Please help. This is bad news isn't it?

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worrieddaughterrr Sun 19-Sep-21 13:21:08

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My mother is in her sixties, type 2 diabetic and some other health issues. She has been sick with nausea, fatigue and shortness of breath for a couple of weeks. She tested for Covid and it was negative but began feeling worse a couple of days ago. I only found this out because my aunt called to say she had been admitted to hospital (I expect she didn't want to worry me). They suspected she was severely anaemic, this was confirmed today but she has lost two thirds of blood and her liver is deranged. Does this mean liver failure? She is getting a transfusion and is on antibiotics and oxygen. She has texted me but too out of it to talk. No visitors allowed and we are two hours away and we don't drive.

I'm really distraught. I feel like this is it and she won't come out of hospital. Has anyone experienced similar? I have a feeling she isn't telling me how bad it is (the message she sent didn't mention her liver, but my aunt texted me to say this). My aunt is on standby to take my mum home to stay with her and she was the one who took her to the hospital.

I don't really know what to do. I lost my father suddenly 15 years ago, though my mum and he were split up since i was a child. My mother raised me single handedly. I lost my mother in law to cancer a few years ago. I'm finding it hard to be positive right now.

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Briarshollow Sun 19-Sep-21 13:23:34

Can you call the hospital, explain you're her daughter, and ask for a layman’s explanation of her condition and prognosis? I’d also be making arrangements to go there. Why are no visitors allowed at all? Are you sure that’s correct? I know my hospital is allowing limited visitation but visitation nonetheless.

ThinWomansBrain Sun 19-Sep-21 13:29:52

As your mother's next of Kins, presumably it's possible to speak with a consultant caring for yout mother to find out more if you can't find out all you want to from your Aunt?
Be careful about not upsetting aunt though, or make he feel she is being pushed out - particularly if she is on hand and prepared to care for her.
Sounds positive that your Aunt is talking about taking her home [flowers = hope that all goes well.

FusciasBright21 Sun 19-Sep-21 13:36:42

flowersflowers it's so hard when you can't be there with someone who is ill.

Don't panic yourself though. I'm assuming they are investigating why she is so anaemic, and hopefully it's something that can be easily treated. Deranged liver levels can be caused by all sorts of things too including infection.

As pp said contact the ward to see if they can explain what is happening

AliceW89 Sun 19-Sep-21 13:38:41

So sorry to hear what you are going through OP. May I suggest you call the ward first thing tomorrow and ask for one of the doctors looking after her to give you a call back (if your mother consents to this, of course)? Her symptoms, anaemia and deranged liver tests could mean a multitude of things and speculating probably isn’t going to help you or her. I hope the news you receive is positive x

SmudgeButt Sun 19-Sep-21 13:45:26

I had a work colleague that had issues with anaemia. She would need some booster meds and would recover. It was a bit cyclic and worrying but not devastating and certainly was managable.

Not sure what you mean by her liver being deranged. Is she a drinker? Obviously not all liver conditions are drink related but some are.

worrieddaughterrr Sun 19-Sep-21 13:46:10

I managed to call the ward just now. No doctor available to talk but the ward sister said they are treating her for cholangosis so there is something up with her bile duct causing the impaired liver function. She couldn't say much more except that my mum is on iv antibiotics and is getting further blood tests and ultrasound. She said she has eaten and drank and is alert. Bit confused though because the ward sister said she went to the room and that she isn't on oxygen? So not sure if my mum misunderstood or is out of it.

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SmudgeButt Sun 19-Sep-21 13:46:22

Sorry - meant to add - work colleague was in her late 60s so similar situation perhaps.

And I hope your mom feels better soon.

worrieddaughterrr Sun 19-Sep-21 13:48:13

She is not a drinker at all, no. I asked about liver failure and the ward sister couldn't tell me as they are doing further tests. I plan to speak to a consultant tomorrow and still receiving updates from my aunt in the meantime.

Also confirmed definitely no visitors.

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forinborin Sun 19-Sep-21 13:59:32

It sounds frightening, but listen. The liver is one of the very few organs that is capable of incredible regeneration. When they do live liver transplantation, a half of the donor's liver is physically cut off, and it then regrows back.
She's getting good care and investigation. It sounds like they suspect a bacterial infection, with iv antibiotics and cholangosis.
I am surprised there's no visitation though.

steppemum Sun 19-Sep-21 14:03:49

when you are very anaemic, you can be breathless and confused.
But anaemia itself is pretty straightforward to treat, so if she has had a blood transfusion, she will be better in some ways quickly, that might explain the oxygen, she doesn't need it any more.

That gives the doctors time to assess why she has anaemia, whether there are underlying isses etc. and also treat the other things eg the infection

worrieddaughterrr Sun 19-Sep-21 14:19:39

Thank you everyone. Going to chill and rest for a bit as i didn't get any sleep last night, will call to see if the consultant can contact me tomorrow. It does seem possible that my mum is confused and has conflated things they have mentioned with other things.

