My Dad always People Watching

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wavesshore Wed 04-Aug-21 16:08:17

I like my Dad but he is such a people watcher always been like it, when I've been on holiday with him and DM he's always commenting on other people such as "Look at him he's wearing the same thing as last night", "Look at him dinking alcohol he doesn't look 18". I feel like telling him that I don't care and stop being nosy. Would this drive you mad or is just normal conversations?

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wavesshore Wed 04-Aug-21 16:10:16


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Sparklingbrook Wed 04-Aug-21 16:14:35

Isn't that part of the fun on holiday? The annoying couple that sit near you on the plane always end up at your hotel and you can't help but notice them.

You need to start a riveting conversation with him to distract him.

the80sweregreat Wed 04-Aug-21 16:40:46

We tend to do this on holiday : maybe it's just the thing that you know you will never see them again ? Or just observing how people behave out of their ' comfort zone' ?
It's hard not to be interested if you see a big group of people or if someone is causing a scene or is wearing the same top as last night or something!
(I don't tend to do this type of thing at home though !)

wavesshore Wed 04-Aug-21 16:50:52

I think it's the fact my Dad notices things that I necessarily would like what some random person was wearing the night before. Another thing he has mentioned before was about how there was a man in the buffet getting food from the kid's section and my Dad was commenting how he paid all that money to eat here and he's getting food from the kid's section.

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Intherightplace Wed 04-Aug-21 16:53:30

Oh blimey, I've always reassured myself that no one except me notices what I wear from one day to the next...

sonjadog Wed 04-Aug-21 16:55:13

I think this is normal behaviour. I love watching people when I am on holiday. You can learn so much about other cultures and ways of life from seeing how people dress and behave.

I guess you could ask him not to give you a running commentary on it if it annoys you?


CoRhona Wed 04-Aug-21 17:04:37

I love people watching grin

WomanStanleyWoman Wed 04-Aug-21 17:04:59

As long as the people he’s watching can’t hear what he’s saying! I once heard a man describing the other patrons in a restaurant to his blind wife - apparently I was very pretty, but very full of myself! I suppose it’s better than ‘She looks like a sack of shit, but doesn’t seem to care’! grin

Constellationstation Wed 04-Aug-21 17:07:38

This would drive me mad! I feel so uncomfortable around people that do this. I’d be mortified if someone overheard. My DP’s family do this and they’re not very discreet, DP hates it too and always worries people will hear.

Pegasusmail Wed 04-Aug-21 17:09:42

This is my in laws except not on holiday 😂🙄 they do not have any kind of life at all.

eightyfourandahalf Wed 04-Aug-21 17:10:35

Bless him, he's elderly and bored. He probably does that at home too! It would annoy me a bit, but I'd just try to ignore it and see the funny side.

PostMenWithACat Wed 04-Aug-21 17:11:33

I think it sounds hyper critical of other people. My step father probably would say similar. Fortunately my DH would say, "oh the chap on the beach/next table was reading x. I'd like to know what he thinks".
"Isn't the light marvellous today, it really makes you appreciate why artist's lived here". "I thought our favourite restaurant owner was looking tired, can you winkle out if the family are all OK". Then of course he does sometimes say "take cover, the braying woman from gite 3 is on her way".

wavesshore Wed 04-Aug-21 17:12:44

He's not elderly he's in his early 60's.

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Sssloou Wed 04-Aug-21 17:13:11

Is he still able to engage with you and the rest of the family - or does he do this to avoid family closeness - as he is actually out of his comfort zone?

TwoLeftSocksWithHoles Wed 04-Aug-21 17:22:39

I would blame the I-spy books he probably had as a child.

PostMenWithACat Wed 04-Aug-21 17:23:54

We are 60s op. We don't do it.

wavesshore Wed 04-Aug-21 17:24:03

He still engages with the rest of the family, I think's it just part of his personality he likes to observe and comment on others.

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Mummyoflittledragon Wed 04-Aug-21 17:25:46

I also enjoy people watching. You learn such a lot. But I don’t create a commentary.

Gasp0deTheW0nderD0g Wed 04-Aug-21 17:27:31

My parents do this all the time. Drives my brother nuts. They're in their late 80s, so unlikely to change.

Sssloou Wed 04-Aug-21 17:29:31

Is it always slightly negative / judgmental stuff - or is it ever positive?

If it’s the former that can be tedious and can throw a shadow over things.

I feel like telling him that I don't care and stop being nosy.

What would happen if you did say the above?

ZZbuzzes Wed 04-Aug-21 17:32:45

Well I’m 60s and don’t do that. I’ve been in the company of people who do though and really find it unpleasant especially when it’s pointing out someone’s weight , criticising what they’re wearing or hair colour. It has a condescending and mean vibe to it very often which I find cruel. I might look at someone and notice something I’m not a fan of but I don’t discuss it with whoever I’m with at the time.

Aquamarine1029 Wed 04-Aug-21 17:33:07

I feel like telling him that I don't care and stop being nosy.

Is not really being nosy, is it? He's just observing things that are right in front of his face. I'd get along great with your dad. smile

OhGiveUp Wed 04-Aug-21 17:33:29

I love people watching, especially in the summer when I can wear my oversized sunglasses and sit at an outside bar or cafe.
My dad actually sits by the lounge window so he can have a good gawp.
To be fair, he is in his eighties.

Sparklingbrook Wed 04-Aug-21 17:35:54

DH and I sat outside at a bar on holiday the other week and played 'guess what the people do for a living' as they walked towards us. And 'which dress do you like the best' (I was after a new dress TBF).

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