Is this too much food??

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Nightgardenisodd Wed 04-Aug-21 18:43:56

Toddler Dd, 3, her dinner today. Very hot where we are, lots of salads etc. We made bread today, so possibly a bit more than normal here, with the bread included.
My mum says I feed her too much food and no wonder she doesn’t eat it all. I don’t expect her to eat it all, but like to give her a varied choice in the hope she chooses parts and eats something, which she does.
Dd is a normal weight etc.
Aibu or is this an okay amount of food for her for dinner?

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Lazypuppy Wed 04-Aug-21 18:44:57

You've not said what she ate...

Nurseynoodles Wed 04-Aug-21 18:45:07

Is what a normal amount for her dinner?

FuckingFlumps Wed 04-Aug-21 18:45:40

You've missed out what she's actually eaten?

Mamamia7962 Wed 04-Aug-21 18:46:31

You haven't actually said how much she ate or what was on her plate.

Nightgardenisodd Wed 04-Aug-21 18:46:37


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Nightgardenisodd Wed 04-Aug-21 18:47:03

Sorry, pic took ages to upload!

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phishy Wed 04-Aug-21 18:47:09


RebelHaberdashery Wed 04-Aug-21 18:47:14

Is what too much food?

Bread and salad? Is there a picture missing of a banquet?!

phishy Wed 04-Aug-21 18:48:07

That looks like a deep fried mouse!

Seriously though, that’s fine.

Bimblybomeyelash Wed 04-Aug-21 18:48:15

It’s fine? I trust my kids to stop eating dinner when they are full up.

FuckingFlumps Wed 04-Aug-21 18:49:36

Looks fine. Plus if she is taught to stop when she is full rather than always clearing the plate that will serve her well in future.

Mamamia7962 Wed 04-Aug-21 18:49:39

Looks lovely, I'd eat that.

Clarkey86 Wed 04-Aug-21 18:50:23

Looks fine to me, if it was all beige maybe not but it’s super healthy!

I’m jealous that she’ll eat that lovely varied plate of food, my 4 year old is currently refusing to eat her (perfectly average pasta) dinner.

Wolframhart Wed 04-Aug-21 18:50:29

Kids should eat until they are full. Some kids live on air. Some kids eat pounds of food. As long as they are heathy and happy, it doesn’t matter

EverybodyIsInteresting Wed 04-Aug-21 18:50:46

It looks fine. Balanced, healthy and she can leave what she's doesn't want.

RebelHaberdashery Wed 04-Aug-21 18:51:22

Sorry, x-posted!

greenmacaron Wed 04-Aug-21 18:51:29

Looks fine. It’s good for toddlers to give them options and let them choose what to eat. They do need a lot of food to grow too, over 1000 calories certainly.

transformandriseup Wed 04-Aug-21 18:51:49

Its about the same as what my 2 year old would eat so I would say it needs a little bit more for a 3 year old.

AtleastitsnotMonday Wed 04-Aug-21 18:52:21

What is the pale thing with what looks like squirt cream on?

AlmostSummer21 Wed 04-Aug-21 18:52:30

It looks fine as long as your happy for her to leave the rest when she's had enough.

Your mum just doesn't like the waste, which I understand too

Mumdiva99 Wed 04-Aug-21 18:52:52

Did she all? If so not too much food. If she played with it and you threw 50% away then yes too much.

Bluntness100 Wed 04-Aug-21 18:53:00

Is that just bread salad and a bit of cheese?

WaltzingTilda Wed 04-Aug-21 18:53:22

I personally wouldn't give a full egg AND cheese(if that is what it is) in the same meal to my toddler but that's just me. It would be a bit heavy for my dd, 3, but each to their own.

Bluntness100 Wed 04-Aug-21 18:53:30


What is the pale thing with what looks like squirt cream on?

I think it’s a slice of cheese with something on it.

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