To wonder what the hell I just saw?

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QuestionableMouse Fri 30-Jul-21 00:25:03

Looking at the moon through some new binoculars and it had a line (shadow) across the bottom bit. I've never seen anything like it!

My sister is staying atm and she saw it too so I wasn't imaging things. Nothing wrong with the binoculars and the line doesn't show up when looking at other light things.

It was very clear and distinct, looked like something was casting a shadow over the surface. I've attached a very terrible diagram 😂

(black is just where the moon is in shadow, red line is where the line/shadow was)

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QuestionableMouse Fri 30-Jul-21 00:26:19

(and before anyone asks, I wasn't spying on the neighbours - we're going seal watching tomorrow and I was trying out the new binoculars before hand in case they're crap)

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LaraDecouvrie Fri 30-Jul-21 00:27:24

That diagram with all the squiggles is making it impossible to see what you mean! Can you pls post without the swiggles

Comedycook Fri 30-Jul-21 00:28:22

Yeah I don't understand

saraclara Fri 30-Jul-21 00:28:43

Sorry but that picture means nothing at all to me. I don't get it.

Longdistance Fri 30-Jul-21 00:29:14

Not loving the squiggles either.

HilaryBriss Fri 30-Jul-21 00:29:15

YABU because all I can see is a picture of the moon with a load of black scribble over it.


CiaoForNiao Fri 30-Jul-21 00:29:43

I'm confused by the picture.
You looked at the moon and there was a shadow on it?

ThorIsAGod Fri 30-Jul-21 00:30:08

So you saw a moon with scribbles on it?

Billlius Fri 30-Jul-21 00:30:09

Have you been drinking?

QuestionableMouse Fri 30-Jul-21 00:30:40

The squiggles are just where the moon is dark - it's not full here. (trying to colour in on my phone and it's not the best, sorry) The red line is where the shadow/line/whatever the heck I saw was.

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QuestionableMouse Fri 30-Jul-21 00:31:09


Have you been drinking?

Nope. I don't drink for medical reasons.

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SpindleWhorl Fri 30-Jul-21 00:32:20

You've drawn on a picture of the moon with a big black marker pen.

It's not exactly Independence Day, is it?

Wingedharpy Fri 30-Jul-21 00:32:25

It'll be the rind on the cheese OP.wink

QuestionableMouse Fri 30-Jul-21 00:33:04

Is this better?

The red line shows where the shadow/line that I saw roughly was.

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HmmmmmmInteresting Fri 30-Jul-21 00:33:16

What do you think the shadow is/was?

Billlius Fri 30-Jul-21 00:33:46

Have you been listening to Pink Floyd?

Pumpkinstace Fri 30-Jul-21 00:33:58

Depending on the light direction and stuff you can sometimes see bits of the 'darkside' of the moon.

QuestionableMouse Fri 30-Jul-21 00:34:04

Looks like the pic hasn't worked, sorry.

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FamishedAtAnAirport Fri 30-Jul-21 00:34:07

Is the lens of the binoculars broken? Or maybe a hair on it?

33feethighandrising Fri 30-Jul-21 00:34:08

OP I understand about the squiggles being the dark side of the moon 🌒 but are you saying the line shadow was on the dark side?

VaggieMight Fri 30-Jul-21 00:34:19

Your red arrow points to the bit you've squiggled out.

TheSmallAssassin Fri 30-Jul-21 00:34:32

The moon is the same phase everywhere, BTW. It isn't gibbous for you and full elsewhere in the world.

LaraDecouvrie Fri 30-Jul-21 00:34:44

Hi, can you post it with no squiggles!!!

SpindleWhorl Fri 30-Jul-21 00:34:52

The shadow, as such, is now obscured by a big red marker pen.

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