To ask if anyone has been on come dine with me?

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Mammyloveswine Sun 25-Jul-21 14:14:42

Isolating and binge watching couples come dine with me!

Would love to hear from anyone who has been on about what ifs really like behind the scenes!

Also.. if you were going to go on what would your menu be?!

I think I would keep it simple with:

Starter: sweet chilli king prawns and chorizo on a bed of rocket with home made bread.

Main: mozzarella and pesto stuffed chicken wrapped in Parma ham, with tendersteam broccoli and green beans and crushed roasted baby potatoes.

Desert: chocolate torte.

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Eleoura Sun 25-Jul-21 14:16:23

I've always wondered why people pick a menu they have never cooked before? I've never been on the show, but a hopeful bump anyways.

selflove Sun 25-Jul-21 14:17:46

Years ago there was a poster who was on it, who was updating us daily with everything, it was fascinating! They had to retake everything so often they didn't eat til almost midnight some days! And the black taxi at the end just drove them to the end of the road to do their scores, then they got a "normal" mini cab home 😂

The TV team found the thread somehow and it all got removed, and the poster had breached the "non disclosure" part of her contract where she wasn't allowed to talk about it before it aired (or at all?) and she was in big trouble, and stopped posted. It was fascinating stuff though!

Nuggetnugget Sun 25-Jul-21 14:19:35

I love Dinner Date too.

I would do a starter of bruchetta

Main of a roast of some description

Baileys cheesecake

I love cooking but I'm not into or talented enough for fancy dishes.

Mammyloveswine Sun 25-Jul-21 14:20:06

@selflove sounds amazing!! Also god imagine not eating til midnight! I'd be hammered on the wine to calm my nerves 🤣

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Mammyloveswine Sun 25-Jul-21 14:20:53

@Nuggetnugget omg dinner date is amazing! When they get a ready meal and mini wine at the end grin

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Mammyloveswine Sun 25-Jul-21 14:21:18

@Eleoura what would you cook?

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Nuggetnugget Sun 25-Jul-21 14:21:50

Oh that's interesting! It would be hard to keep the food warm with all the retakes though wouldn't it.

Nuggetnugget Sun 25-Jul-21 14:23:23

Dinner Date makes me laugh when it's obvious their mum has made one of the dishes and the person says 'they' made this the night before (but have to ring their mum for every little detail)

Or when they don't have a kitchen scales and are baking a cake grin

CloseYourEyesAndSee Sun 25-Jul-21 14:24:21

A good friend of mine was. They cut out loads of good stuff where they were all getting on well and beefed up the aggro. They had one contestant leave after one evening and she was the replacement. She was a real character but they made her look bonkers! The public loved her according to Twitter

Mammyloveswine Sun 25-Jul-21 14:25:02

Oooh @CloseYourEyesAndSee

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GrannyWeatherwaxsHatpin Sun 25-Jul-21 14:28:18

I met someone who subsequently went on it - she was a lot richer and posher on CDWM than she had come across as when I met her but not, as far as I could see, a nicer person.

Handsoffstrikesagain Sun 25-Jul-21 14:28:27

A friend of mine won it years ago

hellcatspangle Sun 25-Jul-21 14:31:11

Someone I know was on it (in fact I think they won!)

If I was on it I'd do a starter that could be prepared ahead like homemade pate with chutney/homemade bread, or maybe stuffed mushrooms so they just have to get popped in the oven.

For main I'd do beef bourgignon with dauphinois potatoes and greens

Dessert probably a chocolate roulade or profiteroles.

I wouldn't want to make anything that required last minute faffing.

Twitchynose Sun 25-Jul-21 14:35:52

It always makes me laugh the way they remove practically every picture off the walls, especially when you can clearly see the difference in colour where they were. Presumably, it’s because it’ll show the reflection of the crew in it. See also, closing the curtains when it’s obviously still daylight outside to try and disguise the edits in timeline.

GremlinDolphin4 Sun 25-Jul-21 14:38:33

I know a couple who were on it and we watched. The food was good all round but they were excruciating to watch - so many pet names etc that it was embarrassing! They separated shortly afterwards.

Mammyloveswine Sun 25-Jul-21 14:41:32

Loving these snippets!

Love that menu @hellcatspangle! I'd give you top marks!

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TheWitchersWife Sun 25-Jul-21 14:42:28

I am also binge watching couples come done with me and made my menu a few weeks ago which is now saved on my notes in my phone in case it ever happens 😅

Cheese selection with a variety of homemade breads.

Beef Wellington with a side of stuffed pork loin and roasted country vegetables.

Chocolate orange torte with vanilla ice cream.

Mammyloveswine Sun 25-Jul-21 14:44:31

@TheWitchersWife I'm liking the double meat combo there!!

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Mammyloveswine Sun 25-Jul-21 14:45:36

Ps @TheWitchersWife I've enjoyed my binge watching...loved the teacher with the blonde hair and glasses! It was such a nice episode! No drama or bitchiness!

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NameChangeAgain2 Sun 25-Jul-21 14:50:41

Just to be the awkward one what would your veggie option be? smile

WomanStanleyWoman Sun 25-Jul-21 14:51:33

You can tell the contestants must be told to play dumb for comedy value sometimes. You get people claiming they’re ‘foodies’ staring at a menu with incomprehension saying, ‘Potatoes dorfin… noise? What’s dorfin noise? Is it something to do with dolphins? Potatoes shaped like dolphins?’

One thing I did read is that contestants aren’t allowed to mark hosts down on the basis of the food being cold, because that’s almost always down to the amount of time it takes to set up the filming.

LunaBunaTuna Sun 25-Jul-21 14:51:51

My cousin was on it and did not come across well. She can be a bit snobby at times but we just take the mick and she realises she’s being an arse. She got dog’s abuse on social media though and it was very upsetting for her.

The episode was highly edited and she was made out to be a total cow. On her night she broke down in tears off camera and the director made her go back out to the guests so that they could keep being mean to her. She really regrets having been on it now.

Mammyloveswine Sun 25-Jul-21 14:53:10

@LunaBunaTuna that's really sad!

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WomanStanleyWoman Sun 25-Jul-21 14:54:06


Just to be the awkward one what would your veggie option be? smile

I’ve always wondered why they’ve never done an all-veggie edition (for National Vegetarian Week, for example). I’ve never seen a vegetarian cook win - although that’s mainly because the producers deliberately pair them with some Essex boy who feels the need to bitch about the lack of ‘protein’ all night.

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