AIBU...Burford Brown Eggs...what else compares?

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TwinsandTrifle Sun 01-Aug-21 22:12:39

Please help. We get through so many eggs and the only ones we've found and loved are the Burford Browns which are £4.50 for ten. We use at least a box a day (5 of us.) We've tried all local recommendations of "oh the most wonderful eggs from the farm shop/at the side of the road" and honestly, they've all been crap in comparison.

On the basis that (unless you live next door to us and don't want to give location away in case outing) local recommendations aren't really of any help, has anyone found nationally available eggs that are as good or surpass Burfords? Must be some way to get our eggs for less than £35 a week!

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DobbyTheHouseElk Sun 01-Aug-21 22:15:09

How can local eggs be crap?

I have a friend who gives me her hens eggs, they are amazing. The only thing that comes close is the Buford browns. But they aren’t as nice as “home laid” eggs.

What is it about the BB eggs you like? The yolk?

ScottishNewbie Sun 01-Aug-21 22:15:23

They are the best, unfortunately. I have paid for local farms to deliver me their eggs, I have tried all sorts and none compare!

ImFree2doasiwant Sun 01-Aug-21 22:17:13

Eat less eggs? 2 eggs each a day, every day, is a lot by anyone's standards.

DepressedDD Sun 01-Aug-21 22:17:15

You do know it’s just a brand name? The dark eggs are likely laid by Maran chickens….I used to have some.

I can honestly say there eggs taste no different to any other freshly laid egg. If you think they’re so good maybe they are fresher than mass boxed supermarket eggs. But any farmgate which sells fresh eggs for £1 will be as good.

Bouncebacker Sun 01-Aug-21 22:17:58

Commercially available? Nope, they are the best. The hands down best are from my Mother In Laws chickens - but as she lives 300 miles away (with her chickens 🐓) we get eggs delivered in our organic veg box which is from a local farm - and they are third best - but still pretty good…

Love eggs

DepressedDD Sun 01-Aug-21 22:18:00

Their not there!


BridgetInHerBravery Sun 01-Aug-21 22:18:51

The most sensible (!) thing to do would be to get your own hens.

JayAlfredPrufrock Sun 01-Aug-21 22:19:42

Fresh eggs from the hens at the stables always surpassed any others.

Sairafina Sun 01-Aug-21 22:20:02

I live abroad and willingly pay $1 per egg for the Burford Browns! Superior in every way

Wombat64 Sun 01-Aug-21 22:20:29

Yes, this, nothing is as good as your own hens & eggs.

DepressedDD Sun 01-Aug-21 22:20:46


The most sensible (!) thing to do would be to get your own hens.

Definitely. I’ve got 6 chickens currently so more eggs than we can cope with. Costs me about £8 every 2 months if that in chicken food.

clickychicky Sun 01-Aug-21 22:21:32

You each eat 2 eggs a day? If you're cooking use cheaper ones for that. What are you doing with these eggs?

Clymene Sun 01-Aug-21 22:22:58

I get eggs from a friend and they really aren't as nice as burford browns. Her chickens are lovely too.

clickychicky Sun 01-Aug-21 22:24:20

Or just tell yourselves you can't keep spending that much on eggs and save the fancy ones for the weekend or something.

Gladioli23 Sun 01-Aug-21 22:24:37

If you're eating 10 eggs a day though you'd need a pretty big flock - probably 10-12 "farmyard" hens, more if you wanted fancy breeds as they'd lay less. That would be too much mucking out etc for my liking, and would need a lot of garden if you didn't want them just living in mud.

Given there are clearly plenty of people eating Burford's brown eggs why not give a general location? I reckon local or your own will be the only options.

Hagqueen Sun 01-Aug-21 22:25:05

Gosh I love Burfords! Tesco Chestnut Marans are my fave second place - £1.90 for 6. Colour is almost the same, just a touch lighter.

Gladioli23 Sun 01-Aug-21 22:25:57

Alternatively go cold turkey on eggs for a month and then try some less fancy ones. If you can still feel the difference then after a month cold turkey you can eat fewer eggs, or if you can't then the problem is solved.

TheCountessofFitzdotterel Sun 01-Aug-21 22:29:07

I want to know how you manage it get through 2 eggs each a day. I have more eggs than we can eat from my hens and I need to know what we’re doing wrong!

TwinsandTrifle Sun 01-Aug-21 22:30:22

Ah. It seems we're not alone!

Yes I've tried various Maran eggs. I remember a Tesco finest chestnut Maran. Weren't as nice as the Burfords.

Also have looked into keeping chickens but apparently they are far harder work than you may assume, red mites, potential of rats etc. Plus, I figured, if the local hen eggs are crap, why would mine somehow be tasty.

I'll resign to our ridiculous egg spend then. Yes there's 5 of us. Dippy eggs and Eggs Benedict for breakfast and then an omelette for lunch sees the box gone. And I don't use them in cooking, I use cheap eggs for that. Just Burfords for when the egg is the "star" so to speak. A poached Burford in the morning is a thing of wonder grin

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Newfluff Sun 01-Aug-21 22:31:00

I disagree that owning chickens is cheap, if you are happy to feed them poor quality feed you won't get great quality eggs, and unless you are able to cull regularly you end up with poor layers as they age.

I've eaten lots of poor quality home eggs that people rave about but most of it comes from the idea that they must be nice because they are home grown.

What are you using the eggs for? Maybe use different for baking?

St Ewes rich yolk egg or Tesco finest are the ones I use when my hens go off lay.

Hagqueen Sun 01-Aug-21 22:31:39

I eat tons of eggs too - I live alone and buy two boxes every shop 🤣🤣

TwinsandTrifle Sun 01-Aug-21 22:32:42

Cross post about the Tesco Marans grin

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FangsForTheMemory Sun 01-Aug-21 22:33:32

I've never tried them but I love eggs so I think I'll have to. I had some Legbar eggs recently they are blue, which is intriguing, but I didn't notice any particular difference in the flavour.

Viviennemary Sun 01-Aug-21 22:33:53

Just but one box of those Burford eggs a week and the rest ordinary supermarket eggs if you don't want to spend as much. Never even heard of them. To me an egg is an egg. I've obviously not lived.

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