Dog barked at my child

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Kitchendrama1 Thu 16-Sep-21 09:28:48

We were at the park and two year old was having a moment so sat down on the pavement. Dog came over and barked at him. Dog went away. It felt ok and I was looking out.

We started to do a lap of the oval and big again started to stare and bark from us at a distance and wasn’t looking at the other dog he was playing with, or his owner. Dog was getting closer (but also stopped). I grabbed kid and went.

Was the kid in danger?

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garrybubblo Thu 16-Sep-21 09:30:49

I don't think so, from what I understand. It's a little unclear. Depends how close the dog got to the child really.

Kitchendrama1 Thu 16-Sep-21 09:31:19

I’m not a dog owner but I just felt really uncomfortable with the barks and starring

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Kitchendrama1 Thu 16-Sep-21 09:32:16


I don't think so, from what I understand. It's a little unclear. Depends how close the dog got to the child really.

First time was 2 metres away.

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ChrissyPlummer Thu 16-Sep-21 09:33:11

Was dog on a lead or with an owner?

Notimeforaname Thu 16-Sep-21 09:33:20

No ,just sounds like the dog was a park.confused

Notimeforaname Thu 16-Sep-21 09:34:20

So the dog closer but stopped. And then barked your direction again? This is a non issue


HikingforScenery Thu 16-Sep-21 09:34:46


I’m not a dog owner but I just felt really uncomfortable with the barks and starring

That’s all you need IMO. Your instincts are there to protect you and your child.
Why was the dog barking? A ‘friendly’ hello? Apparently you should check if they’re wagging their tail when barking.
I don’t have time for that though so will move away or put my children behind me, if they’re with me, etc

ApolloandDaphne Thu 16-Sep-21 09:34:49

I doubt your child was in any danger. I suspect the dog was barking to tell his owner that something strange was happening. So more a warning to others than a threat to your child. I think if it was being threatening the dog would have growled.

millymollymoomoo Thu 16-Sep-21 09:34:56

Dogs bark 🤷‍♀️

Icecreamsoda99 Thu 16-Sep-21 09:35:27

By "having a moment" do you mean they were having a tantrum? If so the dog was probably concerned (it a dog like way) and reacted by barking.

CookieCrunch123 Thu 16-Sep-21 09:37:04

Weird that the owner didn’t come over. Was it very agressive or just normal barking? The way you describe it just sounds like an inquisitive dog but without being there it’s hard to tell. You did the right thing though. If in any doubt with a small child definitely leave, it’s not worth waiting to see!

HeartsAndClubs Thu 16-Sep-21 09:38:26

Erm, you do know that dogs bark, don’t you?

noprofessional Thu 16-Sep-21 09:38:48


idontlikealdi Thu 16-Sep-21 09:39:28

Are you afraid of dogs? Don't pass your fear onto your child.

Dogs bark, that's hardly news. Barking isn't usually considered a sign of agression.

romdowa Thu 16-Sep-21 09:39:35

Dog was probably joining in on throwing a wobbly 🤣🤣

CuriousaboutSamphire Thu 16-Sep-21 09:40:13

My dog occasionally barks at kids 'having a moment' - their noise unsettles him so he tries to tell them to shut the fuck up!

But it doesn't mean he wants to gobble them all up! Just that they are hurting his ears!

Having said that, you were in no way unreasonable to exercise caution with a presumably off lead dog. The owner was BU at that point!

MuthaFunka61 Thu 16-Sep-21 09:41:24

As PP has said it's difficult to tell.

A dog barking is just a means of communication and the tone of the bark and body language is as important in understanding what the dog is trying to communicate.

Having said that,as the dog didn't make any moves to attack I'd suggest it was a plea for help bark.
It could be that the dog was trying to call attention to a child that was having a moment to garner help from their owner either for the child or for the dog if it was startled.

LateDecemberBackInLowB12 Thu 16-Sep-21 09:42:43

I still remember the time a cat meowed at my dc.

YANBU at all.

VickyEadieofThigh Thu 16-Sep-21 09:42:45

My dog hardly ever barks (it's fabulous!) but the rare occasions are if he's startled by something. This may well be the case if your child was making a noise.

picklemewalnuts Thu 16-Sep-21 09:43:43

My dog is fascinated by anything 'different'. Also by toddlers, who he has learned may well have jam all over their face. I put him on his lead when we see toddlers, because he may well want to wash them, or persuade them that dogs are more fun to feed than ducks.

He's fascinated/scared by carrier bags blowing across a field, snowmen...

Most memorably a woman taking a very weird square dog for a walk- also known as 'pulling a suitcase'.

Dogs stare because they are nosy, and their mother never told them it's rude.

Mrsjayy Thu 16-Sep-21 09:44:27

Dogs bark I don't know what danger you thought your child was In from 2 metres away !

deragod Thu 16-Sep-21 09:44:50

Dogs bark to communicate. It's like talking. Ffs.

LaetitiaASD Thu 16-Sep-21 09:46:19

I'd relax and look on the bright side - yet another irresponsible dog owner who can't be bothered to keep their dog under control may well have put your toddler off dogs for life, reducing the future pressure on you to get a puppy you don't want.

edwinbear Thu 16-Sep-21 09:46:50

I don't much like dogs personally and am a bit wary when they come bounding up to DC, but I'd not be freaked out by one barking. I'd be more concerned if they started jumping up etc. The fact the dog stopped, would suggest to me it's well trained. Although I know nothing about dogs.

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