Prince Harry - something bugging me...

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StinkingCold Fri 24-Sep-21 22:30:15

Sorry, another Harry thread

Anyway, couple of things have been really bugging me recently...

1. He is getting paid 6 figures to be some advisor of a mental health charity

2. He has had 4 years therapy and is encouraging everyone else to get help like him's my gripes!!...

1. What qualifications does he have to earn this salary as a mental health advisor?????? I've worked in mental health over 20 years, have an undergrad, MSc and Doctorate in a mh field, and have lectured on aspects of MH in my field. Despite my qualifications and experience, I would not consider myself qualified for a 6-figure salaried advisory post on mental health. So with zero qualifications or experience, how the hec does Harry think he is qualified to earn a six figure salary advising on the topic????? It just feels so naive and arrogant.

2. Good for you Harry, having 4 years therapy. Now in the real world, there is not 1 single NHS trust in the entire country likely to offer 4 years of therapy, or even 2, or even 1. Very difficult to even access 6 months or 3 months. Even for people who really really need it. I'm talking high risk, or whose functioning is severely impacted by their The reality when you "seek help" for you mental health is a massive wait list followed by 6 sessions of guided self help over the phone. If you are really 'lucky' you might also be allowed to attend a short group programme of 6 sessions, maybe 12, probably on zoom. If you miss a couple.of appointments because you didn't get the letter, or phone was broken, or you were simply too unwell to get to your appointments, you'll probably lose the offer of the group or guided self help. If you have endured long and complex, multiple trauma, are self harming frequently, and drinking alot and overdosing - you might get offered 12 or 24 sessions of (probably group, maybe online only) DBT - but only if you really beg and show you are very very keen and won't miss any sessions. For most people, there is simply nothing. Maybe a referral to a charity for 4 sessions of counselling.

What planet are you on Harry. I wish wish wish you would realise how privileged you are to indulge yourself in 4 years of therapy, and that you could recognise your privilege. Wouldn't it be great if you could use you power and privilege to actually change the mental health system (in the UK) and advocate for more availability of therapeutic services, and maybe even donate large sums of cash to making therapy more available and accessible to the masses. I don't want to hear anymore about how therapy changed you, opened your eyes etc... Most of us simply.cant afford to go private, and the NHS is at breaking point and can't offer what is needed

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Sexnotgender Fri 24-Sep-21 22:32:39


VodselForDinner Fri 24-Sep-21 22:35:19

What planet are you on Harry

Not sure what planet he’s on, but would wager that he’s not a Mumsnetter.

StinkingCold Fri 24-Sep-21 22:36:31

Not sure what planet he’s on, but would wager that he’s not a Mumsnetter.

grin Shame...he could learn a few things from us common folk smile

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JustLyra Fri 24-Sep-21 22:36:44

He’s as qualified as most other celebrity advisors to big charities.

It’s about his name. Not his qualifications.

Sally872 Fri 24-Sep-21 22:36:56

Completely agree!

GoWalkabout Fri 24-Sep-21 22:36:58

Well tbf he has extensive experience of being an overpaid figurehead. Good luck to him.


SpringIsSprung1 Fri 24-Sep-21 22:37:19

So true!

ISeeTheLight Fri 24-Sep-21 22:39:07

He's getting paid for the PR. Not for his knowledge.

Sarahlou63 Fri 24-Sep-21 22:39:37

how the hec does Harry think he is qualified to earn a six figure salary advising on the topic?????

I presume he didn't demand this salary on his Indeed profile.

TractorAndHeadphones Fri 24-Sep-21 22:40:44

What charity - the only thing I can find is this startup

UrbanRambler Fri 24-Sep-21 22:40:58

YANBU, everything you said is true. I wish he would just disappear, along with his annoying wife.

Frolie Fri 24-Sep-21 22:41:27

Shame his four years of therapy haven’t taught him to be compassionate and understanding towards others, such as his father in law and family!

ReadingTeaLeaves Fri 24-Sep-21 22:41:51

His experience isn't why he's being paid. It's for access to his network, and for the profile he brings - both of which may (/will) bring in other high profile donors. It might sound unfair but it's not comparable to other 'professional' rather than celeb roles. Also worth considering that he understands that his care has been far far different from the average, that he is in a position of extreme privilege and that he's trying to get things changed so more people have better care.

MummyOf4Kids Fri 24-Sep-21 22:42:54

It's a joke!
You're so right about MH I've been going through a long drawn out saga with my daughter to get help for her MH don't get me wrong she's with CAMHS but in their own words she'll be waiting longer than necessary to get the help.
He's not qualified to work in MH it takes a hell of a lot more than 4 years therapy.
How the other half live eh?

StinkingCold Fri 24-Sep-21 22:43:08

He's getting paid for the PR. Not for his knowledge

Yes agree, just wish the PR was in a topic he actually knew something about - maybe like advising on tailored suits, being an Eton alumni, flying in private jets, playing polo, etc... Why PR on a topic you know very little about

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TheLeadbetterLife Fri 24-Sep-21 22:44:24

Most super rich people are like this. In their own world, where people get paid exorbitant amounts to do very little with no qualifications. They think it’s real though.

When it comes to the royals it’s even worse - enough people buy into the idea that what they do is work, and that they somehow serve the public, to keep the insane sham going.

Of course he’s deluded. He was raised in another world.

StripeyBadger Fri 24-Sep-21 22:44:56

He doesn’t need any qualifications. Just his royal connections as they garner media coverage and that’s what the charity wants.

GrolliffetheDragon Fri 24-Sep-21 22:47:31

Agree with you and felt the same about the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge breaking down stigma and encouraging people to get help. What help? Do they have any idea what it's like to try and access NHS mental health services? And I'm not having a go at the NHS, generally staff are doing their damned best in very difficult circumstances, often to the detriment of their own physical and mental well-being.

RosesAndHellebores Fri 24-Sep-21 22:49:17

TBF if he's helping to take away some of the stigma attached to MH issues, that's probably worth every penny.

A goldfish BTW is probably more use to an emotionally vulnerable young person than our local CAMHS team.

Hapoydayz Fri 24-Sep-21 22:50:27

Completely agree. Also I don't get why anyone would be more interested in something just because someone royal or celeb not remotely educated in whatever area think its good. Doubt these figure heads bring in money but no doubt they skew figures to make like it looks like they do.

Theythinkitsalloveritisnow Fri 24-Sep-21 22:52:30

I think people are being unfair to Harry, it must be difficult to be cut off financially by your dad before you're even 40 sad

But seriously, totally agree OP, I know he's being paid for the PR and not for having any knowledge, but yes, it is grating.

RosesAndHellebores Fri 24-Sep-21 22:54:01

Not nearly as grating as mental health professionals telling lies and being disingenuous though

rocklamp Fri 24-Sep-21 22:55:11

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk guidelines.

x2boys Fri 24-Sep-21 22:56:03

Hes not working n Mental health Hes supporting a charity its not like he will sitting down with patients doing mental health assesments most "Royals" are Patrons of some kind of charity

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