Theme park refund?

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3beforeme Thu 29-Jul-21 19:55:07

Went to a local theme park yesterday for DS's birthday. Cost over £100 for the family of five. Weather was atrocious and half the attractions (including practically all those suitable for DS) closed due to thunder and intense rain. Asked at the park for the option to come back another day or for at least a partial refund. Got refused and told to email in - which I have done, but no reply. AIBU to expect they at least reissue the tickets for a day when we can get to use the attractions that we have paid for?

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JaffaRaf Thu 29-Jul-21 19:58:29

They’ve had one working day or less to respond, give them time, it’s peak season! And it’s not like they have done anything wrong, just give them a couple of days first. Most theme parks I’ve been to will give you a return ticket for a different day in this situation so hopefully this one will too. If you don’t get a response soon maybe try messaging on Facebook next? Often gets a quick response in my experience.

girlmom21 Thu 29-Jul-21 19:58:50

Some theme parks have bad weather policies. Some don't.
It's not their fault the weather was crap.

3beforeme Thu 29-Jul-21 20:03:07

@JaffaRaf I agree I am being a bit impatient. It irritated me that they wouldn't sort it then and there tbh. £100+ seems extortionate and unfair when hardly anything open.
@girlmom21 I agree bad weather happens, I went fully expecting to get wet. I did not expect that most of the park would be completely closed.

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thinkingaboutitall Thu 29-Jul-21 20:05:56


Some theme parks have bad weather policies. Some don't.
It's not their fault the weather was crap.

I was wondering about this (sorry op!)

Are you even eligible for a refund or brand new tickets? It’s shit for you, but you can’t expect the theme park to stay open as normal during intense rain and thunderstorms. It’s not the company purposely being arsey, it’s a h&s issue. It’s up to them whether they take the financial hit for the sake of customer relations

hibbledibble Thu 29-Jul-21 20:07:57

If yesterday then I agree they need to have more time to respond to the email, be patient! The poor staff at the park likely don't have authority to reissue tickets, it will be down to another department.

AnyOldLion Thu 29-Jul-21 20:09:06

One day?! Blimey, give them at least a few working days to reply!

Completely depends on the theme park, check their T&Cs online. Alton Towers have a wet weather guarantee. Some don't.


Caterinasballerinas Thu 29-Jul-21 20:09:29

I hope you can get something. We now seem to be in an advance booking culture where you feel you have to plan to go somewhere whereas in the past you might have postponed for a day because of the weather. If there was free choice whether to go I’d not feel as strongly that the theme park should make some concessions for weather impacted experiences but where you’ve booked and committed they ought to

DrRichardBurke Thu 29-Jul-21 20:10:52

£100 for a family of 5 isn't bad value!

I know I'm missing the point!

gardeninggirl68 Thu 29-Jul-21 20:27:26


£100 for a family of 5 isn't bad value!

I know I'm missing the point!

i thought that too!!!

where was it?

WheyHey Thu 29-Jul-21 20:33:31

Sorry, I know it's disappointing but that's the chance you take. Give them chance to respond though, I could be wrong

gardeninggirl68 Thu 29-Jul-21 20:34:51

chance you take in the uk though

were there really no indoor things open?

ShortBacknSides Thu 29-Jul-21 20:58:32

Why did you even go if the weather was so bad?

Newnamefor2021 Thu 29-Jul-21 21:05:27

Where was it? £100 for a family of 5 seems really good value compared to other theme parks.

As for weather, it's luck of the draw I guess. Some have weather policies but I'm guessing they may have rescinded though with the last 18 months of bad luck.

YABU to expect them to reply in less instantly.

I do agree it's crap though. I would be gutted too, although we often go to places in bad weather to avoid crowds 😂

Hankunamatata Thu 29-Jul-21 21:07:58

Give them a couple of days

20viona Thu 29-Jul-21 21:14:14

Alton towers do this.

Itiswhatitis21 Thu 29-Jul-21 21:15:07

I wouldn't even think to ask for a refund, maybe thats just me.
We went to legoland hottest day of the year (pre booked months in advance) it was unbearable, sweltering hot and only managed 2 rides as it was heaving... lesson learned and we know not to book so far in advance.
The heat maybe the best thing ever for some, but its was 34°.
Ive also been to alton towers when it chucked it down all day, looked like a drowned rat but still a good day.

Remember as well places like theme parks, zoos and other attractions are trying to get some money in after being closed for most of 2020.

Its the chance you take when booking in advance a day out in the UK

maddiemookins16mum Thu 29-Jul-21 21:22:05

It’s bad luck. Don’t be that customer that complains and wants a refund because it rained.

doingadisservice Thu 29-Jul-21 21:23:19

We got a free family entry to Lego land when my husband complained.

It was still shit- but the kids got to do some of the rides they couldn't before

FixTheBone Thu 29-Jul-21 21:31:09

I think it depends on how forthcoming the theme park was.

When I've been to alton towers, there have been boards up stating if any main rides or attractions are shut, then it's up to you if you want to pay.

If they took the full ticket price, knowing most rides would be closed without warning you, then YANBU.

3beforeme Thu 29-Jul-21 21:33:22

@ShortBacknSides the weather was supposed to be ok. By the time it changed it was too late to rearrange (less than 3 days before). I was prepared to just make the best of it and get wet. But not prepared for most of the park to be closed.
I thought £100 (actually £105 I think) for a family of 5 pretty pricey really. All 3 kids are under 10.

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toocold54 Thu 29-Jul-21 21:33:41

Most theme parks say when you book online that the tickets are non-refundable because of weather etc.

3beforeme Thu 29-Jul-21 21:34:56

@FixTheBone there was actually a board up outside the park stating 3 rides were closed. We were fine with this. It was only when we got in there that more and more began closing.

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Hyacinth88 Thu 29-Jul-21 21:35:37

They have business to run they surely csn tbe refunding due to weather

MadeOfStarStuff Thu 29-Jul-21 21:43:23


It’s been one day! You won’t be the only one demanding a refund, give them a chance!

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