Should I have taken him to hospital?? Worried. Picture attached.

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kravestix Thu 16-Sep-21 22:54:51

DS had an accident at nursery today. This was the state of him when I picked him up today. He fell off a rope swing.

He's in bed now. But I'm sitting here googling his injuries and worrying myself and wondering if I should have taken him to be checked over. I'm getting myself in a right state now I've googled. Worrying about internal bleeding and whatever. His lip is very swollen but I was more worried about his nose bleeding. His nose and mouth took the brunt of the fall.

Should I have taken him? Should I still take him?

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gardeninggirl68 Thu 16-Sep-21 22:55:50

i think i would have done!

how are his teeth?

BedTed Thu 16-Sep-21 22:55:56

How old is he? How are his teeth?

Cazzovuoi Thu 16-Sep-21 22:56:58

Oh the poor lad! Yes I would have. Did you get a look inside his mouth?

SpringSparrow Thu 16-Sep-21 22:57:58

Aw, bless him. Yes, I would get that checked out.

RoseGoldEagle Thu 16-Sep-21 22:58:05

Can you ring 111 for advice? I rang about my 2 year old a few weeks ago who had been bitten by an insect and had reacted hugely to it. The duty doctor called me back and got me to send a picture, so you may be able to do the same? Hope he’s ok OP

whatacarryon2018 Thu 16-Sep-21 22:58:12

I think I'd get him out of bed and take him. Hope you're both okay!


CtrlU Thu 16-Sep-21 22:58:25

Yes I definitely would have him checked out.

dementedpixie Thu 16-Sep-21 22:58:41

That looks nasty
Did they not phone you?
Yes I probably would have taken him to get checked out; poor wee soul

beethecrackon24995 Thu 16-Sep-21 22:59:23

I'm sure he is fine but I think I would. When dd was a baby I took her to a&e once in the middle of the night as her head was covered in blood. She suffered bad eczema and had scratched big time. Turned out the scratches were superficial but still good we took her. All the best

ColintheCrow Thu 16-Sep-21 22:59:25

Unless his teeth were hurt, I wouldn't have. Lips swell ridiculously due to blood flow and noses easily. Not a doctor obviously and not giving medical advice.

GrandmasCat Thu 16-Sep-21 23:00:42

I would have him checked ASAP. If he has a fracture it may rapidly “heal” in the wrong position.

Joolsin Thu 16-Sep-21 23:01:01

Ouch, the poor little fella. As long as his teeth are ok, I don't think I would take him. It all looks like soft tissue swelling, which will go down in a few days. But he'll be sore tomorrow for sure.

fruitbrute Thu 16-Sep-21 23:01:27

I'm sure he will be fine but if you're still worried tomorrow take him to A&E unless he has problems in the night with pain or breathing, in which case take him ASAP. I'm not a doc or a triage nurse but I do work as an AHP in A&E and I can assure that we never ever mind children coming in for any reason, it's better to get them checked out if you are worried

CtrlU Thu 16-Sep-21 23:02:17

Is his nose ok?
You don’t think it could be fractured do you?

Just you mentioned that his nose and mouth took the brunt of the fall and his nose is bleeding

lannistunut Thu 16-Sep-21 23:02:26

Ring 111 and explain your concerns. They can advise. flowers very stressful for you, I understand the fretting

Lindy2 Thu 16-Sep-21 23:03:04

Has the swelling gone down at all? Presumably it's now been quite a while since you picked him up.

Also, were you able to see how his teeth were?

If it's still that swollen or there's any teeth damage or teeth through the inside of the lip I think I'd want it looked at.

If the swelling is reducing and the teeth are ok then I'd probably let him sleep and see how it is in the morning.

kravestix Thu 16-Sep-21 23:03:41

Yes, the nursery phoned me when it happened and I went to pick him up. The first thing I did was ask if his teeth were affected. Thankfully, the teeth were fine. It's just the lip and the nose from what we can see. He also fell asleep on me for a bit once we were home which he doesn't usually do. Only naps very occasionally nowadays, mostly if we are in the car for some time. So that concerned me a bit but apart from that he just kept saying it was fine. He played for a bit, stroked the cats, ate some dinner, etc. He's three.

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ThisIsNotAMill Thu 16-Sep-21 23:04:03

Ah bless him.

I wouldn't have taken him unless he had injuries to other areas of his head or inside his mouth.

The nose and lips 'explode' and swell because they're easily damaged as soft tissue - but it's all that soft tissue that's saved his skull! If he was well in himself, not confused or lethargic etc I would just monitor.

MrsPelligrinoPetrichor Thu 16-Sep-21 23:04:34

Even if his teeth weren't ok I wouldn't have taken him, that's why they are baby teeth,they'll fall out anyway.

It's a nasty bump and lips swell when bashed. I'd try and get a cold compress on it if you can.

Freddiefox Thu 16-Sep-21 23:04:39

If his teeth are ok I wouldn’t have taken him.

Did the nursery ask you to collect him?

BlackberryMuncher Thu 16-Sep-21 23:05:20

I would have, he might need some dental treatment or might have done some other damage.

I wouldn't want to wake him up at 11pm to take him if I'd decided not to earlier, but I would.

Poor littke sausage is going to hurt tomorrow. I'm surprised nursery didn't ring you to collect him early & take him to be seen.

kravestix Thu 16-Sep-21 23:05:50


Is his nose ok?
You don’t think it could be fractured do you?

Just you mentioned that his nose and mouth took the brunt of the fall and his nose is bleeding

I'm worried that it may be fractured but besides the initial nose bleeding when he fell and dried blood around his nostrils, the nose itself looks okay.

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CtrlU Thu 16-Sep-21 23:07:58

That’s reassuring but probably just get some medical advice to be on the safe side x

kravestix Thu 16-Sep-21 23:10:21

Nursery did phone me at 3:30 when it happened and I went straight over there but they didn't advise me to get him checked out medically. DH also didn't think it was necessary but I can't help worrying anyway. I did ask DH if he thought we should take him earlier and he said no. As I said, he did fall asleep on me once we were home which isn't like him but he wasn't confused. He recited beautifully what had happened and even spoke with excitement about the special treatment he got at nursery, being taken into the office and seeing the first aid kit, etc.

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