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To expect my shutters from Hillarys Blinds to be ready now when I ordered them in Sept

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yogimum Sat 01-Dec-07 11:54:36

I have rang them four times and am fobbed of regarding fitting date. I have asked for a my deposit back.

Lazarou Sat 01-Dec-07 14:04:40

Ours took about a month to be fitted. Have they told you why it's taking so long?

yogimum Sat 01-Dec-07 14:43:49

thats just it, they haven't contacted me once. When I ring they said they are waiting for them to come in and I'll get a call from the fitter. They set a date to ring me and I never get the call. What annoys me most is on their adverts they are promising people blinds in time for Xmas.

Lazarou Sat 01-Dec-07 14:54:05

How long did the fitter tell you they would take to arrive? Also, make sure you have the receipt for your deposit. Once the blinds/shutters are in then the fitter will ring you, but two months is a long time to be waiting. I suppose you could speak to the fitter directly and ask him to find out what the holdup is.

yogimum Sat 01-Dec-07 14:57:09

well I will ring them on Monday pretending to be a new customer so I can get hold of the guy who gave us the quote as he is local to us. Hopefully he will be able to let us know what is going on.

WinkyWinkola Sat 01-Dec-07 16:33:30

Oh no. Hillary's are a nightmare. I wanted Roman blinds fitting. The guy missed two appointments, was late for the third. Said he'd drop off some sample books but never did so I couldn't even get a quote from him.

They are dreadful. In the end I went to a local blind makers.

Also, bella vista shutters are good. Six weeks from order to fitting.

yogimum Sat 01-Dec-07 16:41:02

I told them today that "I'd see them on the Watchdog program" I went with them as there was very little choice in my area.
WW thanks for that, if I don't get any joy on Monday I'll get a quote from someone else.

FluffyMummy123 Sat 01-Dec-07 16:42:02

Message withdrawn

Lazarou Sat 01-Dec-07 16:44:14

Mine are from Hillarys, but i'm not sure I like them now they are up. Am pretending I love them though because I chose them.

yogimum Sat 01-Dec-07 16:46:56

I only chose shutters as my dining room is at street level. We don't have many people walking past as its a new development but it will change I'm sure.

CrimbleMint Sat 01-Dec-07 17:17:53

Hillary's (eventually) fitted all our new blinds just over a year ago. Every single blind (four different types) have broken. Their after sales service is shite, it must be the way we use the blinds. hmm

Lazarou Sat 01-Dec-07 17:19:49

I'll give mine a couple of years and then change them, well, maybe just a year...

Raffaella Sat 01-Dec-07 17:25:14

I ordered mine back in September, the agent came out twice to re-check measurements.

Found out when I chased it up with head office three weeks ago that the agent hadn't even put the order through! Managed to cancel deposit cheque and am now using local company.

yogimum Mon 03-Dec-07 13:40:41

Phoned them this morning and got more bullshit. They told me I couldn't have my deposit back as the shutters have been made. They why haven't you fitted them I asked Bloody cheek angry

Lazarou Tue 04-Dec-07 10:44:35

so have they given you a date? If the fitter assured you that they would be ready to fit before christmas then I would ring them back and tell them that unless they give you a specific date you will be contacting trading standards, and seeking legal advice as to getting your deposit back.

Lazarou Tue 04-Dec-07 10:45:21

So you now know that they have definitely been made so there should be no hold ups. It's not good enough, do not let them fob you off.

dingdongmummylinonhigh Tue 04-Dec-07 11:01:19

i had my blinds from hillary,s and the service was great,but in saying that this was four years ago.It was the Christchurch branch.

yogimum Wed 12-Dec-07 16:41:14

Well just to update those of you who replied to my op. I rang and rang hillarys and finally the fitter showed up today with my shutters. He told me that they had just arrived in the country hmm. Now the bad news. They don't fit. shock. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

DeeAgee Tue 28-Mar-17 17:24:07

Their after sales is utter rubbish.
If you can get your deposit back, I would.

ExplodingCarrots Tue 28-Mar-17 17:26:39

Dee this thread is nearly 10 years old grin

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