What is the WORST pain you've ever had?

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AbsentmindedWoman Wed 28-Jul-21 18:51:17

Personally, toothache (constant background throb with searing white hot stabs that made me feel like I was being electrocuted in my skull every few seconds) gets the award for absolute worst ever. Two frozen shoulders, and adenomyosis that used to regularly have me puking and fainting and almost hallucinating on the bathroom floor are strong contenders - but miles behind. There is just something about vicious toothache that makes it the worst.

Contemplating this as just back from the dentist, where at least for now, things were ok this time grin

What about you?

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PegasusReturns Wed 28-Jul-21 18:51:48

Gall stones.

FreeSpirits Wed 28-Jul-21 18:52:20

Child birth

Wakemeuuuup Wed 28-Jul-21 18:52:40


Mustardbay Wed 28-Jul-21 18:52:43


132orbust Wed 28-Jul-21 18:53:06

DD1's head crowning - oh my....

lanbro Wed 28-Jul-21 18:53:10

Gallstones, much worse than childbirth


Needaholiday101 Wed 28-Jul-21 18:53:17

Gallstones, childbirth

StarryStarrySocks Wed 28-Jul-21 18:53:17

Period pain, I used to get severe cramps when I was younger.

AnyFucker Wed 28-Jul-21 18:53:26

Spinal headache after an epidural

tiredvommachine Wed 28-Jul-21 18:53:47

Burst Kidney cyst

Cupcakegirl13 Wed 28-Jul-21 18:53:53

Kidney stones and child birth jointly

BadgeronaMoped Wed 28-Jul-21 18:54:04

3 natural births, they weren't great pain-wise, maybe 7/10 at points.
Ovarian torsion however, fuck me, that was something else. I wouldn't like to feel anything worse than that sad

Never broken a bone so I've not got that to compare either pain to. Labour is a sort of ache pain, sharp near the end, torsion was searing/sharp.

Schrutesbeets Wed 28-Jul-21 18:54:14

Migraines, and burst ovarian cysts.

tnetenba Wed 28-Jul-21 18:54:29

Not very serious but honestly stubbing my toe. Can you imagine that level of pain but sustained over hours, horrific! The saving grace is that it only ever hurts for a short while.

I do get some funny looks when I describe labour as 'not as bad as stubbing your toe' grin.

sugarapplelane Wed 28-Jul-21 18:54:34

Trigeminal neuralgia pain - awful

rubyslippers Wed 28-Jul-21 18:54:38

Crushed sciatic nerve
Persistent Nerve pain is intolerable

breakfasty Wed 28-Jul-21 18:54:42

Removal of infected ingrown toenail, the anaesthetic being injected.

KurtWilde Wed 28-Jul-21 18:55:07

Trigeminal neuralgia

HavelockVetinari Wed 28-Jul-21 18:55:14

Appendicitis. Followed by a tooth abcess.

Both loads worse than childbirth!

Matilda1981 Wed 28-Jul-21 18:55:20

It’s a toss up between severe tooth ache and sinusitis- that was horrific - have had 4 children and would rather go through childbirth any day!

breakfasty Wed 28-Jul-21 18:55:25

Closely followed by ovarian cyst.

LordFoofingtonismyMaster Wed 28-Jul-21 18:55:33

Endometriosis and adenomyosis. Would regularly think I might die from the pain until the wonderful Doctor removed my uterus. It's like a whole new world!

Blueskytoday06 Wed 28-Jul-21 18:55:42

Child birth and broken ankle

HavelockVetinari Wed 28-Jul-21 18:55:48


Trigeminal neuralgia

Actually that wins the thread (at least my doctor friend reckons so)

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