My favourite author just died

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LadybugsUnite Mon 26-Jul-21 22:34:09

I feel so very sad about it, and also stupid for feeling so sad about someone I don’t even know? She announced a few months ago that she wouldn’t be writing anymore due to health reasons. That was awful because there were series that I love that will never be finished. But now she’s dead, and I should have realised it was a possibility, but I’m just so disproportionately upset about it. She was very active on social media, and some of her family joined in, I just keep thinking of them and feeling so bad for them. Is this a natural response? I’ve seen people distraught when celebrities die, but never really understood it

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plodalong12 Mon 26-Jul-21 22:37:01

I was very, very upset and completely shocked when I learned that a front woman of a band I liked had passed away, I had no idea she was ill and googled her to see if they were playing live any time soon and found out she died six months previously, about ten years ago now. So I completely understand.

nocoolnamesleft Mon 26-Jul-21 22:38:56

I was gutted when TP died, even though it could be seen coming for a while.

DameFanny Mon 26-Jul-21 22:41:03

It feels more personal with authors I think, because they take you inside their heads. And I still miss TP.

gobbynorthernbird Mon 26-Jul-21 22:48:32


Itawapuddytat Mon 26-Jul-21 22:53:38

P K-M? sad sad

FlappyFish Mon 26-Jul-21 22:56:02

Lucinda Riley? Her Son is apparently going to finish the Pa Salt book.

I get it. Even if not her. When you connect with a book or writer it is real.


HollowTalk Mon 26-Jul-21 22:56:27

Who is it, OP?

LadybugsUnite Mon 26-Jul-21 23:15:33

Sorry no none of them, it’s C.M.Owens? She wrote a combination of sci fi and humour and her books are what got me back into loving reading. Pure escapism in a laugh out loud way

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TimeIhadaNameChange Mon 26-Jul-21 23:17:19


P K-M? sad sad

Who is that? (Sorry, going mad trying to figure it out!)

notacooldad Mon 26-Jul-21 23:18:57

Who was that plodalong12?

FelicityBeedle Mon 26-Jul-21 23:19:38

I almost cried when Terry Pratchett died, his books will always be an escape for me. Sounds like I might like this author of yours

plodalong12 Mon 26-Jul-21 23:21:16


Itawapuddytat Mon 26-Jul-21 23:22:31

Sorry to hear, OP sad The one I've mentioned is Patricia Kennealy-Morrison, she died a few days ago sad. The author of the Keltiad Books. Very sad to hear a few other writers have recently passed away sad

... I understand how you feel. I still feel very sad when I think of Carrie Fisher - who was not only a great actress and person, but also a talented writer, I have very much enjoyed reading her books.

whatswithtodaytoday Mon 26-Jul-21 23:25:29

I cried at work when Terry Pratchett died. I had to keep dashing to the loo to have a sob and in the end just went home early.

It's not just that you're sad they're gone, but also selfishly sad for all the wonderful books they won't now write.

Itawapuddytat Mon 26-Jul-21 23:28:35

She also used to be quite known for her relationship/marriage with Jim Morrison ("The Doors" ). But also a great fantasy and murder mystery writer, rock music criticism publisher and journalist.

Teacupsandtoast Mon 26-Jul-21 23:28:41

I was (still am) utterly heartbroken when Patricia Leitch died - she had injected so much magic in to my childhood with the Jinny series. I understand!

FelicityBeedle Mon 26-Jul-21 23:31:15

An artist on Instagram did a wonderful stitched portrait of Poly styrene
Stitchin in the kitchen

Nousernameforme Mon 26-Jul-21 23:35:19

I stood in the kitchen and proper sobbed for STP, his words got me through a lot it was over a year till I could read the shepherd's crown. It's the only death that's ever effected me.

plodalong12 Mon 26-Jul-21 23:36:20

@FelicityBeedle I think I’ve found it - the one with a purple background? ❤️ it

FelicityBeedle Mon 26-Jul-21 23:51:11

@plodalong12 I can’t find the portrait but I know it exists!

username18702 Mon 26-Jul-21 23:52:48

I was really upset when Bowie died. I really cried and it took me completely by surprise. It was as though part of my childhood was gone - I grew up in the 70s. I didn't realise how much he had influenced my taste in men either.

Yes I completely understand OP. Writers are like gods to me, I was really upset when Iain Banks died, Pratchett, Vonnegut, Le Guin et al. I don't cry but I feel a loss.

WFHWF Mon 26-Jul-21 23:59:51

Feel for you OP. I think it’s completely normal. I was upset when Iain Banks died and I’m still sad when I think about it even though he passed away years ago now. Sometimes an event happens and I think, what would he make of this? As @DameFanny said, you spend so long in their heads.

OldGreyBoots Tue 27-Jul-21 00:01:52

My favourite musician and lyricist died at the start of 2020, I cried more than once that day. You definitely form a bond through words and if they touch you personally, it definitely makes sense that you'd be upset flowers

Failingbettereverytime Tue 27-Jul-21 00:08:59

I just discovered through this thread that Lucinda Riley has died. I am a huge fan of hers and I'm really shocked. I understand how you feel OP.

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