To pester the GP for this horse fly (I think) bite?

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loopyapp Mon 26-Jul-21 23:09:30

Just that really.

Painful. Like a deep tooth ache. Making it painful to bare full weight on that leg.

I dont have a fever and I don't feel sick.

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DariaMorgendorffer Mon 26-Jul-21 23:12:12

You poor thing, that looks nasty. I would get it checked out. I'd also keep an eye on the size/area of the inflammation until you're seen.

There's a name visible on the top of the image by the way op, in case you didn't notice.

XenoBitch Mon 26-Jul-21 23:12:59

Definitely pester. I have a friend who gets cellulitis from horse fly bites every year. Definitely get it checked out.

Notimeforaname Mon 26-Jul-21 23:13:28

We can see your full name.

* *[Edit by MNHQ - we've removed the name from the OP] **

Warmduscher Mon 26-Jul-21 23:14:00

Hi OP, if that’s your real name on the image, you may want to get the photo deleted and post it again with the name scrubbed out.

KatyaZamolodchikova Mon 26-Jul-21 23:14:28

That looks like it’s tracking, you need to get it seen. I would suggest you get it seen NOW. Do you have a minor injuries? Or URGENT out of hours appointment? If not A&E.

Notimeforaname Mon 26-Jul-21 23:14:39

Or somebody's name. At least. Yes have it see if/when you can op.
Looks nasty..keep it rested and elevated as much as you can.


LouScot Mon 26-Jul-21 23:15:51

@loopyapp can you draw round the red area with a biro until you can get it seen? You'll then be able to tell if the redness is spreading. I'd definitely be getting it checked out as it looks very painful.

FrankButchersDickieBow Mon 26-Jul-21 23:16:03

Are you sure it's a horse horsefly bite? It looks more like a blistery type thing.

My sister had one years ago and it was massive, bit it was like a huge hard red lump that was raised from her skin and was solid to the touch.

Emmelina Mon 26-Jul-21 23:16:08

Ouch! Horsefly bites are nasty and often get infected. I’d definitely draw around it for tonight and see how it is in the morning, but it’s likely you’ll need antibiotics for that.

Murphs1 Mon 26-Jul-21 23:17:32

Looks like you needs antibiotics. Draw round the area with a pen to see if it gets bigger overnight, but I would def phone to be seen.

Mamamia7962 Mon 26-Jul-21 23:18:43

A pharmacist might be able to help with that.

Emmelina Mon 26-Jul-21 23:19:25

Just saw Katya’s comment about it tracking and had another look. Not sure 100% but I don’t think that’s a risk you want to take actually, get it checked tonight in case sepsis is setting in.

BookShark Mon 26-Jul-21 23:20:27

I get these a lot. Piriton plus 1% hydrocortisone cream clears it up over a few days - albeit with some nasty swelling in-between. It's irritating because nobody else in my family seems to react in the same way, but I'm used to it now.

That said, the first time it happened the GP did prescribe antibiotics just in case (it was in my hand so the swelling was very obvious). So worth keeping an eye on in case it develops into something more, but I've always found it takes a few days to go down. And yes, painful in the meantime - I was limping last week after one on my knee but it's much better now.

MrsPelligrinoPetrichor Mon 26-Jul-21 23:23:06

Take Piriton and use antihistamine cream and hydrocortisone cream and see if it helps. Make sure it's the Piriton liquid as you can take it regularly through out the day rather than the one a day sort.

GP asap if no better by the morning.

DH had just had cellulitis from FIVE of the buggersshock

fourandnomore Mon 26-Jul-21 23:23:52

Draw a circle round it if you can the red bit and keep an eye on it but yes looks like a horse fly bite. They are horrible! So sore.

Lillyhatesjaz Mon 26-Jul-21 23:24:50

Go to the pharmacy as they maybe be able to treat it and if not if the pharmacist says you need to see the doctor you have more chance of getting an appointment

loopyapp Mon 26-Jul-21 23:30:24

Thanks everyone - reported the picture. What I dork I am.

Im home alone with 4 kids ages 1-12 so can't go anywhere now.

Drawn around it (that made me cry!)

Its hard and risen a good 2cm around past the redness. Should I draw around that too?

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MrsPelligrinoPetrichor Mon 26-Jul-21 23:37:14

Have you any antihistamines on the house?

mineofuselessinformation Mon 26-Jul-21 23:38:58

For that, two antihistamines, and if you have it, anti-itch cream.

MilkCereal Mon 26-Jul-21 23:39:14

Draw around the edge of the redness yes, then you can see if the redness spreads. My dh gets this reaction and just uses antihistamines and pain killers, but keep an eye it's not spreading.

IrishCharm Mon 26-Jul-21 23:39:49

@loopyapp I get these awful reactions to horseflies or mosquito bites and know exactly how awful and painful they can be - even when I am dosed up with anti histamines!
If you have any antihistamines take one…and an anti inflammatory like neurofen?
Ice or frozen peas wrapped in a tea towel and placed on it can help.
Do you have any germolene (be panther) or savlon cream to run in gently even if only around the outer edges to help with the inflammation

You need to see your GP in the morning if possible but hopefully some of those will help see you through the night x
Of shivers or a temp develop then ring out of hours x
Good luck x

Dobbyafreeelf Mon 26-Jul-21 23:40:44

If you have any piriton take the max dose now. I probably shouldn't say this but I have antibiotic anti fungal cream on prescription for another condition and always put some of that on any bite to prevent infection.
You need to either ring 111 if it's dramatically increasing in size tonight after taking piriton or get an urgent appointment with the gp in the morning.

IrishCharm Mon 26-Jul-21 23:41:02

That should be bepanthen which is the new name for germolene x

AntiSocialDistancer Mon 26-Jul-21 23:41:34

This looks so nasty. I would only draw around the red area.

Call 111 if it grows past the outline in the next couple of hours. Its possible they could get antibiotics to a local pharmacy, do you know anyone who loves you enough to do a 2am pharmacy trip? confused

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