DH left me to clear up the sh*t

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Aw273 Sat 25-Sep-21 09:39:13

I am raging!! My ‘d’ H had to leave early this morning for a job, needs a bit of time to set up so left we’ll in advance. I come down later with the baby to find that the dog has left diarrhoea all over the kitchen, and DH has left without cleaning it up. I had agreed to help him with something for one of his clients tomorrow but now I don’t feel like I want to do it.
He says he didn’t have time and couldn’t find the poop scooper (he refuses to pick up pop with his hands anyway so I have to do it when we go out for walks without the scoop). I don’t buy this as he left plenty of time, could have called me down to help or at least warned me!!!

So AIBU - yes, you should still help him as promised
No- he doesn’t deserve it.

Happy to receive suggestions for other suitable punishments!

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ScaredOfDinosaurs Sat 25-Sep-21 09:41:35

No, bollocks to him. That's really disrespectful.

Horst Sat 25-Sep-21 09:42:39

Nope. He didn’t want to do it so he left. I wouldn’t help him either.

MrsColon Sat 25-Sep-21 09:44:53

That's a terrible thing to do, what a lazy, disrespectful prick! shock

MerryMarigold Sat 25-Sep-21 09:45:15

Gross. You could have stepped in it with baby or baby could've gone in it. Yuck.

Bluntness100 Sat 25-Sep-21 09:45:56

That’s disgusting, I really can’t understand why he walked out and left you to clean that. As in seriously what an absolute disgusting bastard he is.

violetbunny Sat 25-Sep-21 09:46:46

That's completely not on. At the absolute least, he could have given you a heads up so you could come down earlier and not have it slow down your morning. I wouldn't be helping him either.


westendgirl780 Sat 25-Sep-21 09:47:37

That is appalling behaviour

JustJoinedRightNow Sat 25-Sep-21 09:48:20

What is up with all the depressing threads today talking about horrible lazy disrespectful husbands.

Buttetflybookkeeper Sat 25-Sep-21 09:49:21

Did he not even tell you? angry

Are you sure it happened when he was home?

ComDummings Sat 25-Sep-21 09:49:35

That is fucking vile, what a lazy bastard.

Buttetflybookkeeper Sat 25-Sep-21 09:50:33


What is up with all the depressing threads today talking about horrible lazy disrespectful husbands.

It's MN, it hazard a guess and say about 90% of posts on here are about arsehole partners, the other 10% being Covid and Brexit (and the odd MIL too)

Isabellabasil Sat 25-Sep-21 09:50:46

That's awful. If he has issues hand really couldn't bring himself to do it, he could have told you and held the baby whilst you did it.

DinoWoman Sat 25-Sep-21 09:52:24

That's gross. I'd tell him that you couldn't find your insert item needed to help him, so unfortunately you can't help him as planned just minutes before.

Aw273 Sat 25-Sep-21 09:53:00

He knew ( he locked the dog out in the garden to stop him stepping in it any more), but didn’t tell me…. Probably because he knew I’d make him clean it! The dog does sometimes have accidents when fed scraps (which I don’t agree with) but I’m usually first out so deal with it myself!

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MrsVeryTired Sat 25-Sep-21 09:53:49

DP would have at least warned me if he didn't have time, no way would I be helping him.

And yes, if baby needed looking after he could have done that while you cleaned it up, if he couldn't.

QueenoftheKarens Sat 25-Sep-21 09:54:48

YANBU. What a disgusting thing to do who leaves dog poo all over the house and ignores it. 🤢 Thats a really disgusting thing to do, no excuse.

shouldistop Sat 25-Sep-21 09:54:57

Christ, he's a dick.

Noworneverever Sat 25-Sep-21 09:55:22

He's too good to pick up poo didn't you know? But you are down on the level he considers low enough to do such menial and gross tasks.
He needs a shake and a good telling that picking up poo is everyones job, whoever sees it first and leaving it means he's just utterly filthy.

pilates Sat 25-Sep-21 09:58:30

I’m seething for you 😡 he could have attempted to clear it up and shouted for help. Twat.

FrenchBoule Sat 25-Sep-21 10:27:37

Stop feeding your dog scraps as it looks it’s not good for him.

Your DH is a lazy arse. There are gloves out there (Marigolds) for this type of jobs.
When you decide on having a dog you have to clean its poo regardless of consistency

WhereIsMumHiding3 Sat 25-Sep-21 10:45:49

I wouldn't help him tomorrow with client as I would say " I don't feel valued in the slightest when you think I am the only one that should clean up dog poop in the house. So I will do only things I want to now, I probably won't feel like doing things for you .. like shopping, cooking for washing .."

Then wait for the penny to drop as I bet he'll be very apologetic quite quickly

I'd have my quiet few days of saying (in Eeorye voice) "I don't feel valued so why would I ?" until he gets the point!! 😝

thereisonlyoneofme Sat 25-Sep-21 15:00:21

A friend of mine went home to find a pile of dog poo in the hall with four shoes carefully arranged round it, OH was at home at the time

Aquamarine1029 Sat 25-Sep-21 15:03:35


That is appalling behaviour

It really is. His lack of respect for you is shocking.

Naunet Sat 25-Sep-21 15:15:15

Wow, what an arsehole. He clearly thinks he’s too good to clean up dog shit, but you aren’t. The lack of respect would seriously damage how I felt about him, especially over time.

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