"Daddy Daughter Date" AIBU?

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PyongyangKipperbang Wed 22-Sep-21 18:59:26

Friend is seperated. Her ex has the kids EOW and takes them out once a week each individually. All good. Except she insists on calling the time he spends with their dd as a Daddy Daughter Date. I cannot satisfactorily explain why but it winds me up! It just sounds wrong somehow, not in an inappropriate way dont get me wrong, just nauseating and twee and I get the ick whenever she says it. FYI when he does the same with her son she doesnt call that a Daddy Son Date. She doesnt say it about her and her dd when they go out but does call it a Mummy Son Date when its her and the boy.....vom....

AIBU for hating this phrase? I know IABU for getting so wound up over something that does not impact me in anyway!

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psbradio2 Wed 22-Sep-21 19:00:00

I'm the same OP.

PyongyangKipperbang Wed 22-Sep-21 19:00:52

I should add that I think one of the reasons I hate DDD slightly more than MSD is the alliterative nature of it makes it sound even more stupid!

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Foxglovesandlilacs86 Wed 22-Sep-21 19:01:09

Same here, it’s always the same types who do it.

ShanghaiDiva Wed 22-Sep-21 19:01:10

I hate this phrase too. A daughter spending time with her dad is not a ‘date’.

ManifestingJoy Wed 22-Sep-21 19:01:17


Redglitter Wed 22-Sep-21 19:03:49

Totally agree. I hate it. Its not a date it's just spending time with


Sn0tnose Wed 22-Sep-21 19:04:32

Hate it. It’s creepy. I also hate play dates and date nights.

ANameChangeAgain Wed 22-Sep-21 19:05:41

Yanbu. Its a toe curler.

Notimeforaname Wed 22-Sep-21 19:05:55

Yep freaks me out as much as play dates!

MakeMineALarge1 Wed 22-Sep-21 19:05:56

I hate it as well, to me a date is 2 consenting adults who may or may not go on to have a sexual relationship - therefore I feel it is an inappropriate term.

But lots of things annoy me.

Glssr195726113493 Wed 22-Sep-21 19:06:47

Blurgh. That’s gross. And also a bit ‘fond’ considering they’re exes.

Macncheeseballs Wed 22-Sep-21 19:07:08

Is he giles coren?

VanGoSunflowers Wed 22-Sep-21 19:07:21

I agree OP. I’d hate that too.

WoozySnoozy Wed 22-Sep-21 19:07:44

Bit weird. It's like when people say their child's dad is babysitting.

thefourgp Wed 22-Sep-21 19:08:04

I agree with you. Who wants to date their child? It’s creepy and not cute like she thinks it is.

ilovepuppies2019 Wed 22-Sep-21 19:08:25

I think it would annoy because it suggests that a parent spending time with their child is 'extra special' when it's just a parent being a parent. On a normal day I'd just call that lunch 😂 Ideally a child getting to see a parent wouldn't be an event but a normal part of life. I could come with this if the day was a particularly special event (e.g some schools do Daddy / daughter dances) but other than this it would annoy me as well!

MobyDicksTinyCanoe Wed 22-Sep-21 19:10:45

For those frothing at the dad HE isn't the one saying it....

I agree it is cringey op. It seems to have floated over from America along with calling school discos ' proms' amd baby showers.

Just no.

PyongyangKipperbang Wed 22-Sep-21 19:11:23

Ironically, they dont get on at all well, but she is the sort to make everything into a "look at me" opportunity. I think that this is just another twee attempt at that.

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PyongyangKipperbang Wed 22-Sep-21 19:12:41

To confirm, it isnt HIM saying it, its her. I get the impression that it annoys him too but lets it go as they have so much other stuff they fall out over!

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Clymene Wed 22-Sep-21 19:13:51

It's revolting and sort of sexualising the time adults spend with their s children of the opposite sex.


esloquehay Wed 22-Sep-21 19:15:25

I find it mildly nauseating.
However, I also hate the term 'playdate' (is it two separate words, or does it have a hyphen? I know not).
Daddy Daughter Date is just bleurgh.

DrWankincense Wed 22-Sep-21 19:17:29

If YABU then AIBU too.
Hate it.

fuzzymoomin Wed 22-Sep-21 19:19:12

I think it's cringey too, ick. A parent spending time with their child is not a date. Equally cringey, I've seen social media posts where the dad takes the early/mid teen out on her first "date" so she can learn how she deserves to be treated well or something vomity, eugh.

VienneseWhirligig Wed 22-Sep-21 19:20:31

Just musing - at what age does it stop being a "Daddy Daughter Date" and just become a daughter hanging out with her dad? Could me and my dad going to the pub together be considered a DDD? How about my (adult) son going out for the day with my mum, is that a "Nan Grandson Date"? Obviously not, which means it's unbelievably twee. Yuk.

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