To think loose women is awful

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ohthestruggles Thu 29-Jul-21 14:04:25

I'm not a regular watcher, happened to be on today when I was feeding my baby and couldn't reach the remote.

I couldn't help but think it really is bloody awful. Four women swooning over men. Would be completely inappropriate if it was a panel of four men doing the same to one women. They then discussed wether the the name 'grandma' is offensive whilst one of them dressed in a headscarf, cardigan and had knitting needles in her hand confused

They also discussed the Wayne Rooney saga and as is the case any other time I've caught some of it, they just go over and over their own marriage break downs etc. Is there really nothing else they could put on the tv!?

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Waspsarearseholes Thu 29-Jul-21 14:31:04

It's utterly ghastly. Chopsy gossips spouting a load of shite, trying to pretend they are unembarrassable and just telling it how it is. I would rather eat my own eyes than watch that guff.

ZaZathecat Thu 29-Jul-21 14:32:58

Agreed. It used to be ok at the beginning, a bit newsy and chatty, but what I've seen recently is utter dross.

Snoozer11 Thu 29-Jul-21 14:47:31

They're all hypocrites! Gossiping about other people's marriages going down the pan when most of them are on husband number 2, 3 or 4!

I saw it once when the ghastly Nadia Sawalha was talking about how she used to judge her sister's boyfriends, and decide on her behalf whether or not they were good enough for her. If she took a dislike to them for any reason she would chase them away (or pay them to leave).

But Nadia herself is married to a raging alcoholic!

Iamthewombat Thu 29-Jul-21 14:53:53

Is Janet Street Porter still on it? I saw it once and she took apart someone from Geordie Shore for having too much plastic surgery and setting a bad example to young women. Go Janet. I’d watch it just for her, since Loose Women doesn’t tend to attract the smartest guests, does it?

ohthestruggles Thu 29-Jul-21 14:59:49

They weren't giving any juicy opinions today anyway, just a load of drivel. It's the same story every time I see it on (which isn't very often), Colleen Nolan talking about her divorces and them all sweating over younger men, it's utter horse shit.

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Buckleyourseatbelt Thu 29-Jul-21 15:01:21

Colleen Nolan is a horror, genuinely unpleasant.


Rosewaterblossom Thu 29-Jul-21 15:04:40

I'm not sure who their target audience is tbh. When it started they were all 30s/40s but now, with exception of a few (frankie, Stacey Solomon,) they appears to be 50+ and I can't relate..

lazylump72 Thu 29-Jul-21 15:05:23

total crap I agree

Confiscatedpopit Thu 29-Jul-21 15:08:25

Absolute rubbish. Typical ITV, no idea what it’s audience actually wants or likes.

1forAll74 Thu 29-Jul-21 15:12:08

It's just for daytime tv addicts, who seem to like watching any old drivel day after day..

ohthestruggles Thu 29-Jul-21 15:14:55

Yes Janet Street-Porter is still on it. I used to not mind her but I don't think there's anything behind her loud mouth any more, her chat has no substance what so ever, she's just loud for the sake of it.

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ExConstance Thu 29-Jul-21 15:18:09

Bargain Hunt is usually on the other side, much better.

5togo Thu 29-Jul-21 15:20:59

It’s rubbish. They spout forth with opinions about topics they really don’t know enough about. Janet Street Porter sounds sensible enough but when you listen carefully to what she says it’s often a load of rubbish.

Honeyroar Thu 29-Jul-21 15:21:24

Whenever I’ve watched it the hosts all seem to be vain, silly, unintelligent people that have generally had mediocre careers and failed relationships.

5togo Thu 29-Jul-21 15:21:35

Cross posted with op who said the same there!

seashells11 Thu 29-Jul-21 15:26:10

When Colleen Nolan, her sister and the rest of them bullied Kim (forget her name) when she was talking about being abused as a child disgusted me.

ParrotsAteThemAll Thu 29-Jul-21 15:27:40

I hate it and very very occasionally put it on to see if things have changed!

They cackle over young men, giggle over ‘nudge nudge wink wink’ sex! Colleen is so overbearing is cringey, the sort of friend you’ll go out with who’ll try and snog an 18yo and get her tits it for the lads..cos she’s so keeeerazy like!

But the worst is how they think they’re experts on all subjects that they actually know fuck all about! I’ll never forget Jane McDonald loudly exclaiming that all student nursing need to go back to the wards to learn as they won’t learn nursing in uni, everyone cheered and clapped. I was a student nurse at the time and spent over 50% of the time on the friggin wards!!

They give women a bad name.

TheGenealogist Thu 29-Jul-21 15:32:08

This show has been on forever. I used to watch it when on mat leave with my oldest - and he's 18! Back then it was very current affairs oriented, discussions on topical issues in the news, not celeb gossip.

chunderwunder Thu 29-Jul-21 15:35:10

It's the 'women's section' of a right-wing tabloid on telly.

SamusIsAGirl Thu 29-Jul-21 15:37:18

It's the school bitch pack with 5 extra decades and zero character development.

Flyingsatsuma Thu 29-Jul-21 15:38:22

Only ever watched 5 minutes at most. Can’t even remember what on earth possessed me to put it on at all. Utterly pointless drivel.

Anordinarymum Thu 29-Jul-21 15:39:13

Nadia Shalala is the most ungenerous human being. When she steps in as anchor on the show, nobody else gets a look in. All she does is bleat on about her bloody offspring.

I used to watch it years ago, but every now and then I take a look and it has gone to the dogs

sadperson16 Thu 29-Jul-21 15:42:09

Its utterly utterly appalling.
Nice easy gig for professional women with no backbone and the others are thick as mince.

sadperson16 Thu 29-Jul-21 15:43:48

Linda bloody Birds of a Feather woman,the ghastly Nadia, and as for Coleen.

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