To be shocked by hygiene in a luxury resort

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smoocakes6 Sun 19-Sep-21 21:11:44

Hi. First time poster, so please go easy on me.
My 16 DD recently got a job housekeeping at a luxury golf hotel . She's 4 weekends in and has really had baptism of fire. Mostly vomit. , used condoms left on the side, dirty nappies left on the side, urine in the sink and bath. Friday night there was a wedding and 7 out of 50 rooms had vomit. What is wrong with people ? She doesn't have to clear it up because she's a minor . But she's a little traumatised by the state and smells she's had to deal with . On discussion, but they are told to use the old (used) pillowcase to dust the sides and the mirrors & to rinse the coffee cups with their hands in the sink, no fairy liquid , no sterilisation. 🤷‍♀️ no bleach is used in the bathroom and no anti viral spray around the room . Today she tested posted on lateral flow and awaiting PCR . I'm really shocked by these standards , from both management and guests ! Ffs dirty fxxkers !

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Ozanj Sun 19-Sep-21 21:14:25

You should name and shame them. It’s disgusting.

AmandaHoldensLips Sun 19-Sep-21 21:26:22

Luxury resort? Really? Please tell us where this awful place is.

evilharpy Sun 19-Sep-21 21:30:00

Does it have the initials CM?

RockingMyFiftiesNot Sun 19-Sep-21 21:32:14

Just because people can afford to spend a lot of money, doesn't mean they have class. Not sure you can blame the resort.

Brollywasntneededafterall Sun 19-Sep-21 21:32:31

I turned down a job offer in a top city boutique hotel due to their hygiene standards. Drying room crockery with used towels and drying shower cubicles etc with them also.

Spidersinmyhair Sun 19-Sep-21 21:33:02

Oh no. This is the sort of thing you can't un-read. Whenever I go to a hotel and touch a surface I'm gonna be thinking about someone's mouth/breath particles from the used pillowcases that has been used to dust them.


AllTheCakes Sun 19-Sep-21 21:34:12

This is why you should never drink hotel room tea and coffee. Or touch the remote for that matter sad

RogueV Sun 19-Sep-21 21:34:15


SausagePourHomme Sun 19-Sep-21 21:34:17

The cups thing does not surprise me whatsoever and is why I always take my own cup with me when travelling. I wish they just wouldn't have cups in the room, its manky.

Bellyups Sun 19-Sep-21 21:35:04

Disgusting envy (not envy)

smoocakes6 Sun 19-Sep-21 21:36:17

Apart of me wants to report them . But I don't know where to do that ? They have all the sings to say they are taking COVID seriously , but ffs can't the crockery go through the dishwasher and each attendant have a duster. It's so fxxking basic . But I'm also shocked about how common it is to find an adult has drunk themselves into oblivion and messed everywhere and then just check
Out with no effort of cleaning up 😥

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TheFairyCaravan Sun 19-Sep-21 21:37:35

This is why I always take anti bacterial wipes, mugs and a travel kettle when we go away.

Longdistance Sun 19-Sep-21 21:37:39

What are you on about a ‘luxury resort?’ It’s standard for any hotel, surely? Especially if they have weddings.

ConstantlySeekingHappiness Sun 19-Sep-21 21:38:06

I’ve worked in hotels - 4 and 5 star - and this doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.

Hotels rooms are never cleaned properly - just tidied up.

I’ve learnt never to use cups, glasses, kettles, etc in any hotel room. Bathrooms are just wiped down, not cleaned.

5 star doesn’t in any way guarantee cleanliness or hygiene unfortunately

mrsed1987 Sun 19-Sep-21 21:45:02

I worked in a hotel chain begining with H when I was 16 (about 19 years ago) and that's pretty much how I was told to clean the rooms 🤢

WhatsTheEffingPoint Sun 19-Sep-21 21:48:00

Try cleaning a campsite.....the stuff I have found, toilets not flushed, shit outside the toilets, shit in the showers, kids pissing over the toilet tissue holders. Toilets left in a state even though brushes and bleach are available.
People are just dirty messy bastards when they think there is someone else to clear up after them.

Bootikin Sun 19-Sep-21 21:52:06

Horrible! Years ago I was staying in an expensive hotel in Malaysia. I became ill (no wonder) and had to spend 24 hrs in bed (in between getting up to throw up in the loo) whilst feebly trying to rehydrate with bottled water.

At one point the poor staff had to clean the room. They couldn’t change sheets (I was too ill to get up) but I watched them give all the cups / glasses in the room a VERY cursory wipe with a revolting filthy rag and re-sheath the cups in re-used old plastic covers.

I was 24 and it was such a learning experience. Just repulsive.

Since then I boil the kettle in the hotel room after checking it carefully and sterilise all the things in the room that I’ll be drinking from.

Not been ill since when travelling thankfully.

dearmrpresident Sun 19-Sep-21 21:55:11

I assume every hotel operates like this to be honest.

YABU to say your daughter is traumatised by the smells grin

Blueskythinking123 Sun 19-Sep-21 22:00:45

My DD also worked the summer as a house keeper in a very well known golf hotel. The cleaning standards and state of rooms were the same.

myheartskippedabeat Sun 19-Sep-21 22:02:35

Tell your daughter to hand her notice in

Then report them

Why on earth would you want her working there?

Babymamamama Sun 19-Sep-21 22:03:16

Aw does she really have to work there? I know it’s good for kids to learn responsibility earn money etc but that sounds horrible.

SallyOMalley Sun 19-Sep-21 22:06:23

Looks like things haven't changed much since I was chambermaiding when I was in my teens - and that was 30 years ago.

makingmyway10 Sun 19-Sep-21 22:09:39

@evilharpy grin my thoughts exactly! It’s terrible!

Clymene Sun 19-Sep-21 22:09:46


Looks like things haven't changed much since I was chambermaiding when I was in my teens - and that was 30 years ago.

I was going to say the same thing. I worked in a 5 star hotel. It was a bit of a eye opener when I was a teenager

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