DH packed lunch comeuppance

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Bananapuppy Wed 28-Jul-21 12:57:30

A couple of months ago, I took the children to school/nursery (as I did every day) and for the first time, had managed to forget the baby’s packed lunch. Never mind, sacrificed my lunch break to take it in, bit of a pain, no big deal. My DH just couldn’t get his head around why I hadn’t checked I had it before leaving- not in a mean way, just in a conversational, very logical way- aghast that I didn’t have a mental checklist in the car every morning. I tried to explain to him that it was a little bit chaotic in the morning, to which his well meaning solution was that we should leave earlier. I was not impressed. (Things are very 50/50 in our house, he wasn’t being a twat, he just didn’t ‘get it’).

Well, two months ago, I started working full time, and DH in turn reduced his hours to fit around school drop offs. In his 8 weeks of school/nursery runs so far, he was forgotten the little one’s lunch at least five times. The mornings are absolute chaos and he ends up spending his lunchtimes driving like a headless chicken to drop things off…

WIBU to suggest he “makes a mental checklist in the mornings”, or simply leaves earlier?


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Bookworm20 Wed 28-Jul-21 13:08:55

Oh definitely. Also be aghast at how he hasn't thought of this already grin

FunMcCool Wed 28-Jul-21 13:10:47

I wouldn’t be able to hold my tongue

TrueRefuge Wed 28-Jul-21 13:11:40

Brilliant grin

sleepyhead Wed 28-Jul-21 13:13:27

Maybe you could suggest he leaves earlier...

Or sticks a post-it note to the inside of the front door or the coat cupboard if he has difficulty remembering his "mental checklist".

Actually, I wouldn't say anything, but I'd be mentally bathing in lovely, lovely schadenfreude.

Takenoprisoner Wed 28-Jul-21 13:13:34

Best thread this week.... thank you op, that's really cheered me up. Can I join you in smug satisfaction?

MaskingForIt Wed 28-Jul-21 13:13:53

YABU to have waited for it to happen five times and to not have said it the first time.


Meraas Wed 28-Jul-21 13:14:21

Love it! grin

It's funny because he's not a twat and does his 50% but still didn't get it.

FreeButtonBee Wed 28-Jul-21 13:14:47

Oh yes I'd be deeply concerned and ask him has he considered a mental checklist. Totally deadpan. Sauce for the goose and all that!

theemmadilemma Wed 28-Jul-21 13:16:08

Ah they love to drop themselves right in it don't they?

JackieQueen Wed 28-Jul-21 13:16:33


TheVolturi Wed 28-Jul-21 13:16:34


JaninaDuszejko Wed 28-Jul-21 13:16:48

100% YANBU so far! Don't think I've ever seen that before.

Paddling654 Wed 28-Jul-21 13:17:35

"Darling I just don't get it. Have you thought of having a little mental checklist for when you get in the car? There's no reason to not have time when you could just leave earlier? I'm just trying to help you see the bigger picture here" smile

GiantHaystacks2021 Wed 28-Jul-21 13:17:45

Do it.

Ylvamoon Wed 28-Jul-21 13:20:27

Get him a white board check list with a big fat marker pen!

AlCalavicci Wed 28-Jul-21 13:23:30

If you can get him to have a mental check list make sure the DCs are on it grin

Derbee Wed 28-Jul-21 13:28:56

I love this grin would definitely suggest a mental check list to him

Harlechh Wed 28-Jul-21 13:29:55

Is this the first AIBU to have a 100% YANBU answer rate?!

Dyrne Wed 28-Jul-21 13:31:26

Oh you are a far better person than I am. I’d have been straight on it after the first time he did it.

“Popping to the shops dear? Have you run down your MENTAL CHECKLIST of what you need?”

“Going to the park tomorrow? Make sure you LEAVE EARLY”.

I would not be able to help myself and would have already run this joke into the ground grin

olympicsrock Wed 28-Jul-21 13:32:19

Please do it!! Brilliant

Bananapuppy Wed 28-Jul-21 13:34:33

I’m sure someone will come along to say that I’m terribly cruel eventually!
In the mean time I shall quietly enjoy, whilst googling giant post-it notes and crack of dawn alarm clocks… 😉

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Odile13 Wed 28-Jul-21 13:34:52

So funny! grin I agree you’ve been very restrained. The first time he did it I would have been roaring with laughter and repeating his own words back to him!

Snowfalling Wed 28-Jul-21 13:35:17

Oooooh, how'd that happen? Did he not check his mental checklist? Maybe he needs to wake up EARLY to check his mental checklist? Or maybe he needs to put on his checklist, 'leave EARLY?' Or maybe he needs to make a MENTAL CHECKLIST and check it EARLY in the morning?

He's never going to live it down is he?

CRbear Wed 28-Jul-21 13:36:35


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