To think DD’s teacher shouldn’t have said this?

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Rainallnight Thu 16-Sep-21 18:46:28

DD and I bumped into her Year 1 teacher outside school this afternoon.

DD said to her, ‘are you going home?’ And teacher said, ‘yes, it’s the best part of the day’.

AIBU to think it’s a slightly shitty thing to say to a little kid who’s in your care all day?

Genuinely interested to know if I’m being over-sensitive.

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CorrBlimeyGG Thu 16-Sep-21 18:47:09

You're being ridiculous.

WhatisanODP Thu 16-Sep-21 18:47:26

Your being over sensitive.

It’s the best part of my day too.

MaryHadALittleDramHicHic Thu 16-Sep-21 18:47:51

Is this your first child?
Seriously, it's just friendly banter

RedskyThisNight Thu 16-Sep-21 18:48:04

It's probably your child's best part of the day as well.

Rosesareyellow Thu 16-Sep-21 18:48:10


ZoyaTheDestroyer Thu 16-Sep-21 18:48:22

YABU and precious.


PotteringAlong Thu 16-Sep-21 18:48:30

It was a lighthearted throw away comment.

You are being incredibly unreasonable.

OverweightPidgeon Thu 16-Sep-21 18:48:38

I’m sure it is the best part of the day for her- not a shitty thing to say at all confused

Rainallnight Thu 16-Sep-21 18:48:54

Ok, hands up! I’m being over sensitive. Good to have the reality check.

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StoneofDestiny Thu 16-Sep-21 18:48:55

OMG - everybody says that after a day at work.

HumphreyCobblers Thu 16-Sep-21 18:48:56

She was making a joke.

LateDecemberBackInLowB12 Thu 16-Sep-21 18:49:09

🤣🤣 definitely over sensitive.

WhiskeyNeverStartsToTasteNice Thu 16-Sep-21 18:49:09


It was a lighthearted throw away comment.

You are being incredibly unreasonable.


CallMeRisley Thu 16-Sep-21 18:50:18

So she’s meant to prefer spending 5 hours with your little darling over going home, taking off her bra, stuffing chocolate in her face and cuddling her own kids? grin
It’s lighthearted OP.

AFuturisticalSound Thu 16-Sep-21 18:50:42

Haha, you must find life very stressful if that's offended you grin

Does your DD outlook forward to home time? Do you not, if you work that is?

Howshouldibehave Thu 16-Sep-21 18:55:08

AIBU to think it’s a slightly shitty thing to say

OMG grin

Dreamingofbeergardens Thu 16-Sep-21 18:56:02

My new class dance around the classroom to the Friday song, which they did in reception too. They are just as excited by the end of the day/weekend as the adults grin You are being over sensitive, yes!

WhenISnappedAndFarted Thu 16-Sep-21 18:56:09

You're being ridiculous

RevolvingPivot Thu 16-Sep-21 18:57:17

School asked my dd what she most liked about school. She said play time, dinner time and home time smile

ToastandJamandTea Thu 16-Sep-21 18:59:02


GertietheGherkin Thu 16-Sep-21 18:59:06

If you'd had a room full of lively/ loud/ questionably behaved/ disruptive, other peoples' kids for most of the day, would you not giving them back be the best part of your day?
The Teachers done her job for the day and she's done all she needs to do for your child.
Her time is her own to do as she pleases, so it'll be the best part of her day.

Oversensitive feelings are best avoided once your child begins School... Trust me if you responded to every concern/comment/ discussion, you'll never be away from the place.

WorraLiberty Thu 16-Sep-21 19:00:53


I thought you were going to say something like "No, I'm going to the pub to get wankered" confused

LaurieFairyCake Thu 16-Sep-21 19:02:13

If she'd said

"I can't wait to leave you little fuckers" you might have a point grin

But she didn't...

Augusta1 Thu 16-Sep-21 19:03:17

Good Lord op, serious sense of humour failure. 🤣

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