To never sleep again after this??

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TheOpportuneMoment Mon 26-Jul-21 02:24:10

I woke up earlier but was just drifting back off to sleep when I felt something touching my face. Whacked it, convinced myself it was a moth fluttering nearby and tried to get back to sleep. Picked up my phone to check something and in the light of the screen saw an absolutely giant spider running across my pillow just by my nose. Freaked out, turned the light on and tried to squash it but it disappeared and I have no idea where it went. How do I sleep again after this?? What if there's more waiting to pounce as soon as I relax??? Argggh. I keep imagining I can feel creepy crawlies everywhere.

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RagzReturnsRebooted Mon 26-Jul-21 02:27:03

Can you sleep on the sofa?
Burn the house down?

lovescaca Mon 26-Jul-21 02:29:35

Ohhhh this happened to me a few weeks ago, felt something on my head, thought it was just my hair moving. I was lying looking at stuff on my fne, the light was shining on my chest and a massive spider walk on my chest. Could have cried 🥺 x

Aquamarine1029 Mon 26-Jul-21 02:29:56

Spiders are our friends, and I'm totally serious. The poor thing doesn't want to be near your face any more than you want it near your face. It's harmless, so stop worrying.

TheOpportuneMoment Mon 26-Jul-21 02:32:32

Thing is I honestly don't mind spiders. In the daytime I have no problem with them. But I don't want them in my bed. Hopefully it's run away to hide somewhere!

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BettyAndFrank Mon 26-Jul-21 02:36:13

Burn the house down grin

Blackhawkdown2020 Mon 26-Jul-21 02:43:41

Cheers no chance of me getting back to sleep now. Just checking under pillow, under quilt, under bed . Ear plugs in face mask on….


PivotPivotPivottt Mon 26-Jul-21 02:44:22

I'll swap with you, spiders don't bother but I'm lying awake because mum daughter woke me up to say one of the cats has brought in a mouse sad I went down to see and the mouse is no longer where she said she saw it......

Sippinongingernjuice Mon 26-Jul-21 02:46:54

You need to leave immediately. Pack nothing. Get out now.

TheOpportuneMoment Mon 26-Jul-21 02:48:07

@PivotPivotPivottt I'll take the mouse! One of my cats used to bring mice in a lot and I had catching them down to an art form - hopefully your cat is hanging around waiting for it to reappear and will do the job for you?!

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ShrikeAttack Mon 26-Jul-21 02:50:34

You've probably frightened that spider to death. It won't be back.

Chunkymenrock Mon 26-Jul-21 02:51:00

I'd far rather a harmless spider that a moth fucker. We've had such a problem with clothes moths and they're almost impossible to eliminate. Powdery, sinister, wool chewing bastards.

Sparklfairy Mon 26-Jul-21 02:52:04

I made an exact thread like this months ago and got told off for being a wuss!!

I was actually up and working on my bed in the middle of the night, and a massive spider came marching towards me at warp speed and scared the bejesus out of me. Like you, I don't mind spiders but stay the fuck off my bed. Thats my sanctuary!

PivotPivotPivottt Mon 26-Jul-21 02:53:45


*@PivotPivotPivottt* I'll take the mouse! One of my cats used to bring mice in a lot and I had catching them down to an art form - hopefully your cat is hanging around waiting for it to reappear and will do the job for you?!

I've never had a mouse before so I'm really scared 😂 I have 2 cats and they were both lying in separate doorways looking suspicious I'm hoping it's gone. Do you still have cats? Perhaps let them in your room to hunt down the spider mine are fond of eating them envy.

Sparklfairy Mon 26-Jul-21 02:53:45

Just in case you see it again and it crosses your mind to kill it grin

TheOpportuneMoment Mon 26-Jul-21 02:55:04

@Sparklfairy I probably am being a wuss to be fair! I just really don't want spiders running over my face at night. Now I'm all jumpy. Doesn't help that my cat is sat at the end of the bed and keeps swooshing her tail around and brushing my leg. Plus my toddler just fell out of bed - cue masses of confused tears. I might just give up now and get up for the day!

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ShrikeAttack Mon 26-Jul-21 02:55:17

I lived in a house once that had bats and hornets in the bedroom. Literally in the bedroom, flying around all the time.

I'm here to tell the tale. It's usually fine. Really. Incomers aren't interested in you.

ShrikeAttack Mon 26-Jul-21 02:56:43

You're just a big lump to them. You're not really part of their personal ecosystem.

ChunkySloth Mon 26-Jul-21 02:56:47

It will be lying in wait to lay eggs in your eyes 🤮🕷

TheOpportuneMoment Mon 26-Jul-21 02:58:23

@ChunkySloth that is not reassuring!

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Sparklfairy Mon 26-Jul-21 02:58:37

Nope. Spiders are welcome to do the can can across my floor but stay the fuck off my bed grin

Took me an irrationally long time to calm down and I kept feeling stuff crawling on me that wasn't there so I know how you feel!

ShrikeAttack Mon 26-Jul-21 02:59:59

Or you could get madly bonkers about it.

Your choice.

AirEngland Mon 26-Jul-21 03:29:12

I woke up with 3 ladybirds on my face once. 3! They weren’t crawling over it. They were just sat there. There are very few things I hate more than ladybirds. It was horrible smile
There’s a little dog who sleeps in my bed now and I like to think he’d protect me from ladybirds.
I’d be ok if a spider was crawling over me I think. At least he’s going somewhere…

avamiah Mon 26-Jul-21 03:41:42

Say No More 🙃🙃😱😶,this has happened to me when I was sleeping and I screamed the house down.
The thing is they hide away in the daytime and come out at night when it’s dark.
I don’t have a problem with them in my garden but unfortunately if they are crawling on my face then I’m going to kill them.
Sorry if this offends anybody.

Happyhappyday Mon 26-Jul-21 04:05:29

Woke up once on my own, in the guest room of DH’s massive old family home (read crumbling), went to the loo, came back and a huge dead spider was lying where I’d just been lying… I did not go back to sleep.

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