Is this ok to wear as a guest to a wedding

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HoliHormonalTigerlilly Sun 25-Jul-21 19:30:19

Too much white?

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imamule Sun 25-Jul-21 19:31:11

colours fine but the style is a bit meh

HoliHormonalTigerlilly Sun 25-Jul-21 19:31:31

I'm a tall s

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TheNextCaroleMiddleton Sun 25-Jul-21 19:32:24

Maybe ditch the veil but then you are golden 👍

Stillcrikey Sun 25-Jul-21 19:32:37

Can you get it in cream? If so, I’d say it’s fine. 🤔🤣

HoliHormonalTigerlilly Sun 25-Jul-21 19:32:53

Sorry posted too early! (Edit button MN!!)

I'm a tall size 12.
Am thinking of wearing it with red shoes for a pop of colour.

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Roadtrip2018 Sun 25-Jul-21 19:33:16

To wear as a guest?? Nope it's a bridal dress hmm


MrsCatE Sun 25-Jul-21 19:33:22

Perhaps an embellished Shrug in case it’s cold / for the evening?

Splann Sun 25-Jul-21 19:33:25

You need to glam it up a little more. Tiara? Bouquet? grin

chunderwunder Sun 25-Jul-21 19:33:36

If you don't mind people mistaking you for the vicar I'd say crack on.

AlfonsoTheMango Sun 25-Jul-21 19:33:49

Keep the veil and carry a bunch of flowers so you have something to do with your hands.

Mischance Sun 25-Jul-21 19:34:38

Definitely inappropriate as a guest. I would be seriously peed off if I was the bride. Get yourself something different; you cannot go as a pretend bride for goodness sake.

Shirleyphallus Sun 25-Jul-21 19:34:54

You need some of those hideous irregular choice shoes to go with it

UndertheCedartree Sun 25-Jul-21 19:35:14


HoliHormonalTigerlilly Sun 25-Jul-21 19:36:22


You need to glam it up a little more. Tiara? Bouquet? grin

Thinking a fascinator.
To match with my shoes!

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LtDansleg Sun 25-Jul-21 19:36:51

If you wear that to a wedding even the cake will be in tiers

ikeepseeingit Sun 25-Jul-21 19:37:10

I feel like you could do with a colourful cardigan or something to make the white stand out less grin

Twickerhun Sun 25-Jul-21 19:37:14

Oh yes I think that looks fab. Especially I you have a small girl to follow you in a white dress with a basket of flowers?

Jellykat Sun 25-Jul-21 19:37:39

Oo i would, go for it you'll look fab!

imamule Sun 25-Jul-21 19:37:49

What's the point of this thread though?

Twickerhun Sun 25-Jul-21 19:37:52

Wouldn’t everyone go for converse with that dress? Just to be edgy?

DamnShesaSexyChick Sun 25-Jul-21 19:38:07

Yes of course it’s ok, why wouldn’t it be?

Datsandcogs Sun 25-Jul-21 19:38:27

Only OK to wear to a wedding if you’re the bride!

Cherrysoup Sun 25-Jul-21 19:38:29

You need some of those hideous irregular choice shoes to go with it

Shh! I quite like those!

OP, I think you’re fine, crack on. 👍

SpindleWhorl Sun 25-Jul-21 19:38:38

I'd take some similarly dressed nieces and daughters, just to blend in properly.

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