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To wanted to have flattened this delightful girl with one of the Hondas in her garage?

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MamaMaiasaura Wed 28-Nov-07 16:36:32

Spent yesterday car hunting... Went into Honda garage and greeted by recepionist (she was early 20's with giant budgie hoop glod earring and a bench jacket). She seemed very friendly (smilie). Conservations went as followed

Receptionist: (audible gasp)'your not going to have that baby now are you?'.

Me: I hope not I am only 35 weeks

Receptionist Really Oh my god! Are you have twins or summat?

Me: (audible sigh) No, I am not and for what is is worth I am measuring perfectly for dates. (well i was a week ago)

Receptionist: Wow, I have never in my life seen a bump that size

Me: Really? Well seems fine to me.

Receptionsist: (attempting to absolve herself) Well your not very tall are you? Maybe that is why you look so big

Me: So I am now short and fat, thanks.
(inwardly seething)

Receptionist: : Laughs

Me: So do you have any children? (thinking she cant have else she wouldnt be saying such stupid things)

Receptionist: Oh yes I have a 2 year old, but my bump was very neat and looked like a littl football (bitch)

Me: Oh thats nice

Receptionist: Do you have any others?

Me: Yes a seven year old boy.

Receptionist: Oh my god! 7 years old! Was this one planned?

Me: (indignantly) Of course! Not that you should ask someone anyway!

Receptionist: (babbles about how some are/arent)

Meanwhile my mum is sat their grinning her head off thinking it is all highly amusing.

I am wanting to tell the silly girl exactly where to get off but very aware of mothers presence and wanting to be polite.

Walk out of showroom.

Wish I had come up with witty answers, or asked her if she had planned hers or wether she just slept around.


My bump isnt that huge honest! Have uploaded pic so you can see.

sweetkitty Wed 28-Nov-07 16:39:46

Had to have a look and that is a neat little bump, you are 35 weeks, I cannot believe it seems like only 5 minutes since you found out you were pregnant.

She is obviously an idiot, people love to comment on the size of your bump, it's like a national sport, perhaps she is fogetting what a 35 week old bump actually looks like.

SoupDragon Wed 28-Nov-07 16:40:26

Dear god are you sure it's not triplets??! Or an elephant?


deenymcqueenygoreandguts Wed 28-Nov-07 16:40:52

good god you are, well big arent you!?

but then i dont know any thing about any thing.


Letsgo Wed 28-Nov-07 16:43:27

It is so annoying when people tell you your bump is too big or too small or whatever - I have both all the time.
A friend of a friend said to me 'God your massive', the same day my boss said I was tiny.

Wish everyone would bog off! Your bump looks lovely to me smile

Bouncingturtle Wed 28-Nov-07 16:43:31

Ignorant bitch. I would have complained to the manager.
I'm pretty sure they don't pay her to make personal comments about potential customers.

2sugars Wed 28-Nov-07 16:43:51

I remember getting very hot under the collar about things like that at that time, and shortly afterwards.

Someone said to me 'Awww, you forget how tiny they are'. It was on the tip of my tongue to say 'She's not effing tiny you moron, she's just put on a 1/2 lb.

Sometimes those hormones can make you a bit sensitive - I expect she was just trying to make conversation and dug herself into a hole she couldn't get out of wink

sweetkitty Wed 28-Nov-07 16:44:56

I love when people used to say to you "oh when are you due" and you would say "oh a week last Wednesday" their face wiould be a picture as if you were going to squat down and pop the baby out there and then.

Letsgo Wed 28-Nov-07 16:45:16

sorry I meant bog off to strangers who comment on the size of your bump - not mumsnetters blush

CountessDracula Wed 28-Nov-07 16:46:16

I think you should have wet yourself on the spot and started screaming "oh my waters have broken"

MamaMaiasaura Wed 28-Nov-07 16:48:08

Thank you sweetkitty (I know, it has flown by!) and letsgo.

<Pokes out tongue> @ soupdragon & deeny(name too long and cant be arse to type it, but i could be arse to type this grin) Youre just bumpist

SoupDragon Wed 28-Nov-07 16:49:27

Bumpist? Hardly... DS1 was 10lb and I put on 4 stone

lucyellensmum Wed 28-Nov-07 16:50:17

Awen - that IS an impressive bump i have to say. I am always fascinated by bumps, and breastfeeding but i am quite weird.

MamaMaiasaura Wed 28-Nov-07 16:51:48

blush so it is big then? I have been kidding myself thinking how neat it was (very solid one, not at all wibbley). <sigh> did get my nursing bras today... 36 J shock and omfg how is a tiny baby meant to feed off of them??

dorawannabe Wed 28-Nov-07 16:52:59

Well it yours is big, I'm an elephant, mine's that big already and I'm only 16 weeks. Silly cow, you should have pushed her over and suffocated her with said bump!

meemar Wed 28-Nov-07 16:57:17

Awen it is neat. But also big grin. Be proud, I had a beach-ball bump with both pregnancies and the comments were never ending.

No-one was quite so forward as the Honda girl though shock

MamaMaiasaura Wed 28-Nov-07 17:00:17

feel better, thanks meemar. I am all 'up front' though (i have been told but maybe they are lying to me grin). Am still in size 12 undies and have a waist.

franke Wed 28-Nov-07 17:09:37

I remember when I was pg with dd I was always bumping people with my bump as I walked past them. I'm sure they thought I was being a stroppy pregnant person but I just honestly didn't perceive how huge my bump was (a bit like a dog trying to run through a door with a long stick in its mouth). It's the foreshortening wot done it!

(It's a lovely bump Awen, but the idea of your mum smirking unhelpfully in the background did make me laugh)

MamaMaiasaura Wed 28-Nov-07 17:25:52

(my mum thinks it is hilarious hmm she wants to take so pics for the album)

Also i now have a moon face...... water retentions (and sausage fingers and toes)

ayrshirelolo Wed 28-Nov-07 22:16:31

Oh Awen! Your bump looks lovely to me (and neat too!) I'm the same, half the time people tell me i'm small and neat, the rest of the time it's "blimey, aren't you HUGE!" (and i'm 4 weeks behind you...) Comments to which there are no answers you can say in front of your mother....wink
Last time i was pregnant i remember my mum peering at me and saying, "my, aren't you puffy?" Helpful and sensitive - bit like the Honda girl! hmm May she poo a pineapple... grin

LilRedMummyGiraffe Wed 28-Nov-07 22:22:36

I think you have a lovely bump Awen - makes me miss DD being a bump (instead of a whingy toddler)!

I take it you are not buying a Honda now!

corblimeycharlie Wed 28-Nov-07 22:24:51

Awen - The crux of the matter lies on the fact that you are slim and tiny everywhere else and that makes your lovely normal sized bump seem bigger.
Am envy.

Worked precisely in the reverse for me. Can't think how?

<<Wanders off brushing biscuit crumbs off jumper.>>

macdoodle Wed 28-Nov-07 23:17:12

Same here today with Tesco checkout girl....
her "whens baby due"
me "boxing day"
her "my god 4 weeks you are HUGE"
me "actually I think I'm quite small"
cue stony silence on both sides angry

CaptainUnderpants Wed 28-Nov-07 23:32:48

So I take it your're not buying a Honda ?

I bet she was back in her size 8 jeans when she came out of hospital ??

Silly mare ! receptionist not you grin

handlemecarefully Wed 28-Nov-07 23:59:47

I wouldn't have been mad with her. She sounds quite sweet but clueless and not very bright

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