Embarrassing weight issue at soft play

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Oifroggy Thu 05-Aug-21 20:38:48

I've booked a soft play inflatable place for DS and I to go to tomorrow. It's only after that I realised in the terms of play - participants must be under 16 stone when clothed.

I have recently lost a lot of weight and this week hit 15 stone 10 but that was in the morning, without clothes. I'm sat worrying that I'm going to ruin this special day for DS if they won't let me on. How do they know anyway? Do they weigh people? I'm so embarrassed just thinking about it blushsad

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bonfireheart Thu 05-Aug-21 20:40:04

Weigh yourself wearing light clothes?

Lockheart Thu 05-Aug-21 20:41:13

Can't your son go on it by himself? Or does he need supervision?

Why is it a special day? Can it be rebooked?

WhoppingBigBackside Thu 05-Aug-21 20:43:05

I doubt that they'll weigh you. If they ask say 15 st.
Stop worrying and enjoy your DS;s birthday.

Fernando072020 Thu 05-Aug-21 20:43:17

I can't imagine they'll weigh you but they may ask if it's company policy. I would eat the lightest clothes you have and have a lighter breakfast. You should stay under the 16. Don't worry about it, I'm sure it'll be just fine!

Elouera Thu 05-Aug-21 20:43:24

I might be missing something, but isn't it the children that going running about and playing within the softplay areas? Surely you won't be scrambling through tunnels too?

Gooseberrypies Thu 05-Aug-21 20:43:26

I don't think they weigh people. Are you likely to have gained over 4lbs in that short time since you weighed yourself?


Aria2015 Thu 05-Aug-21 20:45:07

They won't weigh you and they will have aired on the side of caution re weight anyway. The actual limit will be higher but they've probably just gone with 16 stone because that's a weight that would cover most normal weight /lower end overweight men and women. You'll be fine.

Oifroggy Thu 05-Aug-21 20:45:16

My son has SEN so needs an adult to accompany him. He was really looking forward to it.

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JohnnyMcGrathSaysFuckOff Thu 05-Aug-21 20:46:16

Just go. Highly unlikely they will challenge you. You'll be fine!

FlyingRabbitsAtNoon Thu 05-Aug-21 20:46:41

I doubt they will weigh you - but to put your mind at ease, unless you are carrying a heavy coin purse or all of the keys you own, summer clothing doesn’t tend to weigh more than about 2lbs.

I’m sure you will be completely fine though and well done on your weight loss so far!

billiebeeme Thu 05-Aug-21 20:47:08

I really doubt they'll ask if they do u say 15st10. Maybe they'll give u a form to fill in which will ask 🤷🏻‍♀️ I doubt they are going to weigh you. Enjoy it, it sounds fun!

Batshittery Thu 05-Aug-21 20:47:41

Nobody is going to weigh you. I'd be surprised if they even asked what you weigh to be honest. Don't worry about it. Have a good time

TooExtraImmatureCheddar Thu 05-Aug-21 20:48:42

There is absolutely no way they will weigh you. They may (it’s v unlikely!) ask if you weigh less than 16 stone, and you can just say firmly that yes you are, which is completely true.

SleepingStandingUp Thu 05-Aug-21 20:48:48

They won't expect you to jump on the scales there and then, i guess they might remind people if they look that weight or above but will trust people to be honest

LolaSmiles Thu 05-Aug-21 20:49:32

I doubt they'll weigh you, but wearing light summer clothes shouldn't take you over 16stone.

This might be TMI but one of my friends used to swear by a giant poo before weigh in. A good toilet break might make you feel lighter. grin (lighthearted obviously)

3scape Thu 05-Aug-21 20:51:27

It'll be fine. Some of the equipment will probably be tested to a 100kg which I think is 16 stone. You're not likely to be testing the strength by bouncing on purpose etc and most adults will spread their weight on bridges much more than single stress point etc. It's more to cover themselves. Unless you neglected to mention there's a light weight aircraft involved it'll be ok

5zeds Thu 05-Aug-21 20:52:11

It’s fine. Go and be happy. What a lovely silly worry.

bonfireheart Thu 05-Aug-21 20:54:28

No need to belittle someone's worries.

Nancydrawn Thu 05-Aug-21 21:13:47

OP, my guess is that's just there for insurance purposes: that if someone weighing, say, 20-25 stone put their foot through netting, it would be hard to sue the company.

They're not going to weigh you at the beginning of the soft play. At most (and I really doubt it), they'll ask if you're under 16 stone, and you say (with honesty), "yes."

Maggiesfarm Thu 05-Aug-21 21:18:43

Surely parents don't go on soft play equipment? It's for the children, not mum and dad.

WhoppingBigBackside Thu 05-Aug-21 21:18:46

Or give them a hard MNer stare.

Mistyplanet Thu 05-Aug-21 21:18:49

Itll be fine. 15 stn 10 is not near 16 stone. Youd only need to worry if you were actually 16 and a half stone for example. But again i doubt anyone would weigh you.

blameitonthecaffeine Thu 05-Aug-21 21:20:24

I doubt they will actually weigh you.

If you're really worried, wear light clothes and don't eat breakfast. Then you'll be the same weight as in the morning without clothes.

SummerHouse Thu 05-Aug-21 21:23:07

100% will not be a problem. You are not even at the weight limit anyway. Sorry you have had to worry but it's not necessary. Well done on your weight loss. Slap on a big smile and hold your head high. You are 15 stone 10. Own it beautiful mumma! flowers

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