things you realised in lockdown that you're surprised you never noticed before??

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NoviceNewMN Thu 16-Sep-21 22:15:13

Working from home made me realise how low level subtly grindingly misogynistic alot of the men I work with are and how I am undermined every day without ever noticing when I was there - because it comes under the guise of cheerful chat that is blink and you miss it stuff. When you are out of it, life becomes lighter and happier.

I also never noticed exactly how much ££££ I spend on travel.

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Wole Thu 16-Sep-21 22:20:29

How loudly the neighbours chat to each other when they think they are somehow having a private conversation across the road.

Palavah Thu 16-Sep-21 22:30:44

How seldom I actually cooked.
How noisy London is normally.
Who my real friends are.

Di11y Thu 16-Sep-21 22:35:07

How antisocial I am and how little I actually care about the majority of my colleagues

StopGo Thu 16-Sep-21 22:39:10

I really don't like other people. I'm happy on my own.

ShinyHatStand Thu 16-Sep-21 22:45:09

How easy it is to find time for exercise when you're not wasting 3 hours a day commuting

ShinyHatStand Thu 16-Sep-21 22:45:32

Oh and exercise is less tiring than commuting


HasaDigaEebowai Thu 16-Sep-21 22:47:43

I also realise that I don’t like many people. I’m reevaluating a number of friendships with people who are very shallow and all about self promotion

CurbsideProphet Thu 16-Sep-21 22:48:59

How I really don't care about not seeing colleagues face to face and I really don't care about the organisation. Oh dear.

MeAndDebbieMcGee Thu 16-Sep-21 22:53:52

@ShinyHatStand - YY to both of these! Turns out I'm not lazy at all when I'm not losing three fucking hours a day to the commute. Also, I can afford really good trainers and nice sports gear (and a fucking posh yoga mat!) now I'm not paying for the commute. Who knew?!

Cazzovuoi Thu 16-Sep-21 22:56:06

That I need more time alone than I realised. I’m like a super introvert grin

I realised how much my creativity is stifled when I can’t sit in Starbucks to write blog posts and people watch.

Justmuddlingalong Thu 16-Sep-21 22:56:24

Most of the people who visit me gets on my tits.
How incredibly lucky I am to live by the beach and how much I took it for granted.
DP's definitely the one.
Shopping had become an expensive pastime and I've got everything I need, and enough shoes to see me out.

RandomWordGenerator Thu 16-Sep-21 22:56:30

How skanky it is sitting on a train for an hour twice a day, squashed up against random strangers with all their germs.

How much evening you get when you’re home and finished work at 5pm.

Titsywoo Thu 16-Sep-21 22:56:56

How little socialising bothers me and how few of my friends I now can actually be bothered with (not in a horrible way I just realised how if I don't arrange things or contact certain people nothing ever happens!). That may be my age as well as lockdown though grin

TracyLords Thu 16-Sep-21 22:58:51

How much I really dislike my job

PersonaNonGarter Thu 16-Sep-21 23:00:07

Commuting is insane. How did that even happen.

My garden is nicer than I thought.

Turns out I don’t need to go the cinema at all to live a fulfilled life. I miss the theatre but not as much as I thought I would.

The demise of the dress code has been total.

There’s no office gossip and no one misses it.

We ate far too much pasta before. Now we eat a lot less pasta.

Justmuddlingalong Thu 16-Sep-21 23:02:31

We go through a lot less loo roll when we don't wrap it round and round our hands before wiping.

Peoniesandpeaches Thu 16-Sep-21 23:04:06

How much I really love my partner - having her around more has been really good for our relationship.

avamiah Thu 16-Sep-21 23:06:57

How much money I saved by not getting take away coffee and spending £8 to £10 on my lunch and buying bottled water everyday and then spending another £15 on a 2 glasses of wine on the way home when I can buy a bottle for £7.
And how much money I was spending in the dry cleaners( no wonder the owner has 3 shops) 🙄😬

Abigail12345654321 Thu 16-Sep-21 23:07:09

That I never get bored or irritated with my partner.

Have realised how rare it is and how lucky I am.

NorthernDramaLlama Thu 16-Sep-21 23:18:52

How much time I spent trying to please my now Ex! And people in general. I now have time and head space to prioritise me and my DC :-) We can have toasties for tea if we want. And I'm not running around pandering to people as they found out how to solve their own problems during Lockdown when I wasn't able to appear like a genie and magic away their problems. Some of my family and friends have become much more 'solution focussed' as I was only able to offer advice by phone, they were forced to do the jobs themselves rather than stand back and watch me. And my dad, I've rediscovered he is an absolute star! I was a key worker and my parents picked up the DC from school once every week. While my mum looked after the kids, my dad quietly weeded my garden, relaid the membrane in the back garden, watered my plants and generally made my outside space a much more pleasant space to be. Mum was fab too and took away a load of washing every time she visited :-) Basically, I realised my parents love me more than I deserve!

Brindisi32 Thu 16-Sep-21 23:20:38

Homemade bread is fab; sliced shop loaves are soggy, sugary lumps of misery. Lockdown confirmed to me that people are dicks and I’d like more time away from them. Cars and commuting to work are pointless ways of burning time and destroying the environment. My job is not doing me any favours and I need to make changes. I’ve also enjoyed not wearing make up.

Giggorata Thu 16-Sep-21 23:35:09

How good mail order and home delivery can be.

How much I hate having to interact with a large office full of people.

How much I love having time to myself.

Agree about the bread.

How good it is not to have to go out when it's freezing.

TracyLords Thu 16-Sep-21 23:37:45

Oh... and how lucky I was to have married such a great guy. So easy to live with during lockdown

Mistressofnone Thu 16-Sep-21 23:40:47

How much better it is to do a big weekly food shop instead of picking something up on the way home from work every night.

And how little cupboard space we have for all this food!

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