Please translate before she gets tattoed...

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Itgetsthehoseagain Sat 31-Jul-21 18:28:44

Posting on AIBU because I know the traffic is good and I'm not sure where else to post confused
DD's intentions are to get the attached characters tattooed. I don't have a problem at all with the tattoo - she just wants to be absolutely sure that her choice isn't going to cause problems.
We have no idea what the characters mean, but we do know that they are from the Gorillaz (band) "Dare" artwork. I think that they might be Japanese, but they are horizontal rather than vertical so I'm wondering if it's the artist's interpretation of Japanese characters. I can't find much online at all.
Could anybody translate, please? flowers in advance for thanks!

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picklemewalnuts Sat 31-Jul-21 18:35:10

Bumping out of sheer nosiness.

IcedSpice Sat 31-Jul-21 18:36:32

We have no idea what the characters mean

I have tattoos, and i think this is a TERRIBLE idea

MrsEko Sat 31-Jul-21 18:36:41

You could try ‘living overseas’ if you don’t get an answer on AIBU.

Definitely a good idea to check. My mum bought some fabric with Chinese characters on from John Lewis to make something for my sister’s wedding. When the groom saw it he told my mum that it said stuff like ‘fried rice’ and ‘wontons’. Probably copied of a takeaway menu!

Ohshittt Sat 31-Jul-21 18:36:53

@picklemewalnuts I thought that was you translating it 😂🤦‍♀️

MorganSeventh Sat 31-Jul-21 18:37:08

Of interest?

Zhx3 Sat 31-Jul-21 18:38:40

The character on the left means "peach".


Itgetsthehoseagain Sat 31-Jul-21 18:39:17


*We have no idea what the characters mean*

I have tattoos, and i think this is a TERRIBLE idea

I know - I'm thinking that there is the safety net of it being album artwork...

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iklboo Sat 31-Jul-21 18:39:18

Interested too whether it's actual Chinese characters or just a bunch of lines meant to look like them. Or 'I like drinking wee' grin

Illogicalmadness Sat 31-Jul-21 18:40:21

Ask MNHQ to edit your title to include the line 'Japanese speakers needed to translate....' You'il get help more quickly if your title is specific. Good luck.

MorganSeventh Sat 31-Jul-21 18:40:37

It's Japanese 挑戦

You can put it into Google translate

AllTheSingleLadiess Sat 31-Jul-21 18:41:12

It means Challenge

In Japanese it's pronounced cho sen

omgthepain Sat 31-Jul-21 18:42:04

Whatever it is it's bloody awful

Itgetsthehoseagain Sat 31-Jul-21 18:42:09

This was REALLY helpful - thank you. The confidence is increasing! smile

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Spanglebangle Sat 31-Jul-21 18:42:45

It's literally a translation of the word 'dare'.

AllTheSingleLadiess Sat 31-Jul-21 18:43:11

Here is Google translate

Itgetsthehoseagain Sat 31-Jul-21 18:43:28


Whatever it is it's bloody awful

Well, you will never have to look at it. Different circles.

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Unfashionable Sat 31-Jul-21 18:44:02

I always assume that tattoos of Asian characters which the wearers claim mean some inspiring idea actually translate as ‘I am a gullible twat’ or ‘use by 13th March’.

AllTheSingleLadiess Sat 31-Jul-21 18:44:53

Sometimes Japanese is written left to right to don't worry about that.

Itgetsthehoseagain Sat 31-Jul-21 18:45:27

Thank you so much for all your help - it's hugely appreciated! My DD is reading these too, and is so happy with all the help. Love MN.

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AlmostSummer21 Sat 31-Jul-21 18:45:28

Why does she want it when she doesn't know what it means?

ClarasZoo Sat 31-Jul-21 18:46:30

Like cho sen noodle like they have at service stations?

AllTheSingleLadiess Sat 31-Jul-21 18:47:21

Google suggests that it is cho zen noodles

Itgetsthehoseagain Sat 31-Jul-21 18:47:45


Why does she want it when she doesn't know what it means?

She suspected that it means something akin to "Dare" - because that's the song it is attached to in the artwork. She's a massive fan of the band, and this summer made promises to herself to try new things and move outside her comfort zone - so if it does mean something akin to "Dare" it seems like a pleasing souvenir of this time in her life.

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Itgetsthehoseagain Sat 31-Jul-21 18:49:42

"Noodle" would make sense if that's in there - Noodle is one of the Gorillaz characters.
Unfortunately, it is also a food.

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