My neighbours are on holiday AIBU to be excited about using their bins

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nottobrag Mon 02-Aug-21 15:32:35

Of course I'm going to put them out for them for the next two weeks, but I can clear a load of recycling and rubbish .. whooo hoo this adulting is fun.. roll on bin day !

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Bagelsandbrie Mon 02-Aug-21 15:38:18

Errrrm have they said you can use them?!

LuxOlente Mon 02-Aug-21 15:43:05

I'd put padlocks on mine to stop CFs like you. Chances are you'll leave the lid up, fill it with the wrong thing and land me and my family with the full bin and the council fine!

nottobrag Mon 02-Aug-21 15:44:24

They asked me to put them out for them .. do places really not get their bins emptied with the lid up ?

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pinkcircustop Mon 02-Aug-21 15:45:31

You can’t use their bins just because they’re away confused

They asked you to put them out, not use them yourself hmm

Lavender24 Mon 02-Aug-21 15:46:37

YABU to use their bins without asking.

Sparklesocks Mon 02-Aug-21 15:46:47



Floralnomad Mon 02-Aug-21 15:46:58

I don’t think you should use them unless you have asked their permission .

frazzledasarock Mon 02-Aug-21 15:47:49

So long as the bins aren’t damaged and fully empty on their return I can’t see a problem with this.

DH always puts our neighbours bins out for them when they’re on holiday. We don’t use them though. DH enjoys going to the dump too much for our rubbish to pile up 🤣

Bunnycat101 Mon 02-Aug-21 15:48:05

They’ll probably be full at the point you put them out so don’t get too excited. My collection will always take additional recycling. We tend to just put our boxes next to the bin but are very strict on the main bin itself. Will not take if the lid is up.

nottobrag Mon 02-Aug-21 15:48:18


I don’t think you should use them unless you have asked their permission .

What how are they going to know ? So what difference will it make. A favour for a favour, I'm not going to use them past bin day.

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Twinstudy Mon 02-Aug-21 15:48:26

If they've asked you to put them out op I'm really not sure why people think you can't put stuff in them (as long as you don't put all the wrong stuff in and get them fined but presumably you know your local rules!) I certainly wouldn't mind but people can be weirdgrin

Dozycuntlaters Mon 02-Aug-21 15:48:42

I really wouldn't care if my neighbours used my bin whilst I was away.
Are people really bothered by this? Why?

PabloSlow Mon 02-Aug-21 15:49:57

grin YANBU

WithLoveFromMyselfToYourself Mon 02-Aug-21 15:49:58

You can’t use them without asking! 🤣
Can you text them to ask if they’d mind? If they say yes, make sure you don’t overfill them and that non- recyclables are carefully bagged to avoid spillage.

MarcelineMissouri Mon 02-Aug-21 15:50:07

Eh? I can’t believe people are being funny about this!! As long as the bins are empty in their return it’s all good.

Enjoy your clearout!

GertrudePerkinsPaperyThing Mon 02-Aug-21 15:50:24

They probably won’t notice but I do think it’s cheeky to use them without asking. It just doesn’t feel quite like cricket!

frazzledasarock Mon 02-Aug-21 15:50:47

I’m thinking this must be one of those odd MN things that only the people in my computer get upset about. I cannot think of a single person in I know in RL (including myself) who’d care one jot if my neighbour used my bins whilst I was away.

So long as I returned to clean empty bins and nothing broken what does it matter?

TheAwfuITruth Mon 02-Aug-21 15:50:54

As long as they'll be empty for them coming back, I can't see the problem.

YANBU OP, my favourite day of the week is bin day grin. If I've managed to get every scrap of rubbish and recycling out the house for the wagon coming I feel I'm winning at life 👍🏼

Cuddlyrottweiler Mon 02-Aug-21 15:51:18

Of course you can use them while they're away so long as you're not putting loose dog shit in or whatever other gross stuff.

Ivalueloyaltyaboveallelse Mon 02-Aug-21 15:51:32

@ nottobrag are you my Neigbour? We asked our neighbours to put our bins out while we’re away. I really wouldn’t mind them using it as long as it was emptied when we got back and nothing messy left in it.

Ivalueloyaltyaboveallelse Mon 02-Aug-21 15:52:06


Wilkolampshade Mon 02-Aug-21 15:52:28

Yes OP, round here at least, if you over-fill a bin and the lid is left ajar, even slightly, they don't take it. Likewise our bin men lift the lid of the recycling bin and visually check for stuff that shouldn't be in it. If they find anything untoward then yep, they'll leave that too.
They generally do a great job and are v responsive to enquiries but yes, don't take the piss or your neighbours will pay for it.

WithLoveFromMyselfToYourself Mon 02-Aug-21 15:52:57

My neighbour and I used to put bins out for each other sometimes. He once asked if he could put something in mine when it wasn’t full. As his garage always looked like an operating theatre and I’d happily eat off the floor in there I agree without hesitation.

Twinstudy Mon 02-Aug-21 15:55:11

When my neighbours go away we look after their animals, water the plants, take their milk in, put the bins out and bring them back in and they do the same for us. I can't imagine either of us even asking if we could put stuff in the bins we're putting out, who cares?! They're getting emptied. How would anyone even know 😄I must be a terrible person grin

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