Neighbours’ DS has been crying for the past hour

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immusica Mon 26-Jul-21 18:56:44

We moved here in January, my neighbour is a man and a boy about 5/6, I've never seen his mum so I assume they live alone. I haven't spoken to him very much.

I have heard the boy crying/shouting a few times in the mornings, when his dad was trying to get him ready for school, but other than that they're quiet.

However, the child has been crying in the garden for about an hour, not sure why, I can hear him saying no (and something else which I can't make out) and his dad is asking him to come inside (I didn't think he's crying because he's being asked to go in though).

It's been over an hour now, so would this worry you?

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EmeraldShamrock Mon 26-Jul-21 18:59:00

No, as long as there is no shouting from the parent.
Some DC cry a lot.

Duckyneedsaclean Mon 26-Jul-21 18:59:04

Sounds like he's just having a summer holiday lack of routine tantrum about something or other.

LarryUnderwood Mon 26-Jul-21 18:59:40

Errmmm, I don't know. My kids were more than capable of maintaining misery for an hour or more at that age. Is he physically safe, not been locked out, not being shouted at? If so I would probs assume that he's having a monster tantrum or is otherwise trying to work through something.

Jojobees Mon 26-Jul-21 18:59:51

No, the dad is there, parenting audibly. I wouldn’t be worried at all.

nokidshere Mon 26-Jul-21 19:00:18

No. I once asked a 4yr old I was looking after if she would like some music on as she was dancing around the living room. She screamed the place down for almost 2hrs, I sent her out in the hallway and had a cup of tea because everything I said or did just made her scream harder.

Moongazingbare Mon 26-Jul-21 19:01:48

My son who is 4 when overtired would have these strange meltdowns that nothing could calm him from

He almost just had to ride it out. Sometimes he’d put himself outside and just scream and if we tried to bring him inside it would make it worse, sometimes he would do it in his bedroom.

We just calmly said to him that we were here for him when he feels ready and if he’d like a cuddle to give us a nod.

Once he was ok he forgot about it, didn’t know why he was like that and was as if nothing had happened


nokidshere Mon 26-Jul-21 19:02:30

Forgot to say, when she finally stopped and climbed up onto my lap I said 'goodness, what was that all about' and she said 'stop, just don't ask me' lol they are funny little creatures.

Moongazingbare Mon 26-Jul-21 19:02:41


No. I once asked a 4yr old I was looking after if she would like some music on as she was dancing around the living room. She screamed the place down for almost 2hrs, I sent her out in the hallway and had a cup of tea because everything I said or did just made her scream harder.

This 100%,
The 4/5 year old reaction to trying to help in this situation often makes them worse

girlmom21 Mon 26-Jul-21 19:05:44

You can hear his dads there handling the situation. You don't need to do anything.

Topofthepopicles Mon 26-Jul-21 19:06:24

I agree with the others. My similar age children have had these kinds of screaming fits when asked to do something reasonable like tidy up their toys or even come and play a family game! Sometimes children do cry/shout when the parent is just normally parenting them.

icedcoffees Mon 26-Jul-21 19:09:20

Why would you need to do anything?

The kid sounds like he's having a tantrum and dad is dealing with it.

BarryTheKestrel Mon 26-Jul-21 19:09:49

My DC are 2 and 6 and this is a common occurrence in our house. At least once a week one or the other will have a long tantrum, usually about absolutely nothing on consequence but to them at the time it's the end of the world. When they are like it you just have to ride it out as nothing will calm them until they are ready.

ComDummings Mon 26-Jul-21 19:10:44

His dad is there trying to get him into the house so I wouldn’t be too concerned, some children cry a lot more than others for many reasons

Donationwitheverypack Mon 26-Jul-21 19:12:00

No if dad sounds calm as is asking him in he needs a medal all is well. It's not like he's been shut out.

toocold54 Mon 26-Jul-21 19:12:38

As long as you can hear dad (and he’s not had an accident or something) then I wouldn’t worry.
He doesn’t want to go in and dad isn’t giving him what he wants. If you’re worried keep an eye on it but it seems pretty normal to me.

SheABitSpicyToday Mon 26-Jul-21 19:13:59

No. You’d think my daughter was being beaten with a bag of bricks today with the screaming and shouting “no!”.

I asked her to put her shoes away.

Youdiditanyway Mon 26-Jul-21 19:15:00

Meh, I wouldn’t think twice about this. My DD is almost 9 and she still has hour long tantrums occasionally.

HeReWeGoAgAiN1112 Mon 26-Jul-21 19:16:46

My son has just screamed the house down after I said no to the 5th story of the night.
Kids are annoying

Blamelesscars Mon 26-Jul-21 19:18:03

Wouldn’t worry me as long as the parent is there but also calm and not causing the child distress. Sounds like your average stroppy 4/5 yr old

I wonder tho OP would you be asking the same question if it was mum instead of dad.

Teacupsandtoast Mon 26-Jul-21 19:19:26

My 6 year old screamed bloody blue murder for 25 minutes because she couldn't have a biscuit. The whole village heard her vexation. She then screamed for another 10 in the shower as she'd got SO hot and sweaty I had to wash her. After that she was transformed back to normal. As long as dad is there and trying to sort him, he's fine

immusica Mon 26-Jul-21 19:28:35

I wasn't asking if I needed to do anything.

I would ask the same question if it was a mum.

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nocturnalcatfreetogoodhome Mon 26-Jul-21 19:30:07

My nephew loves to lie on his swing and screech like a banshee during his tantrums.

His parents leave him to it. He once lasted a full two hours just led there mournfully weeping.

Bagelsandbrie Mon 26-Jul-21 19:30:40

If the parent isn’t swearing at them / shouting and is asking them to come in I’d not worry about it.

Ds cried for an hour the other day because he couldn’t find his ball. The one where I’d been telling him where it was….

aivilodraw1990 Mon 26-Jul-21 19:32:27

I think you’re probably not a parent. Trust me, an hour is a light tantrum 🤣

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