Everything is so expensive!

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Fuckadoodledoo2 Wed 22-Sep-21 14:20:16

Seen today:

£27.50 for a bobble hat 🙄
£300 for a two hour kids party at softplay, limit 20 kids 😱

Am I just right, or are prices rocketing?

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LetsGoDoDoDo Wed 22-Sep-21 14:23:30

Housing, food, petrol, gas... yup!

Hopdathelf Wed 22-Sep-21 14:25:51

Maybe pick some essentials to judge price rises on. £27 is by no means the typical price for a bobble hat so no idea where you are looking.

WhatATimeToBeAlive Wed 22-Sep-21 14:26:15

Is it a diamond encrusted bobble hat? Try the supermarkets instead.

roses2 Wed 22-Sep-21 14:27:51

This is why I buy good quality second hand.

DeepaBeesKit Wed 22-Sep-21 14:28:29

Jeez. I was looking at bobble hats this morning. You can get them easily for £5-£10?

QueenoftheKarens Wed 22-Sep-21 14:29:20

Yes. Inflation and a incompetent government are to blame.

But where was the bobble hat from? hmm You can get them cheaper for that!


BewareTheBeardedDragon Wed 22-Sep-21 14:29:27

Baby plum tomatoes up from £1 to £1.05 at Tesco Express. It's obv only tiny but it's a pebble that warns of an impending avalanche.

Proudboomer Wed 22-Sep-21 14:29:28

Bobble hat £1.50

lynntheyresexpeople Wed 22-Sep-21 14:29:43

£300 for a two hour party with 20 kids is alright actually 🤷🏻‍♀️

Mrstamborineman Wed 22-Sep-21 14:30:28

No one needs a £27 hat.
Charity shops can be excellent. In fact I would surprised if you didn’t find one for £2.70.
You don’t need to spend hundreds on a party either.

Proudboomer Wed 22-Sep-21 14:32:08


Or £3

Where the hell do you shop for a £27 bobble hat?

I did pay £10 for one last year from H&M but it was a Christmas present made out of recycled plastic.

OnlyFoolsnMothers Wed 22-Sep-21 14:32:24

The bday price seems about right as I assume that’s a good/ party package. Where you shopping for hats? Honestly we actually have more “cheap” clothes places now than I’m decade before — shop around

Granllanog Wed 22-Sep-21 14:32:31

I think you need to pick some more realistic examples...........that is nowhere near the typical price for a bobble hat!!!

CatTerrier Wed 22-Sep-21 14:33:23

I think my bobble hat was about £50 🥴

WheelieBinPrincess Wed 22-Sep-21 14:34:30

I think there’s always been bobble hats in a range of prices? confused

They haven’t all suddenly rocketed to £27.

Fuckadoodledoo2 Wed 22-Sep-21 14:34:32

Loving the outrage at the £27 hat. I've not bought it, nor do I need to, it was just some targeted advertising on FB which made me shock. From a company I bought a hat from maybe 2-3 years ago at £10.

I do of course realise you can buy them cheaper elsewhere

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Fuckadoodledoo2 Wed 22-Sep-21 14:36:01

£300 for a party is quite expensive here. Just softplay entrance and party room use, no food included. Maybe that's the norm elsewhere. Or maybe Facebook suddenly thinks I'm loaded grin

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Hopdathelf Wed 22-Sep-21 14:36:12

Well the key bit of information you missed was the increase from about £10. How do you expect anyone to comment without context?

GreatPotato Wed 22-Sep-21 14:36:33

I agree prices have increased a lot. £6.50 a pint for beer! but £27 for a bobble hat is an of choice, how much was the same hat 2 years ago.

I remember being disgusted with myself for spending £300 on DS1's 5th birthday at soft play and he's 20 now!

TopBitchoftheWitches Wed 22-Sep-21 14:36:52

Lurpak is now £4.20 here. Was £3.99 last week when not on offer.

WheelieBinPrincess Wed 22-Sep-21 14:38:13

I think the soft play is quite expensive- that’s £15 per child if you have the twenty. They only run around screaming and biting each other for an hour or so and eat potato smiley faces and chicken nuggets don’t they? Not £15 worth of ‘fun’ really.

GreatPotato Wed 22-Sep-21 14:38:25

I remember everytime we visited my Grandad, in the 70s, the conversation was about what something cost this week compared to last week and now you've got me doing it grin

Justbecauseofit Wed 22-Sep-21 14:38:31

She probably didn’t expect everyone to go off on one about the hat enough to need to explain in the first place

Yes I’ve noticed this too, food especially! Our shopping has increased loads

Fuckadoodledoo2 Wed 22-Sep-21 14:40:39


She probably didn’t expect everyone to go off on one about the hat enough to need to explain in the first place*

Should have put 'lighthearted' in the title 🤷🏼‍♀️🤣

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