To have just thrown a tantrum

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SmidgenofaPigeon Sat 31-Jul-21 11:32:40

I am 32 weeks pregnant, bored of it and uncomfortable, and I’m not normally known for being easygoing as it is, but Christ the red mist that just descended. I don’t even know why really.

We had our passports out to send to mortgage guy. DH commented I had 9 months left on mine and would probably need a new one before I traveled abroad again. I said I wouldn’t and I could travel abroad anytime I want in the next nine months. He reminded me about the baby and about covid. I said ‘what so I can’t even go to fucking Paris on the Eurostar just because I have a baby?!’

He’s such a reasonable person that it just made it worse, I screamed that I hated everything, actually stamped my foot blush, he made a hasty retreat and said he was going out for a fry up, and I kicked his trainers around the room because he can’t ever fucking put them away and blasted System of a Down.

It’s a proper full on teenage rage tantrum.

(This is lighthearted and DH is not trapped in an abusive marriage and will enjoy fry up until I’m calm enough for him to return)

Make me feel better. Have you ever had a proper tantrum as an adult? (Is ‘throwing a wobbly’ an offensive term these days?!)

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Marmitemarinaded Sat 31-Jul-21 11:34:45

You can’t travel without 6 months remaining on your passport OP

Marmitemarinaded Sat 31-Jul-21 11:35:36

And that 6 months has to be left on the day you return

SmidgenofaPigeon Sat 31-Jul-21 11:35:52

@Marmitemarinaded is that actually a blanket rule or just recommend by certain countries (clutches at straws)

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SchrodingersImmigrant Sat 31-Jul-21 11:37:28

That's bit embarrassing tbh

annacondom Sat 31-Jul-21 11:38:31

It's not a blanket rule! Very much depends on the country.

Topofthepopicles Sat 31-Jul-21 11:38:36

Sorry OP your DP is right. It used to be better pre Brexit but I’m also having to get an early new passport.

Apologies in order when he gets home?

You have my sympathy because frankly being heaving pregnant is reason enough for a tantrum wink


nimbuscloud Sat 31-Jul-21 11:39:28

Looking at it applies to lots of countries including France.

girlmom21 Sat 31-Jul-21 11:40:07

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Marmitemarinaded Sat 31-Jul-21 11:40:08

That’s the minimum for entry in to any country.

Some have higher

annacondom Sat 31-Jul-21 11:40:23

Your tantrum is perfectly reasonable and acceptable. Your DH is being prepared for when you have a two-year-old, so you're doing him a favour really xx

Wjevtvha Sat 31-Jul-21 11:40:32

I threw a tantrum while pregnant because my food burnt even though DH had warned me and I’d ignored him

EsoNoSeHace Sat 31-Jul-21 11:40:36

Yes, I’ve punched the wall and tried to spit, but my mouth was too dry. DH kept telling me something that was true wasn’t true. I locked myself in the loo, but he kept shouting through the door. I came out and had a tantrum. It’s not to be recommended, but there it is.

Marmitemarinaded Sat 31-Jul-21 11:41:10


It's not a blanket rule! Very much depends on the country.

Not a blanket rule
It is a minimum

Find any country with less!

motheroreily Sat 31-Jul-21 11:41:35

Hmm I wouldn't class 32 weeks as particularly heavily pregnant. I think you should apologise. I hope he enjoys his fry up and you calm down.

Mrsjayy Sat 31-Jul-21 11:42:06

You really do need 6 months on your passport now we are not in the EU

I'm now going to hide from the scary lady !

SmidgenofaPigeon Sat 31-Jul-21 11:42:37

Ok blush

The passport thing was obviously a straw. I didn’t literally lose my shit over just travelling regulations. I’m not even planning to go anywhere! I just thought it depended on the country as long as you had enough left to cover your trip. Is it because they worry you’ll stay there confused

I would have lost my shit over something else today if not that to be honest. I will apologise.

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Marmitemarinaded Sat 31-Jul-21 11:43:41

My mistake
For many it’s 6 months
But there’s some on Europe that it’s 3 months

Point is op - you can’t travel anywhere in next 9 months without updating your passport

imamule Sat 31-Jul-21 11:43:42


Marmitemarinaded Sat 31-Jul-21 11:44:16

But you could travel to some as long as back on say that have min of 3 months left on passport.

Bigfathairyones Sat 31-Jul-21 11:44:28

I picked up the Christmas tree at 7 months pg and threw it out of the patio doors into the garden, lights and all. It fell over twice in the lounge and I was hormonally raging. It was Boxing Day and according to my husband, my dad, uncle, BIL and him all agreed that it was best not to get involved. Wise men all of them and given that it was Christmas, highly appropriate.

Marmitemarinaded Sat 31-Jul-21 11:44:31

It’s super easy to get a new one.

imamule Sat 31-Jul-21 11:44:44

You will have some grovelling to do!

SmidgenofaPigeon Sat 31-Jul-21 11:45:02

Mmm no ok 32 weeks isn’t that close to actually giving birth but it’s tough going when you’re still working 50 hour weeks with a commute and not getting much sleep…

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imamule Sat 31-Jul-21 11:45:11

* Yes, I’ve punched the wall and tried to spit, but my mouth was too dry.*


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