Over £1000 for 6 nights for a tent in a field!

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mrspainful Sat 31-Jul-21 18:31:44

I expected it to be £500 to £600 per week as I was looking at a week in August for next year. But £1100 for a week for a glamping freaking bell tent with no toilet/ shower etc??? It doesn't even look that nice 🥺

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MrsFin Sat 31-Jul-21 18:33:24


wigornian Sat 31-Jul-21 19:04:15

Don’t book then. If nobody books, they will lower their prices.

Beachmum23 Sat 31-Jul-21 19:06:12

We camp alot. We aren't this year prices are ridiculous

SummerHouse Sat 31-Jul-21 19:09:58

For that very price we have just had a week in Whitby with balcony, sea views and flat screens. But I do know glamping is surprisingly expensive as we stayed in a similar priced yurt once. Never again.

CoronaPeroni Sat 31-Jul-21 19:21:40

They're aimed at people with more money than sense. Instagrammers the lot of themwink

frumpety Sat 31-Jul-21 19:25:43


Think I would rather stay here for that price smile


chunderwunder Sat 31-Jul-21 19:27:47

Dynamic pricing because of covid staycations innit.

Maireas Sat 31-Jul-21 19:32:28

Loads of people still booking, though. I've never been to Centreparcs, but am absolutely shocked at the prices. Family holidays in the UK are very, very expensive.

Sapnupuas Sat 31-Jul-21 19:39:16

Wanna stay in my garden?

I'll do seven nights for £800 and you can use the bathroom.

AngryWhompingWillow Sat 31-Jul-21 19:40:58

No WAY would I be paying that. I'd be booking a bloody Travelodge!

Aquamarine1029 Sat 31-Jul-21 19:43:44


They're aimed at people with more money than sense. Instagrammers the lot of themwink

Exactly. Just stay home and do some fun things, get so great food, wine, etc. Hell would freeze over before I paid that much for a fucking tent.

Thebookswereherfriends Sat 31-Jul-21 19:44:35

We’ve booked a whole cottage for 6 in a week’s time for less than that. That is crazy money. Who is paying that?!

IHaveBrilloHair Sat 31-Jul-21 19:45:39

What nonsense.
I've been staying in Travelodges for a night a week or so since May, the most I've paid is £55, the least £25.
That's for a double room so obviously more with a family, but not that bloody much more.

AppleKatie Sat 31-Jul-21 19:49:12

I love camping and I love the idea of glamping. However, I’ve not yet found a site that isn’t taking the piss with pricing so it’s an adventure that shall remain undone for me/my family….

Just get an air bnb, it’ll be 1000x nicer and the same price.

CarrieBlue Sat 31-Jul-21 19:51:33

Glamping is always stupidly overpriced 🤷‍♀️

Aquamarine1029 Sat 31-Jul-21 19:54:03

I can glamp in my house. I just leave the windows and doors open.

GnomeDePlume Sat 31-Jul-21 19:54:15


Wanna stay in my garden?

I'll do seven nights for £800 and you can use the bathroom.

Damnit for £1100 you can sleep in my bed!

I'll even read you a bedtime story

PattyPan Sat 31-Jul-21 19:55:34

That’s absurd. We are going for I think 6 days in the Lake District at the beginning of September (own tent not glamping) and it’s £15 a night!

ShitPoetryClub Sat 31-Jul-21 19:56:29

There's a glamping site up the road from me, £980 for a 3 night weekend or 4 night midweek break.
Ludicrous. They don't change the water in the hot tub between guests either.

Handsnotwands Sat 31-Jul-21 19:57:58

Buy a bell tent. Join the camping and caravanning club. Glamping for an initial outlay of £700 a week and £100 a week thereafter

winewolfhowls Sat 31-Jul-21 19:58:49

We're keen campers, chiefly because its cheap! Glamping is such a rip off, charging b and b or hotel money for a much worse experience, you'd have to be daft to pay it (my own opinion, if i was rich maybe I'd think differently!)

Calmdown14 Sat 31-Jul-21 19:59:03

Ridiculous. Bell tents are pretty easy to put up. Be cheaper to buy one!
Away for 7 nights camping next week for £100 for three of us

ivykaty44 Sat 31-Jul-21 20:11:57


booked this for next year, august is not available though, only 300 quid more

SquirryTheSquirrel Sat 31-Jul-21 20:12:32

You'd be better off in a static, in my opinion. I agree with pps that glamping is over-priced and if I'm going to camp in a tent I'd rather have the rough-and-ready, making-do experience - living in a basic way is part of the charm.

If I want a proper bed, fridge, cooker etc. then a static fits the bill without being too expensive.

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