about landlord popping round all the time?

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Thesandmanishere Wed 22-Sep-21 16:25:45

We just rented a lovely place and signed a year's contract. The house was previously lived in by the landlord so has been very well maintained.

I'm sure she's very nice but she keeps popping round unannounced and it's starting to irritate me. It's never ostensibly because she wants to check up on us but it obviously actually is. For example she didn't redirect any of her post so she keeps coming round to collect it. She had a parcel delivered here this morning which she came to collect.

I really don't like it as I want to feel that this is "our home" while we pay rent here - I've lived in rentals before and never seen hide nor hair of the landlord other than when there's been a problem to resolve. But I also don't want to piss her off or be unreasonable.

AIBU or should she not be doing this?

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SpittinKitten Wed 22-Sep-21 16:27:50

It's not OK- legally you need 24h notice for any landlord visits.

Still1nLove Wed 22-Sep-21 16:28:03

Does she come in when she pops over to pick up her post?

TinnedPotatoesRock Wed 22-Sep-21 16:28:35

She shouldn't be doing this no, you're entitled to quiet enjoyment of your home and she's intruding on that. Do you rent through an agency or directly from her, if it's an agency ask them to have a word

Lunificent Wed 22-Sep-21 16:29:10

Is she trying to come in or does she just come to the door?

Thesandmanishere Wed 22-Sep-21 16:31:53

She doesn't come in, she just stands at the door, but the door opens directly onto the living room so you can pretty much see the entire downstairs. It feels intrusive.

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Thesandmanishere Wed 22-Sep-21 16:32:23

I just feel like - she could have just had her post redirected. It feels like an excuse to come round IYSWIM.

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GinIronic Wed 22-Sep-21 16:34:01

She has no right to pop round when she likes. You need to make this very clear to her or she will be part of your lives for the tenancy. Ask for her address and either re-send it or mark it return to sender. In future, say no to any parcel deliveries not addressed to you.

Doubledoorsontogarden Wed 22-Sep-21 16:34:58

I’ve been a tenant and a landlord, this isn’t on. Ask her to stop

Thesandmanishere Wed 22-Sep-21 16:36:27

I've got her address but she specifically said no don't bother forwarding it, I'll come and collect it.

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TaraR2020 Wed 22-Sep-21 16:36:51


It's not OK- legally you need 24h notice for any landlord visits.


Start redirecting post addressed to her and tell you'll continue to do so until she can get the address changed.

(So for each letter, cross out the address and write: "Redirect to <landlords address>")

Thank her for her interest in making sure you settle in and tell her you'll contact her if you need anything.

Remind her that you'd appreciate at least 24hrs notice of a visit.

NoSquirrels Wed 22-Sep-21 16:38:27

How long have you been moved in?

TiredButDancing Wed 22-Sep-21 16:40:01

When did you move in? If this has been going on for just a week or two, I'd put it down to an adjustment period. If it's been a month or more, then I'd also be getting irate.

I think the trick here is to be polite but abrupt. She pops round, you open door, hand over parcel, smile sweetly and say, "It's so frustrating having to get all the new addresses right isn't it!? Here you go, can't chat - just busy in the kitchen/dinner/with DC, enjoy your day". And close door.

If she still doesn't get the hint I'd be getting more proactive. eg, parcel arrives, you text her and tell her that a parcel has arrived and it's not convenient for you to keep it so you'll leave it round the side and she can collect and please do try to get all delivery companies aware of new address...

Thesandmanishere Wed 22-Sep-21 16:41:02

We've lived here nearly 3 months now.

Not only that but the neighbours seem to be reporting back on us. I know because of things she drops into conversation.

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Thesandmanishere Wed 22-Sep-21 16:42:04

I just feel like she obviously (having lived here before) feels like this is still "her home". I mean obviously it is, but you know what I mean!

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MajorCarolDanvers Wed 22-Sep-21 16:42:41

I think that you just need to be honest with her and say that you feel that its intrusive and you want her to re-direct her mail and give you 24 hours notice of any visits as is your rights.

Otherwise it will carry on.

RLOU30 Wed 22-Sep-21 16:44:07

If it was last week that you moved in and she needed her post urgently I MIGHT be okay with it but 3 months and she is still doing this shit? Na I would be redirecting all of her mail and telling her to give me 24s notice if she needs to come over and even for that I would want a pretty good reason.
Poor you, you must feel like a lodger !!

melj1213 Wed 22-Sep-21 16:44:38

How long has it been since you moved in? If it has only been a couple of weeks it might be that she hasn't updated her address everywhere yet but if it is any longer then I would start returning things to sender.

You're perfectly entitled to tell her that it's not convenient for her to keep popping round "to collect the post" and she needs to get it redirected. If you are feeling generous you could agree to her coming at a set time and day (so you know she is coming and don't have to worry about a random unannounced visit) for a short period of time and then after that anything else that arrives will be returned to sender.

Thesandmanishere Wed 22-Sep-21 16:45:28

So the other day when she came round my son had all his toys out in the living room so it was a state (perfectly clean, just messy). She kind of peered over my shoulder and went "oooh, it'll be tidy up time soon". hmm

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IglesiasPiggl Wed 22-Sep-21 16:46:28

You definitely need to say something.
It sounds like she isn't an experienced landlord so may not be aware that this isn't on. She needs to change her mentality and emotional attachments.

Thesandmanishere Wed 22-Sep-21 16:46:54

My son has SEN and is home educated so she knows we're always here.

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RLOU30 Wed 22-Sep-21 16:46:59


So the other day when she came round my son had all his toys out in the living room so it was a state (perfectly clean, just messy). She kind of peered over my shoulder and went "oooh, it'll be tidy up time soon". hmm

Fuck me. I would have said “isn’t it home time soon”

ChargingBuck Wed 22-Sep-21 16:47:15


I've got her address but she specifically said no don't bother forwarding it, I'll come and collect it.

Then you need to specifically say "no, don't bother coming round for it, I will either redirect it, or you can do the redirection from your end to save you coming here every day."

When she - inevitably - pushes back against that, get even more direct -
"I think I'm not being clear enough - it doesn't suit me to have you calling at my home unannounced, so you we need to find a solution to that. The easiest one would be to have your post redirected, like most people do when they move."

I know you don't want to upset her due to the uneven power balance, but the alternative is to have her turning up to nose-ache at your living room on a daily basis.

MrsElijahMikaelson1 Wed 22-Sep-21 16:48:12

I agree, say it needs to stop and you will redirect Mail so you need her address-if she won’t give it, then return to sender! And she needs to stop ordering stuff to your home

Thesandmanishere Wed 22-Sep-21 16:49:10

OK I think I need to pull up my big girl pants here and be assertive.

The thing is, we are honestly really good tenants. We take good care of everything, we keep the place clean, we pay our rent on time.

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