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adultchildofalcoholicparents Sun 19-Sep-21 14:24:15

It's not necessarily bad, as you and PPs indicate, it would be best to wait until you've spoken to the consultant as you're not getting a clear account at present.

I hope that your mother becomes more comfortable, that she has a straightforward treatment plan and a good recovery in as short a time as feasible.

Saoirse82 Sun 19-Sep-21 14:33:50

Lots of people have deranged liver numbers and have no lasting damage and their liver goes back to its normal state, it just means something is affecting her liver at this particular moment, as a pp said the liver really is a remarkable organ and even patients who suffer from cirrhosis can see big improvements with lifestyle changes. Liver issues can cause gastric bleeding which could potentially be the cause of her anemia, or there could be another reason why she is anemic. At this stage it's

Saoirse82 Sun 19-Sep-21 14:34:12

Posted too soon

Saoirse82 Sun 19-Sep-21 14:36:50

*At this stage there's nothing at all to say your mum wouldn't be coming out of hospital but I understand you're anxious. Hoping she makes a full recovery flowers

Zilla1 Sun 19-Sep-21 14:40:33

That must be worrying, OP. Deranged just mean the results of the blood tests are out of normal ranges. It doesn't mean liver failure and as a PP has said, it can return. Someone with poorly controlled diabetes can have deranged bloods, improve their control and the bloods return to 'normal'. Good luck.

I'd check her understanding of the anaemia too which won't be having lost two thirds of her blood by volume. Lose 40% and that's it.

Newhorizon21 Sun 19-Sep-21 14:50:40

It's so worrying not having any answers yet, & knowing what you're dealing with, paticularly when you can't pop in & see your mum. Before calling the ward to speak with your mum's doctors ask your Aunt if your mum has had an abdominal ultrasound or CT. These investigations will help the medical team diagnose your mum. The team may not be able to give you much more information without these test results.

WaterAndRichTea Sun 19-Sep-21 14:53:06

I had cholangosis was in hospital 14 days and my liver was bad ,out of it on drugs
But i got over it and am ok
I also am in ill health, not with Diabetes but i already have kidney failure

You can ring the hospital and arrange an appointment to talk to her doctor
Write all the questions that you have down, so you remember what you want to know and always best to write the answer down too
Hope your mum will be ok flowers

BeautyGoesToBenidorm Sun 19-Sep-21 14:56:46

I'm NOT a medical professional, but I have experience with various liver diseases and it sounds like they're looking for something called primary biliary cholangitis.

The British Liver Trust website and forum is an excellent source of reliable information and support, if you need it. In the meantime, ask the medical team all the questions you need to - be the squeaky wheel.

mumwon Sun 19-Sep-21 14:56:54
please don't look at this & think worst scenario - it sounds like they are treating it as it should be - make sure they have you down as next of kin rather than your aunt. Its possible your dm misunderstood what the treatment was for & she may well have been confused from the infection. however - I don't understand why you cannot visit her - is there a restriction on the number of visitors? I would definitely ask if you can

RumblyMumbly Sun 19-Sep-21 15:12:28

@worrieddaughterrr Could you get the train over to your aunts and stay there for a night or two- work may give you compassionate leave - just in case you need to get into the hospital quickly?

Bluetrews25 Sun 19-Sep-21 15:27:18

The hospital where I work has little visiting (only one named person for one hour per day, must be the same person each time to reduce risk) on the 'newly admitted' wards, because no patient's covid status is known. On the short stay, newly admitted older patients' unit there is no visiting at all unless exceptional circumstances.
Covid is still in hospitals and will often pop up unexpectedly, which is why visiting is supposed to be at a minimum.
You will usually get a better response to your enquiries if you phone after lunch, simply because the doctors will have had time to do their ward round and actually see each patient. Decisions and plans get made then.

Nocutenamesleft Sun 19-Sep-21 15:53:50

So a friend of mine has the lowest recording of anermka you can possibly have.

I’ve had blocked bile ducts. Although in incredible pain. It didn’t cause my lasting damage. It took nearly 2 years to diagnose

I had dilated bile. Liver and kidney ducts. Which they never found out why.

If the liver duct is dilated. That can cause liver issues. But it’s easily sorted. It’s most likely gallbladder issues.

RB68 Sun 19-Sep-21 16:22:12

I was coming on to say could also be gall bladder issues - e,g, stones released and blocking bile ducts - once identified they can be removed. I think keep in touch with the hospital and the testing they are doing and chase them to speak to you. We had MIL in for 2 weeks and it was really hit and miss what we were told depending on who we spoke to so we would try and make sure to phone around the time the Dr visited and occasionally we would get one and they were a mine of info.

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