Is this enough for a 3 year old’s birthday?

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AuntNora Thu 22-Jul-21 10:58:14

We are getting him:

Bigjigs battery operated train
Playfoam (a bit like playdough, but less messy apparently!)
Most likely a new book

That’s it from us.

He’s getting a Tonie box from one set of grandparents and a playmobil set from the other set.
He’ll also get gifts from my brother and my DP’s brother and sister.

I always feel like there’s so much pressure to buy a lot of gifts, I don’t know why blush

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TokyoSushi Thu 22-Jul-21 10:59:24


Soubriquet Thu 22-Jul-21 10:59:27

I’m the same OP

Dh has to stop me or I’ll keep buying. That sounds plenty to me. Sit on your hands and don’t buy anything else

FilthyforFirth Thu 22-Jul-21 11:06:12

Absolutely plenty. My kids have a massive family who all buy them presents and my eldest, just turned 4, gets so overwhelmed opening so many. Much better to have a smaller amount of things he will enjoy and play with.

Aroundtheworldin80moves Thu 22-Jul-21 11:06:25

A few carefully selected gifts are better than a massive pile of stuff they aren't interested in.

Its easy to get overwhelmed.

Toddlerteaplease Thu 22-Jul-21 11:11:42

Way too much!

WellLarDeDar Thu 22-Jul-21 11:12:46

Aw that's lovely, definitely don't need any more. You should wrap it all really nicely and your DS will be so excited! Sometimes I think kids just like unwrapping things! I agree about the pressure, it's very easy to go overboard for no good reason.


nothingcanhurtmewithmyeyesshut Thu 22-Jul-21 11:15:15

I usually add stuff that they'd get anyway, like clothes, sweets, shoes etc so they can open them but I think that as far as actual presents go, that's plenty.

Homemadearmy Thu 22-Jul-21 11:23:13

I tend to do only 1 or 2 things for birthdays, based more on need rather than amount.

chunderwunder Thu 22-Jul-21 12:10:10

I'd say it's probably a bit too much tbh. Some things might get ignored Sometimes when I go a bit bonkers I keep one or two things back to use as spontaneous gifts. Perfect for a rainy day in the holidays when you can suddenly whip out a novel plaything.

Hankunamatata Thu 22-Jul-21 12:14:38

That's loads

Meraas Thu 22-Jul-21 12:16:55

That’s obscene and probably driven by competitiveness.

RuggerHug Thu 22-Jul-21 12:17:42

You realise the balloons will probably top all of them? Yeah that's loads.

Ragwort Thu 22-Jul-21 12:18:54

Of course it's more than enough, why do you feel "pressure" to buy your DC so much? You will be a right pushover when they reach teenage years and start wanting designer labels and the latest tech ... hmm

Newkitchen123 Thu 22-Jul-21 12:21:07

It's a ridiculous amount

SemiFeralDalek Thu 22-Jul-21 12:23:48

That's absolutely fine, but it also would be if he just had the scooter and a book, or one of everything in Smyths. It's up to you and nobody else!

I hope he has a lovely birthday 🎂

Camomila Thu 22-Jul-21 12:24:08

We tend to just buy one biggish thing (eg, scooter) for birthdays (exception for 2020 when we were in lockdown and couldn't have any kind of party).

KarmaStar Thu 22-Jul-21 12:28:24

Perhaps too much,certainly in one go.
Thing is,as you do this you are setting things in motion for when he gets older,he will expect lots of gifts ,it will be normal for him so he will take them for granted and become spoilt.
Having that one thing you really,really wanted in your hands,the joy and pleasure,is way more than being given too much of what you don't really want.
You have bought it now but think about keeping some back for now if you can.
Have a lovely 3rd birthday with him.💐

DappledThings Thu 22-Jul-21 12:34:38

It's a crazy amount of stuff. We get DC one thing each for birthdays and Christmas and ask grandparents to do the same. Even so it's still overwhelming for them and stuff doesn't get opened all on the day or appreciated.

Youdiditanyway Thu 22-Jul-21 12:35:55

Eek, going by this I definitely spoil my DC! That’s a similar amount if not less than I’m planning on getting my DS for his third birthday. I bought about 15 presents for my baby’s first birthday this week as well…

pinkyredrose Thu 22-Jul-21 12:36:49

That's more than enough!

Meraas Thu 22-Jul-21 12:37:37


Eek, going by this I definitely spoil my DC! That’s a similar amount if not less than I’m planning on getting my DS for his third birthday. I bought about 15 presents for my baby’s first birthday this week as well…

Not really fair to the planet is it?

GreyhoundG1rl Thu 22-Jul-21 12:38:43

More than.

Georgeatemyhat Thu 22-Jul-21 12:41:31

Too much! But we only give one or two main presents at birthdays, so for me I would give the scooter, then perhaps the foam stuff, and a book. Especially since other relatives are buying too. A 3 year old will be more excited by balloons and a party tea at home with you and DH than the gifts

pinkcircustop Thu 22-Jul-21 12:43:27

I don’t think that’s enough but 🤷‍♀️

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