To wear this to a wedding?

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OwlIceCrem Sat 31-Jul-21 22:26:07

Would it be ok to wear this dress to a wedding? It’s in August, DH is best man, suits are blue with pink shirts. I don’t know the couple or their friends/ family very well and am anticipating spending most of the day on my own while DH does best man duties- so I want to look nice to give myself a bit of confidence. Have already ordered and sent back several dresses! I really like the print on this but is it too white to wear to a wedding?
AIBU: yes, it’s a no-no
NBU: it’s fine, wear it

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FortunesFave Sat 31-Jul-21 22:28:05

I think it's fine. Especially if the bride is in a traditional dress.

Flyonthewall01 Sat 31-Jul-21 22:28:08

I can't see why not, they're hardly going to mistake you as the bride

StrictlyAFemaleFemale Sat 31-Jul-21 22:29:09

I think if you wear it with non white accessories you'll be fine. It's very pretty!

AramintaLee Sat 31-Jul-21 22:29:52

There was a thread like this last week with the EXACT same dress. I'm not sure if you're the same poster and you didn't get enough responses to make a judgement call, but if not... might be worth searching for that thread!

Leeds2 Sat 31-Jul-21 22:29:53

I think it would be perfectly fine.

ThinWomansBrain Sat 31-Jul-21 22:30:46

looks fine - may have a white or cream background, but clearly floral and coloured - and short; hardly going to get confused for the bride. especially if you leave the tiara at home


OwlIceCrem Sat 31-Jul-21 22:31:16

Really @AramintaLee! No it wasn’t me but I will search! Thank you

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AngryWhompingWillow Sat 31-Jul-21 22:31:58

It's lovely. YANBU to wear this to a wedding. smile

AramintaLee Sat 31-Jul-21 22:35:09


Really *@AramintaLee*! No it wasn’t me but I will search! Thank you

Yes! So weird. That poster was also questioning if it was appropriate for a wedding. It was either earlier this week or last week some time.

I think the general consensus is it would be fine and to accessorise with a pop of colour.

DroopyClematis Sat 31-Jul-21 22:38:46

Yes, exact same dress, a couple of weeks ago.
I believe that there were many comments about the amount of bustage that would be on show, if I recall.

BackforGood Sat 31-Jul-21 22:45:20

Yes - the discussion agreed that there was no issue with the colour, but some concern about the plunging neckline.

Chickychoccyegg Sat 31-Jul-21 22:48:23

Think there was a few comments in the last thread about this dress, saying legs or boobs, this was too much of both for a wedding?

idontlikealdi Sat 31-Jul-21 22:49:47

It's a wedding guest dress, it's lovely and no Reason not wear it! Plunging necklines are fine.

PercyPiginaWig Sat 31-Jul-21 22:52:28

Same dress, same reply, it would be a no from me for a wedding.
I wouldn't wear white even with a pattern, or black. In the group photos it will just appear as a white/cream dress. Not a very nice one either but that is just my opinion. I'm sure for a similar budget there are much prettier dresses out there.

Yes @DroopyClematis there were comments about cleavage, how short it was, whether or not the ruched but would be flattering or not.

VladmirsPoutine Sat 31-Jul-21 22:53:08

For a wedding it seems rather a bit casual. And depending on the type of wedding it might be a bit much to have such a plunging neckline with a lot of leg on show. Ofc it's a nice dress but I don't know if I'd wear it to a wedding.

BichonFrizz Sat 31-Jul-21 22:53:08

The print is very pretty. It looks quite short and plunging to my eye - without seeing it on it's difficult to gauge I personally prefer longer styles for weddings but I wouldn't raise an eye if I saw someone in this.

OwlIceCrem Sat 31-Jul-21 22:54:48

I don’t have sufficient boobage for that to be an issue sadly 😂

I’ve searched for the other thread but can’t seem to find it, please could someone link it for me?

Although what if they are going to the same wedding I am and we are both there in the same dress 😳 Would be a talking point at least!

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Thehop Sat 31-Jul-21 22:55:30

I think the fabric is fine. I’d be worried about what’s on show if you’re tall and/or busty, though?

brokenbiscuitsx Sun 01-Aug-21 07:09:40

It’s a lovely dress but it looks a bit short and low cut for a wedding. It’s the old boobs or legs saying. It might just be the pic though, might look a lot better on.

DinosaurDiana Sun 01-Aug-21 07:11:03

It’s lovely.

IveGotASongThatllGetOnYNerves Sun 01-Aug-21 07:12:18

It isn't too white but it is really short and really low cut. Is tits and thighs suitable for a wedding?

IonaLeg Sun 01-Aug-21 07:27:59

This exact dress was posted with this question recently, weird!

Imo… I wouldn’t. Obviously nobody is going to mistake you for the bride. But people are going to raise eyebrows. Whether they should or not is another question entirely, but it’s a simple fact that any time a person wears white to a wedding, some guests are going to consider it try-hard or attention seeking. There are a lot of other colours in the world - there’s no way you need to pick a white dress, and some people will just think you shouldn’t do it,

I think that dress in particular is also quite short and very low cut. If it’s quite a casual wedding that won’t matter, but otherwise it might make it a bit unsuitable.

FWIW when I got married, a girlfriend of a friend of my husband wore a white lace minidress. I could not have cared less - it really didn’t bother me what anyone else wore on the day. But three people did mention it to me in tones of outrage, so other people do notice these things.

If you’re confident that your bride is the type not to mins, and you don’t mind about other guests having a negative view, then go for it. But you might save yourself a bit of insecurity on the dah by picking a dress that is literally any other colour.

IonaLeg Sun 01-Aug-21 07:33:05

I’ve just looked at the website and that exact style is available in three non-white patterns. If you love the style (and the wedding is casual enough for the short / low cut combination), I would pick one of the other patterns. The coral is much prettier anyway imo.

drpet49 Sun 01-Aug-21 07:50:38

** Same dress, same reply, it would be a no from me for a wedding.
I wouldn't wear white even with a pattern, or black.**

^Me too. This dress is too casual

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