Been invited to a job interview....

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Thisyearisshit Tue 27-Jul-21 12:28:20

I cannot find them online at all.

No website, no office address, (the advert says working in local office) if I type the company name or the MD’s name on search engine it’s like they don’t exist.

The email account they use is hotmail, and the phone number looks like a house number as that brings up nothing either on searches.

It’s apparently a family run business for over 10 years so not a new business.
Is it me or is this very odd?

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Nerfelite Tue 27-Jul-21 12:30:44

How did you get invited to the interview? Have you applied for a role or been randomly 'headhunted'?

If it's not a position you have actively sought out yourself, I would ignore and avoid.

Sparklesocks Tue 27-Jul-21 12:33:00

That is strange. Is it a small local, family business? What line of work is it and how did the interview come about?

redheadwitch Tue 27-Jul-21 12:34:23

If its a registered company it should exist on Companies House. If it doesn't, I would be concerned about it.

TooWicked Tue 27-Jul-21 12:35:35

Where was the job advert, how did you apply?

Thisyearisshit Tue 27-Jul-21 12:42:05

The job advert was on Indeed.
I applied, sent my CV.
It’s only since they have offered me an interview which I at first politely turned down due to the hours not being suitable (hours were not in the advertisement)
they are messaging willing to bend over backwards to accommodate hours that I need, I decided to look for them online and cannot find a trace of them. It’s all a bit odd.

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ElizabethinherGermanGarden Tue 27-Jul-21 12:42:35

Is it MI5????


justcheckingreally Tue 27-Jul-21 12:43:16

I wouldn't. Sorry this sounds like some sort of trafficking ring looking for people desperate for work. Check the company name on companies House, if it doesn't exist I'd Dodge it.

poorbuthappy Tue 27-Jul-21 12:44:30

I would have to go just to find out what it was all about.

Dixiechickonhols Tue 27-Jul-21 12:50:31

Alarm bells. Can you arrange time and confirm office address for interview. Then you can go and look. If they want you to go to a house or cafe for interview just cancel. A new business possibly I could understand - my old boss started out wfh and had secretary in his dining room for a few weeks before got premises. He was all above board.

Ohpulltheotherone Tue 27-Jul-21 12:52:51

All companies should be registered on companies house website?

Unless it’s like a tiny tiny operation?

Even if they don’t have business premises or active social media you should be able to find the company’s registered address and entry on companies house. Try looking there.

Thisyearisshit Tue 27-Jul-21 12:57:37

I can’t find them on companies house..... just had a look.

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NotYourNachos Tue 27-Jul-21 12:58:30

Are they on social media?
Sounds a bit weird

doitwithlove Tue 27-Jul-21 13:00:16

What is the job title?

Invisimamma Tue 27-Jul-21 13:01:23

Very weird! Where is the interview, online, public place or home address?

Newnamefor2021 Tue 27-Jul-21 13:01:48

Very odd.

ddaisy09 Tue 27-Jul-21 13:01:56

That sounds really dodgy!!! I'd definitely avoid. As others have said, could be a trafficking situation.

FamBae Tue 27-Jul-21 13:02:34

Call the number & see how they answer, formally or just a Hi, Hello. Also ask them, if it was my business I would not be offended it a candidate showed a little caution. Where is the interview being held?

luckylavender Tue 27-Jul-21 13:02:59

I'd go, find out more info and then decide.

PineappleWilson Tue 27-Jul-21 13:03:40

Is the advert still on indeed?

Thisyearisshit Tue 27-Jul-21 13:04:12

Not on social media either.
Position advertised as admin.
Not found out interview place as of yet because I initially turned down the interview but received a message offering to accommodate the hours I need, I haven’t yet replied to that message.

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Dixiechickonhols Tue 27-Jul-21 13:05:07

Depending on type of company could you check with professional body if they exist eg a solicitors firm will be on law society website.

MrsFin Tue 27-Jul-21 13:05:15

I don't think I'd work for any company using a Hotmail address.
I'd be concerned about data security.
What's the name of the company? Maybe someone on here could shed some light.

WeAreTheHeroes Tue 27-Jul-21 13:07:16

They may be a sole trader, not a registered company or registered in a different jurisdiction. I would ask them for the information you cannot find - have you tried searching on the interviewer's name at all? It's entirely possible they trade as a different name from that registered and although by law all their correspondence should state this, very many businesses small and large get it wrong. I'm a company secretary.

How they respond to your request for info will tell you a lot about them.

AtLeastPretendToCare Tue 27-Jul-21 13:07:27

Not all businesses have to be registered at companies house, it depends on your legal formation. If it is run as a sole trader or unlimited partnership for instance then it won’t be. And depending on what they do they may need no online presence.

Where are they asking you to come for an interview?

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