AIBU to feel disgusted walking past this with my children.

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landmarklotto Tue 03-Aug-21 17:39:45

Live in a seaside town. The Rock point quarter is a new development regenerating my local high street. I live here with children as do many others. Why do they need to see this and what's the message?
I think it's disgusting, my daughter asked why his toothbrush was that colour. Little primary children don't need to see this coming out of their street every day. I'm just disgusted.

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Bonnie90x Tue 03-Aug-21 17:41:21

It doesn't even make sense? It's horrible - certainly not nice for kids.

TooWicked Tue 03-Aug-21 17:41:38

Yeah that’s pretty grim.

Intherightplace Tue 03-Aug-21 17:42:59

I'm just posting here in the hope that someone will explain. I don't know what the poster is about or why it is offensive.

Lindy2 Tue 03-Aug-21 17:43:24

Is it graffiti or a poster?

I agree with you it's not particularly pleasant and someone somewhere has clearly missed the point of what a regeneration actually hopes to achieve.

OhGiveUp Tue 03-Aug-21 17:43:26

I don't understand what it's supposed to be? Is it on the pub door or something?

Branleuse Tue 03-Aug-21 17:44:05

Youre overreacting


DrManhattan Tue 03-Aug-21 17:44:17

What toothbrush? You mean cigarette?

thistimelastweek Tue 03-Aug-21 17:44:32

Just out of interest, what is the message?

landmarklotto Tue 03-Aug-21 17:45:31

It's graffiti so not a poster.

I'm unsure as to the meaning.

It's not actually on the side of a wetherspoons. Although there's one a few minutes away. It's not on the side of a pub. The building is being turned into a supermarket. And the graffiti appeared recently. Professionally done. As part of the regeneration.

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Starjammer Tue 03-Aug-21 17:46:14

Not sure I'd be offended by it but it isn't something I think screams 'regeneration' to me. The opposite, really. I can't imagine it making the street look any nicer.

nosyupnorth Tue 03-Aug-21 17:46:36

It's a somewhat ugly rendition of a cartoon character, no worse than they might see as the villian in many kids movies or cartoons except for the cigarette, and really, mistaking smoking for a toothbrush? Surely your kids have seen a cigarette before.

It's not something I'm personally a fan of, feels very 'teenagers trying too hard to be edgy and counterculture', but I don't see any harm in it.

Boood Tue 03-Aug-21 17:47:21

From the thread title I expected to see hate speech, or violence, or cruelty to animals. Not a cartoon character in need of a dentist. What an overreaction!

MushMonster Tue 03-Aug-21 17:47:49

Not the best pic of Mickey!
They should have not used a children's character for this, whatever it is.

Starjammer Tue 03-Aug-21 17:48:57

Report the council to Disney. I bet they're rabid about their copyright of Mickey grin

PlanDeRaccordement Tue 03-Aug-21 17:49:03

It’s bad taste, but not offensive. Thinking maybe it is saying no dirty rats allowed in spoons pub? Artist might have been saying spoons being big chain is evil corporation like Disney? Who know? It’s not good art at all. I’d file a complaint on it being a community eye sore and ask for better artist to paint lovely picture over it. But can’t think of anything offensive about it.

GreenClock Tue 03-Aug-21 17:49:09

What is its point?

landmarklotto Tue 03-Aug-21 17:49:40

@nosyupnorth no I haven't walked my 3 year old past a smoking Mickey Mouse before this hmm

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TheDevils Tue 03-Aug-21 17:49:41

It's really of offensive. I think you're overreacting a tad.....

Trampolean Tue 03-Aug-21 17:49:47

That's weird if it's been done officially as part of the regeneration, I think it's pretty grim to look at and wouldn't fancy walking past it often. What on earth is wetherspoons police department mean.

landmarklotto Tue 03-Aug-21 17:50:07

@Starjammer that's an idea!

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TheDevils Tue 03-Aug-21 17:50:08

**really not

Bloodypunkrockers Tue 03-Aug-21 17:51:53

It's ugly looking bit offensive?


Bloodypunkrockers Tue 03-Aug-21 17:52:31

Sorry. Not disgusting I meant

HungryHippo11 Tue 03-Aug-21 17:55:03

I agree with you OP, it's really unpleasant

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