To use previous guest's Netflix login in holiday home...

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chlloee Tue 03-Aug-21 09:42:34

So we arrived on Saturday at our rented cottage in Suffolk for a weeks holiday.

Dear children on browsing the television found the Netflix button and found it to have an account linked to it. We have logged in and watched various programmes

Are we being unreasonable to login an use the account to watch? It seems to be a previous guest's as they dont relate to the owner (and cottage is not advertised as having Netflix) so I guess technically we are breaking terms and conditions, would they have received notification that we were using it?

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ImRhondaAndthesearentreal Tue 03-Aug-21 09:43:47

Well, you're not costing them anything but it's cheeky.

They can log you out at any moment.

FrangipaniDeLaSqueegeeMop Tue 03-Aug-21 09:43:53

They will know because whatever you're watching will be coming up in 'recently played' or 'continue watching' list.

Sorry but I think it's massively a CF thing to do. Get your own!

frazzledasarock Tue 03-Aug-21 09:44:45

They won’t notice till they can’t log in themselves.

We used our log in at a holiday cottage too, DH set it to log out everywhere on our departure day.

PearlFriday Tue 03-Aug-21 09:45:25

Warn the DC that they could be logged out of a show half way through it.

AdaFuckingShelby Tue 03-Aug-21 09:45:29

Not harming anyone, they should've logged out. Cheeky but harmless IMO.

Geamhradh Tue 03-Aug-21 09:45:53

You can do it, sure.
It's a saddo twatty thing to do obvs.


pinkcircustop Tue 03-Aug-21 09:45:54

Of course YABU. It’s not yours and you’re not paying for it confused You’ll also be affecting their recommendations and they’ll have all your shows coming up on their ‘recently watched’.

Don’t be a cheeky fucker and teach your kids some respect.

Fiddliestofsticks Tue 03-Aug-21 09:46:11

Just sign out and sign in with your own. It just seems rude to me.
Depending on what subscription they have, they might try to watch at home and not be able to because too many screens are watching at once. They'd hopefully figure it out and log out of all other devices, but I would just log out to help them and sign in with my own.

whattodo2019 Tue 03-Aug-21 09:47:37

Netflix is cheap as chips... get your own !!

ScatteredMama82 Tue 03-Aug-21 09:47:41

Cheeky. They pay for it, you don't.

TopTabby Tue 03-Aug-21 09:48:04

It's a bit cheeky & they'll definitely know as soon as they log on & see it's already in use! Netflix is like £6 a month so if you want it that much it's fairly affordable.

Kinsters Tue 03-Aug-21 09:48:18

They won't get a notification you're using it. My Netflix I get emails when someone logs in from a new device but not when they watch. I'd notice if someone had been watching on my account though as it would show programs I hadn't watched in my "continue watching" section. It could be different though if their Netflix subscription is the type you can only watch on one device at a time, youd be much more likely to get booted off if that's the case.

If this happened to me I wouldn't be annoyed with somebody using my Netflix that I'd left logged in. DH would hate it if they used his profile though as it would mess up his recommendations.

Kinsters Tue 03-Aug-21 09:50:06

Having said I wouldn't be annoyed I would log them out immediately and have a laugh about it so enjoy it while you can!

greensnail Tue 03-Aug-21 09:50:32

If I'd forgotten to log out of Netflix before leaving then I wouldn't be upset if this happened. If they're bothered then they need to remember to log out when they leave somewhere.

Happy36 Tue 03-Aug-21 09:51:00

If the previous guests had left their clothes there, would you wear them ?

burnoutbabe Tue 03-Aug-21 09:52:13

I'd do it. I'd use the account furthest right!

It could be the account of the owners though for the property, but then you'd expect to see an account called "guest of 28" etc

FrangipaniDeLaSqueegeeMop Tue 03-Aug-21 09:52:34

I'm always surprised by how OK people are on MN with people using other people's streaming accounts. This may sounds dramatic to some but I see it as stealing - your using a service someone else paid for without permission. Saying "well they should have logged out", WTF, do you apply that principle to other areas of life? If I leave my purse on a table in Costa is it ok for someone to steal it?

It's cheap as chips and IIRC there's a 7 day free trial too.

Kinsters Tue 03-Aug-21 09:53:15


If the previous guests had left their clothes there, would you wear them ?

I wouldn't wear their clothes, I would read their books and play their games if they'd left those behind though.

Cuddlyrottweiler Tue 03-Aug-21 09:53:20

They can log you out if they want. You're not costing them anything. I'd find it funny if it were mine and try to work out what you were like from what you were watching grin

MontysMinions Tue 03-Aug-21 09:53:49

They will absolutely know if they regularly use Netflix. It won't notify them but it will mess up their homepage...if your kids start watching kids shows, it will start recommending them to that profile. If you watch a few films that the profile owner may want to watch, it won't show them as recommended as it thinks the user has watched them. If the kids watch anything on the 'continue watching' feed it will mess up where the user is in certain films or series.

And it will show up what you've been watching too.

Honestly, it's really cheeky fuckery to knowingly do this and I'd be furious. BUT I also make sure I log out whenever I use shared devices etc...

BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz Tue 03-Aug-21 09:54:48

If it doesnt have the owners name on, then I'd assume previous guest. Log out and then log in with your own username.

FrangipaniDeLaSqueegeeMop Tue 03-Aug-21 09:55:05

If genre were books and games in a holiday lodge I'd assume they belonged to the lodge. Not a previous guest

Disneycharacter Tue 03-Aug-21 09:55:45

Several (3?) can use netflix at a time so don't worry about it. Use the adult profile and they probably won't notice. It's not costing them anything and if they notice they will log out and create a new one to log you out.

squiglet111 Tue 03-Aug-21 09:55:55

If they notice and can't use it because of you you'll be logged out. I would continue using it and log it out before you leave. So you are doing them a favour but also getting free Netflix. But agree it's not expensive to get your own! After watching it for a few days you will probably be hooked and will want your own account anyway

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