily spend my time talking about how stupid and selfish everyone else is, apart from me, and cast my next Tory vote with a clear mind.

icedcoffees Sun 26-Sep-21 18:03:43

Our local petrol station ran out of diesel today and has put a cap on spending now.

Luckily I have plenty in the tank as I can't do my job without my car - the same applies to DH and many others, I suspect.

But I know a lot of people won't be able to get to work tomorrow as a result.

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